When Your Soulmate Leaves

When Your Soulmate Leaves

When your soulmate leaves your life it can leave you feeling lost, confused and helpless. The loss or breakup of any relationship is painful, but the loss of your soulmate can be devastating and difficult to work through. When your soulmate leaves your life, it can be for any number of reasons including: 1) exercising free will to end the relationship 2) termination of the soulmate contract between you and 3) taking an exit to leave the planet (pass away).

None of these reasons are easier or more difficult to work through that the others though because when your soulmate leaves your life it feels as if part of you is dying. There will be many days of despair, resentment, sadness and possibly even anger directed at or toward God, or the Divine. Before you allow yourself to drop into the pit of self loathing by wondering what you did or said to make them leave, please remember that there is more than likely a reason for their departure. It may not make any sense to you at the moment, and may in fact take months or years to understand. But in retrospect you will have the clarity you need to understand why they walked out of your life.

when a soulmate leaves

When a Soulmate Leaves

There are many reasons soulmates can walk out of your life. One the biggest reasons soulmates take off is what I will call the Fear Factor. A soulmate relationship will come with very close emotional intimacy. In the beginning it feels incredible to both of you but as time goes on, one of you could become quite fearful of the connection. To have that close a bond to another human being, who will probably come to know you better than you know yourself, can make the hearitest of souls feel vulnerable. Others could fear the loss of control. When you are that closely tied to someone who knows everything about you, to whom you have let down your guard, some can feel they are relinquishing control. To some folks, this can be quite threatening (although it really isn’t it is just their own inner insecurities that create it). Furthermore a soulmate could exit your life simply because they have decided to exercise their god given free will and just do not want to be in the relationship anymore. A soulmate can also decide if they wish to terminate their soulmate contract and move their life in a different direction. There are many more reasons why a soulmate can leave. They may not even know why they are leaving. They just may have an urging within them to take a different path, which is their higher self, their soul, speaking to them to work on their own individual life lessons.  Regardless of the situation, you will have to put the pieces of your life back together.

After the tears, chocolates, tubs of ice cream and glasses, if not bottles, of wine, it is time to pull yourself together and move on with your life. How can you do that when you are suffering so much turmoil? You just have to put on your big girl (or big boy) pants and take back your power. We are not saying this will be easy, but millions of people throughout the centuries, have had this same experience. One of the first things you will want to do is detach your energy from your missing soulmate. We give you guidelines for doing this in our article,Breaking the Soulmate Connection. This is a good time to be gentle with yourself and honor your soul through the healing time. It will not happen overnight, so please don’t expect it to.

When your soulmate leaves it can be permanent, but it can also be for just a period of time. More often than not this is what we see over and over again in most soulmate relationships. During this period of separation you are each tasked with the challenge of learning valuable life lessons that, when your relationship reunites, will provide the growth you need to have a more successful relationship.

We have written many great articles to help you deal with this separation with what we call Soulmate Separation Anxiety.

When your soulmate leaves you it can create one of the most horrible emotional upheavals that anyone has to deal with. You may not want to walk this path alone. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are soulmate, twinflame experts who specialize in love and relationship issues. With over 50 years combined experience giving soulmate readings, they are the top in their field. They will be able to see if your soulmate breakup is permanent or if the two of you will be reuniting. If your soulmate breakup is permanent they will help you walk through the dark night of the soul which will most certainly come with that ending. They will guide you back to the light of day. If your soulmate relationship is coming back together, they will provide guidance to help you get through the limbo time and encourage you to focus on yourself. If you would like guidance from them, you can arrange a call with them using either the Ether or Click4Advisor services. They are here to support and guide you if and when your soulmate leaves your life.


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