Is Your Relationship a Struggle?

Do you feel like your relationship is a constant struggle? Is your relationship an uphill battle? Are you trying to make things happen, encourage things to change, but nothing is happening? Do you feel as if you are swimming against the stream but not getting anywhere? It takes two people to make a relationship successful, so why are you working so hard, if your romantic partner is not?

Is your relationship a struggle

Relationship Struggle

Quite often people believe when their romantic partner is not contributing to the relationship as much as they should, they need to pick up the slack. They seem to take on the roll of initiating all the communication, planning all the outings and organizing the daily ins and outs of the relationship. We have talked to many people who maintain that they must do all the communicating in the relationship or they will never hear from their romantic partner. Why are you trying to maintain a relationship by yourself?

Are you swimming against the stream or going with the flow in your relationship? When we swim against the stream we are putting forth tremendous effort, fighting and striving to attain some goal that we must reach to feel validated in that relationship. Let’s consider the Pacific salmon for a moment. Adult salmon return to their birth place so they can lay their eggs to create future little salmons. She must leave the ocean and then swim, against the stream, to reach the spawning ground. Swimming against the stream of a river, is exhausting, so exhausting in fact, that once Mamma Salmon lays her eggs, she dies. It takes all her effort, energy and life force to get reach her goal, her spawning ground, but the inevitable outcome for her is her own demise.

If we take on the same role in our romantic relationships, trying to reach that final goal, it too is exhausting! Sometimes people may feel they need to do all the work in a relationship in order to help the relationship get to the next level. They feel that if they don’t invest all their time, energy and effort it will fail because their romantic partner has investing nothing. There has to be balance and harmony between you in order for the relationship to be successful!

Likewise, some people will actually morph their personality to reflect who they think their romantic partner wants them to be.  They will take on different characteristics and personalities to please their romantic partner to ensure they will not leave them. And guess what? More than likely they can only hold on to this illusion for so long before their true selves begin to surface. Not only will this create discord in the relationship, it is too much bloody work! If you are working that hard to keep someone by your side, are you really enjoying your life?

If you are trying to get your relationship to the next level, how do you know what you are doing will work? You may have struggled for months, and even years, to get your romantic partner to commit, and are still waiting. Your relationship may be off track and you have been working and striving to bring it back to its forward momentum but nothing has worked. So how can you get things to shift?

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise understand the subtleties of romantic, soulmate and twin flame relationships. They are able to quickly guide you with actions and steps you can take to transform your relationship, if it can be improved. If it can’t they will gently work with you to release the current situation and guide you to a new path.


  1. i feel like i am in a constant struggle being in this relationship. I have been in this relationship for almost 3 years and i feel shit is going down hill. I told him the only thing i want from him is to be with me hang out with.. hold my hand or kiss me because he wants to not just because he wants to have sex. I drive him where ever he wants or even bring over his friends when they dont have rides but i get nothing out of it then sitting in a room by myself while he is playing x-box. I would hate to loose him but am i doing this all wrong like should i just throw my hands up and just walk away.

    • hi… in order to change this situation you have to change how you are within it. It will take some work on your part.
      But the question is… what are you GAINING from it? It seems nothing much except being his ‘servant’

  2. But what if I stop trying to hold everything together and he doesn’t step up to the plate? Will he?

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