Are You Standing Up to Your Soulmate?

Are you standing up to your soulmate? Are you afraid that by standing up to your soulmate you will lose him or her for good? Were you the type of person that had no problem standing up to anyone prior to meeting your soul mate? If you haven’t been standing up to your soulmate, you could be doing your relationship a great disservice. There is a time and place where standing up to your soulmate is not only necessary, but crucial.


If you fear standing up for what is right to your soulmate, you are missing out on a valuable lesson from the universe. You are also missing the point of soulmate relationships as well. You are not supposed to be afraid of your soulmate’s reaction when you are doing what is right. That makes no sense. How can you think the universe brought you together only to be afraid and resist standing up to your soulmate? Why would the universe support this? You really think the universe put you together for a reason like that? Sorry, but the universe does bring soulmate connections together to turn you into a fearful weak mess. It put you together to be a better you, and how can you do that if fear is guiding you?

Are You Standing Up to Your Soulmate?

Are You Standing Up to Your Soulmate?

Let’s say your soulmate keeps canceling plans with you and they brush it off as though it is no big deal. You have said something repeatedly about it to them. They promise it will not happen again. But it does. And you say something again. And they promise again. But yet it keeps happening. Obviously you have to do something more than talk at this point. Talking is clearly not doing the job. This is a soulmate test where you should be standing up for yourself so your soulmate stops making you a low priority, and to make their word actually mean something. This will only get worse if you don’t stand up. Additionally, this breaks down trust, and creates other damage to the relationship along the way.


There will never be anything wrong with standing up to your soulmate when you are right and they are wrong. It may be tough at the time, but you need to push through your fear. If you don’t, you are wasting a valuable lesson for both of you. This is what soulmate connections are truly about, learning lessons to become better people. If you are worried about standing up to your soulmate, you are giving yourself something to really worry about. If a lesson is not learned, it repeats itself until it is learned. So, you need to let go of your fear and do what is right by standing up for yourself. This teaches both you are your soulmate a lesson.


You cannot let the opportunities for growth pass you by. They may be uncomfortable and hard, but most people seem to only learn the hard way. And be aware that if you don’t learn the lesson the first time, they continue to get harder and harder each time. So do what is right from the start. Standing up to your soulmate when you are right and they are in the wrong is the right thing to do and will actually ensure a better relationship.

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  1. It took a long time for me to get the courage to stand up to my soul mate because I was afraid of losing them.

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