Soulmate Relationships: Fated and Non-Fated

Soulmate relationships come with a certain amount of destiny and fate attached to them, but not all relationships are fated. When we speak of destiny and soulmates, it is indicated they come from that spiritual place of pre-destined meetings that you agreed to before birth. A fated relationship, such as a soulmate relationship, will shape your life by bringing experiences that you would not have had, if this person had not entered your life. In other words, if you did not have this fated meeting, your life path may very well have taken a different route.  When it is a fated relationship, the energy of it will be bigger than both of you, and it will unfold as the Universe wants it to.

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Soulmate Relationships: Fated and Non-Fated

When things are fated in your life, many people and beings conspire and are used to create that reality, and it is truly a cosmic experience. Soulmate relationships, and others you are meant to encounter in this lifetime, will enter your life no matter what you do. It is a concert being conducted by the Universe. When you have this experience you will see the flow of what seem like random events converge together to create the mystical experience that defines a fated relationship. When you are engaged with someone who is a fated relationship, whether that be a friendship or soulmate relationship, they will always make a big impact on your life and be part of your life for a long time.

We can also have relationships that are defined by non-fated meetings. These people come into our lives to teach us a lesson, for one particular reason or another, and then move on. As we have discussed in many other blogs, a soulmate relationship does not necessarily last a lifetime, as it could also only last for a season or a reason. And that reason is to teach you a life lesson about yourself that must be learned for your own personal growth, and then they move on. Even though we may have formed a strong emotional bond to that individual during the time the life lesson was in play, we must also realize that once that lesson has been assimilated into our psyche, it is time for us to let them go, thank them for the lesson and move on as best we can. And yes, we realize that moving on may be easier said than done, but that will also be part of the lesson.

So how exactly can you determine if a meeting is fated or non-fated? In a fated meeting, as mentioned above, the Universe is definitely moving things around to “force” a meeting and it will only happen through divine design. Here is an example: Lets say you have a trip planned but when you get to the airport, your flight is cancelled. Even though you had been looking forward to the trip for many months you wonder now if you will ever get there. Finally, two days later, you are on an outbound plane to your destination. Instead of having 12 days in your locale, you now only have 10, and so you must adjust your sight-seeing activities accordingly. It is very frustrating to you to redo your entire schedule because you still want to see everything. One day you end up being somewhere you were not supposed to be on that day. Actually you were supposed to be somewhere very far away from that spot, but because you adjusted your itinerary, you were there. And BOOM! you meet someone and it has a very mythical, mystical feel to it. You were not supposed to be there. That was not your plan. But the Universe, and greater powers that be, orchestrated that entire sequence of events so you would be there, at the right time and the right place. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Remember, non-fated relationships are just as important to our personal growth as fated ones. Also consider that the Universe brings into our lives the people and events we need at that moment to inspire us and cause us to change. If you have been in a non-fated relationship, be grateful for the experience and the lesson that came with it because in some way that person touched your life.

You don’t have to go out there and look for these types of connections. When they are supposed to come into your life they will and there is not one thing you can do to encourage it along. Go out. Live your life. When things start to appear chaotic, like the cancellation of plans, etc., take a step back and wonder what is happening and allow the Divine to work in your life.


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  2. Another thing that happened is I realized that energy that I felt settled being with him and it felt like I was finally home. I don’t understand why I feel like I miss him when we are apart, even just one night I miss him but when we are together I feel good. We are good together. Apart of me thinks it’s got something to do with the fact that we were apart for so long. I have never felt this way so quickly in my life. I don’t understand what it is. I don’t feel like we are separated from each other, it’s just a desire to be near him again and although I recognize the intensity as the same as when we were states apart it makes no sense because we live across town from each other

  3. We met in such a fated way, there is no way we would have met without divine intervention.

  4. I was in Starbucks one year ago. While going through a horrible divorse. A nice man started talking to me for awhile. I told him I had to go. He asked if I was going to come back the next day, I told him maybe. A year went by and my girlfriend put me in plenty of fish. I didn’t know. The next day she told me and I went on. Started talking to a nice man and he said a week later, you don’t have to worry about telling people we met on pof because we met at Starbucks. And we connected in an amazing way.

    • Jessica McMaster

      Love this story! I reconnected thru Bumble with a summer love from 11 years ago. The night before I went onto the site. I set my alarm for 5:30am. I asked myself why as I never wake up that early. A voice answered because that’s when he wakes up. I shook off the voice and went to bed. The next morning I wake up at 5:30am and the Bumble app pops on my phone. I started to swipe on the profiles just for kicks. He’s the second one I see. I swipe right so we can catch up. A day later I notice a message saying he extended time to talk to me. I apologize for taking so long. I wasn’t on the app that day after and had even forgotten. He says we were down to 44 minutes! He was freaking out! We talked that night on the phone for the first time in years. He says I was so happy on Monday when I saw your profile. It was on my bday. He said what a synchronicity. I said oh wow. It was your bday. I then ask him what time do wake up in the morning. He then says 5:30am!!!!! For all those people who have met their soulmates and lost them please know the universe sends them home when you are ready. And you may even have a few of them. But the one that returns is the ONE. Love and light and blessings xoxoxoxo

  5. Fate or not? My first love ❤️ I got in contact thru fb to do with something else not to catch up or anything this was after 20+ years. It happened to be that he worked just around the corner from where I lived and wanted to catch up. Thanks

  6. Fate always brought us together but he just was not ready to make it work

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