Ghosting in Soulmate Relationships

Ghosting in soulmate relationships happens way too often.


Ghosting is ending a relationship by ceasing all communication with no goodbye conversation, email, phone call or text. Your soulmate literally disappears from your life and then refuses to have anything to do with you. No reason or warning will be given.

The ghost will never provide an explanation about why they’re terminating the relationship. They will also ignore and refuse to answer any communication from the former soulmate.

Ghosting sometimes happens when soulmates are not having problems or issues. It literally comes out of left field with zero word or warning.


Why do so many soulmate relationships involve ghosting? Mainly because of the commonplace running behavior of soulmates. They’re called runners for good reason.

They run from their feelings, and the relationship, when it becomes too much for them. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is going through difficulties. They can and will run regardless of the status of the relationship. Ghosting is one of their favorite ways to pull a runner.

If you do get an explanation from them chances are it won’t make any sense. Rarely will they tell you truthfully why they ran. They can’t articulate why because they haven’t worked it out for themselves. Others, instead of making up a lie, take the cowardly way, and resort to ghosting. This is why ghosting in soulmate relationships so common.

How should you handle it if your soulmate is ghosting you?

The first thing you have to do is let go of it for now. You can’t chase a runner just like you can’t chase a ghost. So why frustrate yourself? If they won’t talk to you, you don’t need to send them texts or leave messages and have a one-sided conversation with them.

Stop rewarding bad behavior, no matter how sad or insecure you feel. Otherwise you’re teaching them it’s ok to ghost you and ok to run. Do that and guess what? It is going to happen again.

Ghosting in Soulmate Relationships
Ghosting in Soulmate Relationships


Use your common sense, instead of your emotions, when a soulmate is ghosting you. Ghosting in soulmate relationships is a very challenging situation. You want to search for answers. And you wonder if they’ll ever come back or if it is over.

You aren’t going to find that out by spying on their social media, driving by their house, talking to their friends or anything else. It’s doubtful they’re sharing their real feelings about your connection with anyone. So take a break from thinking about it. Since you can’t find the answers you’re only hurting yourself. Deal with your soulmate when they return, not before.

Please remember how bad you felt when your soulmate was ghosting you.

Remember how long it took them to come back into your life. Never lose sight of what a toll it took on you and how you didn’t deserve it. Hold on to those feelings, because you need to use them when your soulmate is ready to stop ghosting you. They need to understand you won’t tolerate this behavior. Otherwise you will find yourself getting ghosted again and again.

If your soulmate is in the habit of ghosting you, please finally admit to yourself you’re handling their return wrong on your end. It’s time to change how you handle it.

You can’t control whether or not your soulmate resorts to ghosting. But you can control how you handle them being gone and when and how you allow them back into your life.

Changing things on your end will often change things on their end. Don’t let ghosting become a pattern of behavior in your soulmate relationship or it could take years to fix it.

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