Soulmate Recognition – When You Meet a Soulmate

Soulmate Recognition

Soulmate recognition comes the instant you meet. So many callers ask us if they’ve met their soulmate. And we always say “trust us, if you meet them, you will know.” It’s one thing to validate a soulmate connection for a client. But soulmate recognition is something you will miss. SOULMATE RECOGNITION OCCURS DUE TO THE … Read more

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Divine timing indicates that something is going to happen according to a divine plan. Divine timing indicates there is a greater purpose at work in your life here that is coming from the Universe or the Divine.  So many times people have called asking when they will meet their soulmate. Likewise they have called when … Read more

Soulmate Energy

 Soulmate energy

Soulmate energy is easy to recognize. When you meet a soulmate you will feel the transfer of energy between you. Soulmate energy is extremely powerful. It can almost knock you off your feet. People have said when they met their soulmate and felt the powerful energy they could not move. Many others say it knocks … Read more

Divine Intervention and Soulmates

Divine Intervention and Soulmates

Divine intervention occurs in different ways in the soulmate journey. Many soulmates wouldn’t cross paths without divine intervention encouraging the connection. We see many couples meet their soulmate in such incredible ways. They are certain the universe played a role in getting them to meet. SOULMATES MEET THROUGH DIVINE INTERVENTION First instance, a soulmate couple … Read more

Attract Your Soulmate – Top 10 Ways

Attract Your Soulmate - Top 10 Ways

There are many ways to attract your soulmate. Soulmates may enter our lives through a chance encounter, from just being in the right place at the right time. Others have yearned and searched for years for the elusive soulmate, but have yet to meet them. There are a certain steps you can take to make … Read more

Your Soulmate Isn’t Always Your Type

Your Soulmate Isn't Always Your Type

Your soulmate isn’t always your type. You may prefer, for example, brunettes with an athletic build. You’re always drawn to people of that type. It makes sense why many people assume their soulmate will be the type of person they find attractive. Many people discover, to their total shock and surprise, their soulmate isn’t their … Read more