Friends With Benefits With a Soulmate?

Friends with benefits is a relationship benefiting usually only one partner.

Friends with benefits is a nicer way of saying using someone for sex with no strings attached. Surprisingly, some soulmate relationships deviate off their spiritual path and become friends with benefits.


This is not what the universe wants from the connection. A lower level relationship, that’s basically a booty call, is not what a spiritual connection is about. A soulmate connection is one that is supposed to make both partners evolve into better versions of themselves.

So how would a friends with benefits relationship do that? It wouldn’t.


You get out of a soulmate relationship what you put into it. If you keep it on a strictly sexual level, sex is all you’re going to get out of it. If you want your soulmate to have faith in your connection, then you must have that faith as well.

You both deserve more than a friends with benefits situation. Don’t think that over time it will evolve into more by just waiting patiently. Situations like this evolve into trust issues, insecurities, disrespect, and tons of other negative things.

Don’t let negativity like that enter and grow within your relationship. The work you will have to do to fix that could take years. And, it will be very, very painful.

It’s understandable you may be afraid if you refuse to allow the sex you will be left with nothing. You may feel it’s better to have something with your soulmate than to have nothing.

Friends With Benefits With a Soulmate?
Friends With Benefits With a Soulmate?

You are so wrong.

A soulmate connection is both a blessing and curse. The joy a soulmate relationship can give you is immeasurable. So is the pain a soulmate relationship can give you. The outcome depends on what you bring to the table and what you allow into the relationship.


If you allow yourself to be used, disrespected, and treated like a booty call, don’t expect a positive experience. The sex may be amazing, but the hurt, disappointment, anger and tears will not make the sex worth it in the end.

If you want it all, which is what all soulmates can have, then put your all into it. Don’t allow your soulmate to use you for sex. Either they’re all in, or they are all out. You deserve more, but you won’t get more until you take a stand.

Let’s be real, they may not want any strings to be attached to your situation. Yet you do. So you’re all in. You’re just going along with this because you’re hoping they’ll be all in someday.

But where is the incentive for them to give you more if you’re already giving them everything? There is no incentive. So, until you find a way to give them an incentive to change, they won’t.

If you want a real relationship with your soulmate, then insist they take you out. Do stuff couples in relationships do. Go somewhere, anywhere, instead of just to each others’ house. If they won’t agree to do things together socially, then don’t do anything with them sexually.

An environment of intimacy needs to be created.

Without spending quality time together, sharing experiences together rather than just sex, a relationship can’t grow. You need more than just sex to build a relationships foundation.

You both need to give your soulmate relationship a chance to become something more, something spiritual and something of quality. In order to do that, you have to take it to another level. You need to know that if you do the right thing, instead of engaging in the wrong kind of relationship, the universe will have your back.


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