Are You in a Toxic Relationship With Your Soulmate?

The people who make up toxic relationships come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re from diverse ethnic groups and educational backgrounds. But the chaos, mayhem and damage they all manage to create are the same across the board.

They will have complete control.

And you will have zero control. The relationship will be completely chaotic and tumultuous. Toxic people can go from zero to sixty at the drop of a hat, very much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But there’s no potion to put them back to normal and calm them down.

No matter what you do, you can’t keep the peace. People like this can go postal at any time and without good reason. They can even cause you begin to behave in toxic ways yourself.


If you’re in a toxic relationship you’ll never be able to do anything right. And that’s because in their minds they believe they’re ALWAYS right. It’s always their way or the highway, no ifs ands or buts. Nothing is ever their fault, it’s always yours. They expect no punishment for their behavior. On the other hand, they’ll punish you in ways you can never imagine, not even in your worst nightmares. For even the most minimal offense you will pay dearly.

The punishment never fits the crime. So your soul will suffer the death penalty every single time. A toxic romantic partner is your judge, jury and executioner. You can plead your case and argue your side of the story. But your pleas will fall on deaf ears. You hope they’ll listen to reason and give you a chance to explain. Toxic men and women are never reasonable and they know the best ways to cause you pain.


These are the worst of the dysfunctional relationships because they’re so out of control. When you are in one it’s like living with an insane person. You will seriously begin to question your own sanity. There’s no way to win no matter how hard you try. Your partner will always win and you always lose.

There’s no way to be heard, no matter how loud you yell. That’s because they’re deaf to you. And anything you say, do or feel doesn’t matter, no matter right you may be. This relationship is not about making YOU happy, it is about making them happy.

Are You in a Toxic Relationship With Your Soulmate?
Are You in a Soulmate Toxic Relationship?

There’s nothing you can do that won’t be turned against you. And there’s nothing you can say that won’t be used against you. So in truth, there’s no way to keep things peaceful when you find yourself in a toxic relationship.


Here are some signs and examples.

1. Finances

If you’re with someone who depends on you financially and takes advantage of you financially, your relationship is based on money rather than love. You may love them, but they don’t really love you. they’re using you.

2. Lying

If there’s a pattern of lying, cheating or stealing or any behavior they consistently bring to your relationship.

3. Their mood

If your daily mood is affected by how they feel that day, or they decide how you will feel that day, it’s toxic.

4. Secret relationship

If your relationship is a secret from those closest to you, it’s toxic. If fear of judgement, shame and not wanting to hear the truth, keep you from telling the truth about your relationship, it’s a major red flag.

5. Can’t express yourself

If you’re not free to express yourself verbally or emotionally you’re in a toxic situation. If you’re too scared to express your hopes, dreams, needs and opinions it’s another red flag. You can’t be yourself for fear of repercussions it’s beyond dysfunctional.

6. Peacekeeper.

If you’re constantly trying to keep peace at the expense of your own peace of mind that is toxic. If you always sacrifice your own happiness so they can be happy you’re living with a toxic romantic partner.

7. Abuse

If abusive language and behavior are common is another indication. Furthermore if you’re being physically abused it’s time to get the hell out.

8. Bad communication

When your communication always leads to an argument, or you can’t talk at all, it’s toxic.

9. You don’t matter

If you can admit the relationship holds you from being all you can be, it’s toxic. If you abandon your own dreams and desires to help fulfill theirs is another huge sign.

10. Selfishness

They’re totally self-absorbed, selfish and self-centered.

11. The following terms

If you can use any the following terms to describe your partner: controlling, narcissistic, overly jealous, manipulative, competitive, dependent, unsupportive, needy or melodramatic, your in a toxic relationship.


How do you fix a toxic relationship? You can’t. There’s really nothing you can do to fix it. So stop questioning your sanity and start questioning theirs. Stop trying to reason with someone who is unreasonable. It’s time to stop trying to make a toxic relationship work. Your partner works against you, not with you. It’s time to do a major detox and get this relationship out of your system.

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  1. Unfortunately so many people are in a toxic or even border line toxic relationship, this includes boyfriend/girlfriend as well as family relationships.

    Every relationship may have one or two of these items listed, but the key is to have less than half if any at all.


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