Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

A soulmate contract is the agreement between you and soulmate. If you have more than one soulmate, you will have several contracts. It’s the commitment you make with them to provide some valuable life lessons. They will bring spiritual growth and define your character.


Whenever we’re working to define our character, it takes strength, courage and fortitude. Soulmate life lessons are very difficult. Unfortunately they have to be. Because as humans we generally learn through painful experiences. Many people in soulmate relationships describe to us what they perceive as intolerable suffering because their soulmate is mistreating them.

They often describe the relationship as a giant emotional roller-coaster ride. Or the fear they experience daily, wondering if their soulmate might break up with them. They describe how enduring weeks, months and sometimes years of unhappiness and bad behavior with the person they love acting out, mistreating them and otherwise making their lives miserable.


breaking your soulmate contract
Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

We ask why they stay in such horrible situations. The reply usually is because it’s a soulmate relationship. They feel they have no choice because of the soulmate contract. They insist it’s about the connection. And even though they try to detach from the relationship, their soulmate keeps reeling them back in.

Often they feel it’s their purpose to love this person. And allow their soulmate to mistreat and disappoint them, just because there’s a soul connection. Often they give a soulmate much more slack than they would anyone else. So do you think for one minute, the Divine really wants us to be miserable? Does it make sense to stay in situations that become difficult, dangerous and even life threatening? Not so much.


The soulmate is obviously in your life for a reason. The purpose is to grow and evolve from your experiences with them. For example, let’s say you’ve been in a romantic soulmate relationship for three years. For the first three months things were beyond awesome. But the remaining 2 years and 9 months have been hell.

No matter what you do to improve the relationship, it fails. Because your  soulmate is unwilling to discuss, share or listen to ideas and suggestions to make the relationship better. You explain how your needs aren’t being met. But it falls on deaf ears or they just don’t care. Perhaps you need to evaluate the purpose of the relationship in regard to your soulmate contract.

You’re in a spiritual partnership. So that doesn’t give your soulmate free license to treat you like crap! If they’re not your soulmate, and just a normal, mundane relationship, you wouldn’t stand for this behavior. So why are you allowing your soulmate to treat you that way?  “Because they are my soulmate”, is not a strong enough answer!


Perhaps it is time to assess your soulmate agreement to ascertain just exactly what it is you’re supposed to learn. The lessons is probably about staying in your power. Or taking your power back from a dysfunctional relationship. Most soulmate relationships are to teach unconditional love, detachment and patience. Well, you can still unconditionally love someone without being in a relationship with them. Just unconditionally love them from afar.

Do you have to stay in a miserable soulmate relationship because of the soulmate contract? No! A soul agreement is complicated. You each agree to provide and support each other through a series of life lessons and personal growth experiences. Perhaps your contract says you’re to end relationships where you feel under-valued and unloved. Maybe you’re supposed to walk away from a relationship with someone who regularly practices infidelity. You certainly should end a soulmate relationship where you have been treated as a booty-call for several years. Even though you may truly feel love for that person. You can still love them, just love them from afar.


The universe doesn’t require you to indefinitely stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy. Why would the Divine subject you to that? They won’t. But you can allow yourself to stay stuck until you realize you have 150% had enough. When the Universe wants us to learn a lesson, especially a soulmate one, we will learn it. One way or another. We may go kicking and screaming through that lesson. But we will learn it. There’s nothing to be gained from staying in a soulmate relationship that leaves you unhappy and depressed except more unhappiness and depression. The Universe doesn’t want us to be martyrs. They want us to live, love, laugh and evolve. Exercise your own individual free will. And get the heck out of there.

It’s time to assess the situation fairly and decide if this relationship truly works for you. If it doesn’t, it’s time to end it. This doesn’t mean you’re ending your soulmate contract. It simply means you’ve completed it and ready to move on. If you’re giving your own personal power away day after day to someone who is not stepping up to the plate, you should be able to see clearly what’s in your soul agreement. Take your power back! If you feel like crap because your soulmate doesn’t call when they should, doesn’t spend quality time with you or only sees you for sex, stop it. The contents of your soulmate contract is in front of you.


Here’s the real dilemma. If you continue to stay where you’re unhappy and disempowered, you’re working against your destiny. If you stay stuck you’ll get the same experience again. But in a different way, with a different soulmate, because you didn’t get it the first time. And it will be way harder!

For example, you stay in a miserable relationship with someone who’s cheating on you. All because of your connection. You decide to love him, no matter what, to understand better the principle of unconditional love. What about loving yourself?  The cheating soulmate will end the relationship with you anyway. And they you’re heart-broken. After several years of healing, you meet another soulmate and the entire cycle starts again. And if that’s what it takes, for the perfection of your soul, you will still have that life lesson. Again!

You can take steps toward your own personal happiness and fulfillment. You don’t have to be a suffering martyr to a romantic soulmate relationship if you feel abused, degraded or unhappy. If you’re in this situation, end the relationship. And end the karmic cycle between the two of you.

More than likely you’ve been dancing this karmic dance for centuries. And the same scenario. Learn the lesson. Get off the roller coaster. Exercise your free will. That’s why the Divine gave it to us. It doesn’t mean you’ve broken your soulmate contract. It means you’ve completed it and overcome the challenges. Congratulations!


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  1. Thanks for the response.. But if it is freewill, will it still show up as destiny? can free will change destiny even if it means breaking contract?

    • You have destiny and you have free will. We all have a certain destiny to do the things we came here to do. Jobs we have, children we raise, where we live, who we love. These are things which are karmic influences we have decided before birth to have in our lifetime. Destiny is the projected outcome of how we see things moving through time to get to the place where you are in your relationship. Now… there is always free will. God gave it to all of us. We can always exercise it at anytime. Even Jesus could have when he was in the Garden – but he did not – he said, not my will father, but thine be done. He followed his destiny. This was just an example. Now if someone gets really obstinate and totally frustrated or fearful of their destiny, they CAN exercise their free will and remove themselves from their destined path. This is not a direct response to your questions in our personal time together but more of a text book explanation of how it all works in the Divine way.

  2. Hello there!
    I am impressed with your article.. but I am wondering as to whether a soulmate contract can be terminated by free will? Say my soulmate is on a break… and he really decides he doesnt want to learn the lessons and come back to me… can he initiate a termination of the soulmate contract.. given that the circumstances are or never have been abusive… is this possible?

    Thanks 🙂

    • actually, either one of the two of you in the soulmate agreement can decide to break the soulmate contract by exercising your free will. If you arrange for a reading with either Sarah or Sophia, they will be able to see if he is going to terminate the agreement, or even if you will decide to terminate the agreement at a later date….hope this helps 🙂


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