Soulmate Readings Identify True Soulmate Partners

Soulmate Readings Identify True Soulmate Partners

Soulmate readings can be a godsend to many of you who are trying to navigate your way through a soulmate relationship. For others, soulmate readings can be very disappointing, because they may learn their romantic partner is not the soulmate they had hoped. There are many people who believe their current romantic partner is their soulmate, when in actuality, they are not. These individuals have ignored warning signals their romantic partner has exposed to them. These warning signals could include the fact that their romantic partner is emotionally unavailable, a loser, a cheater, a player or even married to someone else. If your current romantic partner falls within these categories, and is unwilling to change, evolve or leave their spouse, there is a possibility, they are not your soulmate, but just a romantic partner who has come into your life to highlight and expose some things you need to address in your own life.

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Soulmate Readings to Identify Your True Soulmate

Many people believe that a soulmate relationship will survive and work out for the long-term,  no matter what, and that the relationship will survive, because it is meant to be. They ignore all the warning signals such as being treated disrespectfully, abusive behavior, emotional unavailability or someone in  the throes of addiction who sets drinking or getting stoned their highest priority. They endure years living as a mistress or “second” (or even “third” in some cases) in some guys life because he does not want to leave his wife (or girlfriend) because of the children or joint financial concerns. They hold onto the belief that because this person is their soulmate they will magically change for them. And that once that change is made, that all obstacles will be overcome. We are not implying here that if you, or your soulmate, are married to someone else that you will never be together, we are just asking you to look a bit closer at your situation, to ensure that he or she are willing to make the changes necessary to be with you. Soulmate readings can help highlight if the person you believe is your soulmate will be taking the necessary actions in their life to ensure they can be part of yours.
It is one thing if the person really is your soulmate, but if they are not, the situation has an entirely different perspective. You need to know if the person, who you believe with all your heart, truly is your soulmate, or someone who the universe, or the Divine, is trying to show you, is wrong for you. It is very surprising how many people actually confuse the two different scenarios.
Not every relationship is going to survive chaos and drama. Nor does every soulmate relationship, or great romance, has to have tremendous obstacle that must be overcome before the two of you can be together. Fighting for the right relationship is one thing, fighting for the wrong relationship is a waste of time.
Your emotions may make you feel as though you need this person in your life because it is meant to be, and that they are the only one for you. A soulmate reading can be the wake up call you need. The reason your relationship may be full of problems is because it is wrong for you. The problems that keep occurring one after the other may be the Universe’s way of telling you to let go, and let go NOW.
When you are caught up in your own emotions and the drama that can come with any relationship, you need to know if you should hang in there, how to hang in there, of it you should just hang it up. Not every relationship can work out no matter how much you may want it to, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you love him enough for both of you, nor how much work you put into it. If the payoff at the end is that you get to have a happy, meaningful, long-term relationship with your soulmate, the work you put into it is worth it. If they are not your soulmate, you are wasting your time, energy and effort, and preventing the true soulmate partner from entering your life, because you are focused on the wrong person.


  1. Thank you so much for the reading today! Love and light!

  2. It is so hard to let go when you still love them and can’t stop thinking about them. I tried dating, and it has only made things worse.

    • There are many articles on this site as well as our sister site that will help with that.

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