Are You in a Soulmate Love Triangle?

Are you in a soulmate love triangle? If you are, it may have started out as fun, but as feelings grow along with expectations, someone is bound to get hurt. It is very rare for all parties to want a soulmate love triangle to continue long-term. The goal, most often with 2 of the 3 parties, is for one to go away for good. But that doesn’t always happen, does it? What happens, much more often than not, is that it goes on for an unbearably long time.

During that time, one person of the soulmate love triangle is left in the dark. They have no idea that a soulmate love triangle is going on under their nose. They think everything is fine. The other 2 members of the triangle have the excitement of sneaking around, and the moments they get to spend together. It is during this time that emotions are running high, and brain power is running low.

Are You in a Soulmate Love Triangle?

Are You in a Soulmate Love Triangle?

After getting away with it for so long, they forget how easily they can get caught and are not as careful as they were in the beginning, which can lead to them being busted. Neither of the two wants to think of the person left in the dark. If they think about things from their perspective, they might actually feel guilt and remorse. It is better for them not to think about how much they could be hurting someone else. But if they get caught, they are going to have to deal with the others feelings of betrayal in one way or another.

In some cases, the one doing the actual cheating never intended to lose their primary relationship. They just wanted a little something on the side. They took a chance and now have no say in the matter. They wanted to keep both but getting caught created the situation where they lost one. The shock of that can lead to the realization that they truly love the one they were being unfaithful to, and side relationship was not worth it. Now everyone is unhappy and no one got what they wanted.

People who find themselves in a soulmate love triangle need to get out of it as soon as possible. A decision has to be made very soon which party is going to leave or you run the risk of ruining all the relationships. No one really sets out to get involved in a love triangle, but so many people find themselves in one.

When you are in a soulmate love triangle, you may have to give your soulmate an ultimatum. They could be using the love triangle as a way to manipulate and control your relationship. By keeping the love triangle in play they do not have to give themselves fully to the connection and surrender their attempts to control everything and everyone in the relationship. Sometimes it is best to step away from the triangle itself and to create distance in order for things to fall into place and give your soulmate the wake up call they need.

It is also important to recognize the signs of a cheater, which you can read on one of our other blogs.


  1. I am in one and it is making me crazy. What do I do?

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