Soulmate Relationship Problems

Soulmate relationship problems seem to come with the territory. Emotions run high and arguments and issues can go over the top.

Growth and change is difficult and challenging. Is it any wonder it is resisted and avoided?


The real problem is when the couple resist making changes, they repeat the lesson. And this is the reason so many soulmates speak of having the same problems with no resolution is sight. They get stuck in a pattern where they don’t move forward and stay stuck in turmoil.

There are several common soulmate relationship problems to look out for on your soulmate journey.

Obstacles can get in the way of the couple being together and that’s of no fault of their own. They may meet when they are living a great distance apart. At some point in their relationship there may be a cause for one of them to relocate or change residence for a time. (Such as staying with a sick family member or temporary job assignment.)

This tests the couple both as individuals and as a couple. Insecurities and wounds that have not healed can be triggered. Healing past traumas and new ways of handling triggers is crucial at this time.

Past relationship trauma

For those soulmates with past toxic relationships, this is the time to break old patterns of behaviors. Unfortunately, old habits die hard. So it’s much easier to repeat learned bad behavior instead of changing it. It takes hard work and time, but it can be done.

If past relationship trauma is impeding growth and change, you may need professional help. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Don’t wait around hoping your connection will fix itself or wait it out thinking the next time will be different.

The connection between you won’t heal all issues and fix all problems on it’s own. But the connection between you that can provide the strength you both need to overcome the challenges.

Imbalance in the relationship

When the soulmate relationship is out of balance, it will create all kinds of soulmate relationship problems. One person can’t do it all. If only one person is doing all the work, and making all the sacrifices, the relationship is in trouble. One is being enabled and excused. The other is being hurt and disrespected.

Soulmate Relationship Problems
Soulmate Relationship Problems

The one doing the least work, and putting in the least effort, reaps all the rewards. They’re also getting ego boosts knowing no matter what they do their soulmate won’t leave them. Rewarding someone for bad behavior is never a good idea. They feel loved while their soulmate is fearful. And they are afraid to stand up for themselves.

Their self esteem suffers and their heart breaks each time. The relationship that was supposed to empower them has weakened them. They have changed for the worse and so has their partner.

Yes, soulmates are suppose to change, but into better versions of themselves. In order to be better, they have to do better. They have to hold themselves and their partner accountable. The stakes are high and their standards need to be too. Staying grounded on your spiritual path is always the best course of action.

Your soulmate denies your connection

If your soulmate is choosing not to accept your connection at this time, there’s nothing you can do. It’s not your fault and not your responsibility. They know it’s real, you know it is real. That’s not up for debate, no matter what they say. A connection like that is undeniable. They feel it, just the same as you do. You are both just reacting to it differently.

There is something they have to work through and they’re choosing to do it alone. It makes things very difficult for you to handle, but you have to let it play out. Sometimes the only way to see what you can lose is by actually losing it.

Of course you miss them terribly and think about them all the time. Guess what? They’re going through the same thing. Just because they haven’t reached out doesn’t mean it has not been hard on them. It has. They’re just not revealing it on the outside. And they are better than you at hiding their feelings. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings for you.

Sadly, people who love each other don’t always behave lovingly. It is not right, nor should it be excused.

The connection it too intense for them

There may be an adjustment period when a soulmate has an inner struggle with the intensity of the connection. They desire space so may stop seeing and communicating with you. They won’t answer when you reach out.

Your mind goes crazy. First you feel a bit fearful, wondering if you said or did something wrong. You go back over past conversations and look through your texts. Maybe they’re just busy with work or something came up?

Every day you don’t hear from them you get more and more upset. When they finally make contact they have an excuse so you give them another chance. And when they do it a second, third and fourth time you let them back in.

What you allow, expect to continue.

The only person who can change this dynamic is you. It won’t be easy, but it’s already so tough on you every time they do this, isn’t it? You survived all those times, so you can survive taking a stand.

Use the strength your connection gives you to do the right thing. This can be the catalyst for your soulmate to also do the right thing. You followed their lead when they did that wrong thing, didn’t you?

They treated you bad, which was wrong. You rewarded bad behavior which is also wrong. What good can come of that? Mirroring each other’s behavior is fine when you’re both raising your standards. But it’s extremely problematic when you’re both lowering your standards.

We understand how and why this happens. You’re both coming from a place of fear. But you both need to come from a place of faith. That alone will get rid of many of the recurring soulmate relationship problems.

Are you currently experiencing soulmate relationship problems ? What are the issues and how are you both handling them? Please take a moment to comment below and share your experience and help others as well.

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