What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

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The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool tarot card can represent many different things in a soulmate tarot reading. When soulmates first meet The Fool tarot card can appear in a tarot reading. The Fool symbolizes the beginning of a journey or life path. When soulmates first encounter one another, new paths and new choices present themselves. Do you take a leap of faith or stay stagnant where you feel safe? Because of the strong connection and extreme emotions that are representative of soulmate relationships, many people feel an element of danger. The fear of allowing ones emotions to guide them instead of their intellect can be hard to overcome for many who encounter this magical connection. Where logic dictates they should not feel so strongly for someone relatively new in their lives, emotions say otherwise. So what will they choose? Will they take the leap of faith? Well this truly depends on the rest of the soulmate tarot reading and which other tarot cards are present.


The leap of faith which The Fool tarot card symbolizes is the same leap of faith others must face who are going through trials and tribulations in their lives. Will you have faith in the soulmate connection and do what needs to be done? Or will your lack of faith cause you to make the wrong choices? When you have faith in the soulmate connection, you find the strength to do what is needed to be done. When you do not, you allow yourself to be guided by fear, which is not a smart choice. We have to remember that fear and love and can’t coexist in the same plane although you may find yourself fearing you could lose this wonderful connection.


The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Soulmate relationships are not just for romance, they are the opportunity for self-awareness and growth. Will your, or your soulmates, lack of faith or fear cause you to bring out the worst (instead of the best) in one another? It is this fear that causes many soulmates to run and hide because they refuse to deal with or accept the connection. Those who have faith in their soulmate connection fully embrace and welcome it. The Fool tarot card and those that are present in the rest of your spread should reveal which choice you or your soulmate will make when you find yourselves at the crossroads.


The Fool tarot card can also represent having to make an important decision. Do one of you need to pack up and move to sustain the soulmate relationship? Do one of you have to change jobs or a career to make the soulmate relationship work? Does one or both of you need to end a relationship that is not working to be free to pursue the soulmate relationship? The Fool tarot card can represent one or both soulmates facing a decision which could greatly affect the future path of their soulmate relationship. The Fool tarot card is in the reverse position can represent a faulty choice that could affect the soulmate relationship in a negative way. It could also indicate that one of the soulmates is unsure of where or how to proceed and is left feeling confused. They may make a rash, or foolish, decision without thinking things through and end up making a big mistake.


If you and your soulmate have broken up or separated, The Fool tarot card could be a very welcome one. Your soulmate tarot reading could indicate that there will be a new beginning for your relationship. A reconciliation could take place or a fresh start, new outlook and attitude towards the connection which gives you the opportunity to try your relationship again. It is often very difficult for soulmates to remain apart from one another as something always pulls them to the direction of their soulmate. The Fool tarot card can indicate the return of a soulmate from a recent past or many years ago. The Fool represents the conditions are open for the two of you to try again. Since you have both been through so much personal growth while apart, you have much better ability to sustain your soulmate connection.


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Justice Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Justice Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Justice tarot card has a strong significance in a soulmate reading. The Justice Tarot Card represents the astrological sign of Libra which supports balance, partnership and equality. Libra is the seventh house of the zodiac and the ruler of long-term partnerships whether they be legal or business matters, romantic relationships and contractual obligations. Venus the planet of love and emotions rules the 7th House of Libra. In ancient Greek mythology Aphrodite is the name for the goddess of love and beauty, with Venus being her Roman counterpart. Venus describes how you love, what you love and who you love and will also define the soulmate relationships coming into  and out of  your life. When Libra appears in your soulmate reading it can indicate that the relationship will very well move to commitment or if you are already married, it can also symbolize divorce. In a soulmate reading, Libra can also indicate the timing of events, in that things will occur when the Sun is in Libra.

Justice Tarot Card in Soulmate Readings

Justice Tarot Card Soulmate Reading

Venus, and Libra, rule our love and emotional lives and we feel that influence in all relationships – business, personal and soulmate alike.  Venus guides our romantic lives since the sign and house position influences our tastes and attractions, which will lead to connecting with your soulmate especially if you Venus(in your own personal astrology chart) is in harmony with a potential soulmate. If this is the case, you have a higher probability of creating an enduring soulmate relationship and your soulmate reading will definitely show that as you combine the Justice cards with the other cards that are around it. Venus reveals how we experience, and share beauty. It also defines how we assimilate and absorb your life changes, character development, personal and spiritual growth and personal empowerment through the ever-expanding role of your ever evolving relationships.

In some tarot decks, the Justice tarot card is often blind folded as many statues and illustrations of Justice can be. It is not an implication that love is blind, but it does show us how we will not judge a  person or potential soulmate by external looks alone. Soulmate relationships are not shallow and not founded on external beauty alone. This is not to indicate that your soulmate will be ugly, of course you will be deeply attracted to them. But it is not the shallowness of an immature relationship solely based on physical beauty or lust. A soulmate relationship is much deeper and connected on the inner beauty, qualities and soul characteristics of the soulmate personality. As a matter of fact you may find that your soulmate is just not your type but you are undoubtedly drawn to them in a way because of their inner qualities and characteristics. Simply put, they speak to your soul.

Justice Tarot Card in Soulmate Readings

Justice Tarot Card

When the Justice Tarot Card is present in a soulmate reading, it indicates the karmic nature of the relationship. In the mundane world, Justice can indicate legal contracts, binding agreements made between parties and a sense of law and order. Likewise, in the spiritual world we connect with during a psychic reading or soulmate reading, a soulmate psychic can see that with Justice present it is an indicator of a karmic relationship between the two parties being considered in the question for the reading. During a soulmate reading, Justice can indicate the binding soulmate contract or soulmate agreement between two souls to provide life lessons and experiences to each other during a life time. It will also indicate the Universal law (and order) which are required for that soulmate relationship to exist due to the nature of the binding soulmate contract.

The Justice Tarot Card also indicates karmic justice and karmic law within the physical world. It is heaven’s justice on Earth. It implies the karmic nature and karmic agreements of the soulmate relationship. It also shows us the karmic fallout that can potentially occur if the soulmate contract is violated or abandoned due to the free will of one of the soulmates in the relationship. Often I have seen the scales of justice tipped when there is karmic fallout from a soulmate relationship gone awry.

Universal karma is swift and thorough and often make the lessons much harder for the offending soulmate. Often this is carried forward into other lifetimes which is why at times these soulmate relationships can be so difficult to manage. When you meet your soulmate you may have a feeling of instant attraction or of feeling that you have known that soulmate before. You have. In another dimension or in another lifetime. It is the soul recognizing and acknowledging that other soul from past lives and past experiences coming together again to work through their soulmate karma.

During a soulmate reading, your soulmate psychic will explain the significance of the Justice tarot card as it relates to you, your relationship and your soulmate. The other cards that surround the Justice card will also further define the exact meaning during your soulmate reading. For example, if it is close to the 3 of Swords, it is more than likely an indication that the soulmate relationship, or marriage if there is one, is coming to an end. A combination of Justice and the 3 of Swords indicates divorce when reading at the  mundane level, but during a soulmate reading it can indicate that the soulmate relationship and the soulmate contract is coming to an end. If that combination is present it can indicate that the karmic ties between the two of you are complete and you have each successfully worked through it.

At other times during a soulmate reading, the Justice tarot card can be combined with the 2 of cups or 4 or wands. These two cards are fairly indicative of relationship coming together and establishing itself for the long haul. More specifically the 4 of Wands can represent celebration in a soulmate reading, a celebration of hearth and home. A celebration of love. It is the card I use for marriage during a soulmate reading more specifically if the Justice tarot card is present.

There are many other tarot cards that are significant in soulmate readings. Keep coming back and checking to see what else we write about as it relates to soulmates, soulmate relationships and soulmate readings.

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Soulmate Tarot Card Readings

Soulmate Tarot Card Readings

Soulmate tarot card readings are s a great way to reveal if you are truly with your soulmate. Usually you know you have a soulmate in your life because of the experiences you are having in that relationship. It goes without saying. However there are times when you seek the counsel of a professional tarot reader to have a reading on your current soulmate relationship or discover if a soulmate relationship coming into your life. But what exactly does the tarot reader see that allows her to make that statement or prediction? There are several cards in the tarot that indicate a soulmate relationship, especially when combined with the surrounding cards and here are a few of my favorite.

All soulmate relationships are karmic relationships and the cards of the Major Arcana suggest strong karmic influences,. When 5 or more major arcana cards are present in a tarot card reading asking about love, romance or relationships they indicate a soulmate relationship could be present. As far as I am concerned, out of the major Arcana, cards that define soulmate influences would be  The Lovers, The Sun, The Star and The World.

The Lovers Tarot Card in a Soulmate Reading

Tarot Card The Lovers

tarot card the sun soulmates

Tarot Card The Sun

The Lovers represents relationships and choices. When it appears in soulmate tarot card readings you might need to make a decision about a relationship, although it could also just mean a general life decision needs to be considered. The Lovers relates to the astrological sign of Gemini, The Twins. So considering which tarot cards relate to soulmates, The Lovers by far is my first choice simply because of the twin symbolism of the cards. In addition to a soulmate indicator it can also indicate choices, temptation (see the snake in the tree of knowledge), knowledge itself, passion, sexuality and connection. After all, soulmates are all about connection and when present in soulmate tarot card readings, the connection is there.



I also like to use The Sun as a soulmate indicator for soulmate tarot card readings. The Sun tarot card teaches us about positive feelings, expansion, optimism. It also represents happiness, contentment and joy. It is often referred to as the BEST card to get when receiving  soulmate tarot card readings. The sun, in all its glory, is shining brightly upon you and all things in your life are good, whole and complete. If it is surrounded by other positive cards such as the 2 of cups or 4 of wands, it gives additional support to that card as a soulmate indicator. Having The Sun present in soulmate tarot card readings presents another good indicator of a positive outcome for your soulmate relationship.



tarot card the star soulmate reading

Tarot Card The Star

When The Star is present in soulmate tarot card readings, the soulmate being asked about perceives the querant (the one receiving the reading) as the ideal romantic partner. When we see the presence of The Star in a soulmate tarot card reading the querant is assured that spiritual growth is shortly coming into their life. The Star tarot card tells us about free flowing love, tranquility and peace of mind. The naked woman pours water from the jars onto the land or into the water and we are reminded of the fluidity of water and how it is constantly changing very much like a soulmate relationship. The two jugs represent the opposite sides of our nature, our shadow self and our true self, which can imply the soulmate relationship. The star above her head reminds us of  the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams much like our expectations for a soulmate relationship. The 8 stars represent all 8 planets with the exception of Pluto – so we are reminded of the inter-connectedness of the Universe and how the soulmate tradition came into being. The bird in the tree can represent the Phoenix rising from the ashes, which is often very reminiscent of soulmate relationships and how they come around life after life as there are very strong influences of past lives in soulmate relationships.



tarot card the world soulmate reading

Tarot Card The World

When The World appears in soulmate tarot card readings there is also the presence of a soulmate relationship. The figure of the card is both male and female, complete and whole as they are.  The World requires nothing to complete them. they are whole as they are. They contain both sides of themselves, the yin and yang and have managed to find balance. The World is the alchemical union – the spiritual union – the physical with the divine in perfect harmony. It represents success, accomplishment, harmony and union between opposites (male and female) who have merged into one. When The World is present in soulmate tarot card readings there is a strong indication that marriage is likely.



In the Minor Arcana the Two of Cups teaches us about the soulmate union. The couple stare into each other’s eyes, while they individually hold their cups, against symbolizing the fluidity of water and the emotional component of a true love relationship. There is romance, chemistry and sexual attraction between them. It is a strong connection as they look at each other. This is about harmony between two people, a coupling, a true soulmate bonding. When the Two of Cups is present for soulmate tarot card readings it is a very strong indicator of a soulmate union between two people.

tarot card two of cups soulmates

Tarot Card Two of Cups




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