What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Soulmate Difficulties

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

“I have lost my soulmate, what do I do?” That question comes up a lot, because countless people, at one time or another, feel they have lost their soulmate.


Some people lose a soulmate due to them passing on. Losing a soulmate through death, is a devastating blow and the survivor wonders how they will find the strength to move on with their life. Time is the only remedy when a soulmate passes on. It is hard to imagine life without them and the emotional loss seems unbearable. But you will, with time, find joy in life again. Your soulmate would want you to. Your soulmate would want you to be happy on the earth until you meet again on the other side, or in your next incarnation on the planet.

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?


Again, it will take a long time to recover from this loss, but you will get there. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve your lost soulmate. Get support from friends, family, or even a professional therapist or grief counselor if you feel you can benefit from one. You may want some time alone, but don’t stay alone too long. You just need to get through it day by day, and eventually you will get to a point where you will feel more like yourself again.


Others who have lost a soulmate may only suffer a temporary loss. Your soulmate could be dating someone else, or have broken up with you. Will the break up last? Depends on both of you, but it does not have to be that they are lost permanently. Their new relationship may not last. Your soulmate could even marry someone else. That does not mean you have lost them forever.


So many soulmates have split apart, married other people, and even had children with other people. But down the line, many of them either seek one another out, or bump into each other serendipitously, and start their relationship back up from where they left it. This is often a bumpy road for soulmates and there can be many starts and stops along the way. Before you freak out completely thinking you have lost your soulmate forever, calm down before you do something that could actually cause what you most fear.


Losing a soulmate, even for a short period of time can be excruciatingly painful. If your soulmate made the decision to end your relationship, you may need to leave them be, no matter how hard it is. They obviously have something they need to work through, unless you did something BEYOND horrible, and you need to leave them to it. Let them learn their lessons. Try not to control them or the relationship itself.


Let them learn from their mistakes. Your soulmate’s mistakes may be exactly what they need to learn from in order for you both to have a harmonious relationship in the future. If you keep enabling them so they don’t learn anything at all, is it any wonder why the lesson keeps showing up again and again? Of course not. Until they learn, the lesson repeats. Since you can’t learn the lesson for them, leave them be. Stop making excuses to contact them, even for holidays and special occasions.


You may be afraid if you don’t do something you will lose your soulmate forever. You are wrong. You are just using your own fear to enable your soulmate to ruin your relationship. Why would you do that if you don’t want to lose your soulmate for good?

Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships

Is your soulmate breaking the rules? Has your soulmate taken your sacred, spiritual connection and used it to drive you insane?


When a soulmate is breaking the rules, expect all hell to break loose. Because of the strong, deep connection between souls, there seems to be a tendency to not only break the rules, but to get away with breaking the rules. When one soulmate breaks the rules, it’s on them, and they need to take responsibility. However, if the other soulmate doesn’t stay strong by enforcing boundaries, instead letting them get away with murder, it is on both of them. You are both responsible for breaking the rules.


Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships

              Breaking the Rules in Soulmate Relationships

You may think you should let your soulmate break the rules, even if you wouldn’t let anyone else break those same rules. You figure since it is your soulmate, you should give them special treatment.


That is partially correct. You should give your soulmate special treatment by not allowing them to do things that disrespect this special bond you both share.


It’s kind of sacrilegious to see how some couples in spiritual soulmate relationships act as if they are possessed by demons. A lot of these same people think that they can act like that and the universe will keep them together. Wrong. The universe is not going to support behavior like that, nor will they assist in helping a soulmate couple continue to be disrespectful to the gift the universe has given them.


Your soulmate could be breaking the rules such as cheating on you or denying your connection entirely. Don’t let their rule breaking cause you to lower your standards. We understand you want to fight for your relationship, and you should. You just have to make sure you are fighting the right fight.


Stooping to lower level behavior is not fighting the right fight. Keep yourself elevated, and let your soulmate learn from the consequences you dish out every time they break the rules. And please don’t think having in depth conversations about their behavior and how it hurt you is going to be enough. Stop being a scaredy cat and get with the program. Your soulmate is supposed to learn lessons that make them a better person. So are you.


You are NOT supposed to be teaching them that behavior such as theirs is okay. You have to learn to stand up for what is right, not accept what is wrong because you are afraid. Don’t break the rules along with your soulmate. There are some rules that are pretty common for all couples, but each couple has a few unique ones of their own. Honor each other by not breaking those rules, and expecting or dishing out punishment depending on if you are on the giving or receiving end.


Anger Between Soulmates, Yes Soulmates Get Angry At Each Other

Anger between soulmates is not exactly uncommon. Soulmates often face a multitude of challenges, and with those challenges can come a lot of anger. In many cases anger can stem from frustration. Since both soulmates are supposed become better versions of themselves and make changes for the better, facing certain things about themselves can cause anger.


When a soulmate does not create change that would be good for both them and the relationship, their partner can react with different levels of anger. If a soulmate, for instance, has to start working less and change their life so they are enjoying it more, it may not be as easy as it sounds. If your soulmate is a workaholic or too dedicated to their job, the change may be difficult for them. Although it is not impossible, they would much rather you just accept the fact that they work a lot. It would be easy for them to ignore the change and just hope you adapt to the status quo.

Anger Between Soulmates

                 Anger Between Soulmates

Even if you are not a needy, clingy person, you would wind up feeling anger towards a soulmate that doesn’t make time for you. You want to spend time with your soulmate and also for them to be there for your important event. You want someone to be available when you do really need them.


What good is a relationship, even a soulmate relationship, if you don’t get to see one another? It is one thing if it is beyond the person’s control, because you wouldn’t fault them for that. But, you would be angry if it is their choice and instead of compromising, they don’t do a damn thing to spend time with you. It makes sense that someone would feel hurt and anger when they are a lower priority than someone’s job. Most of us do need a job to support ourselves, but we are referring to people who choose to work more than they need to. You want someone to be married to you, not to their job.


So many people contact us when they are having anger issues with their soulmate. Some fights between soulmates can get pretty heated, because the emotional level they operate on, regardless of if the feelings are good or bad, runs very high. Even little things can bring out a boatload of anger between soulmates.


Sometimes soulmates use anger to sabotage a soulmate relationship. Instead of working through their fears, they lash out in anger, or even end the soulmate relationship for nonsensical reasons. We all know what a deal breaker in a relationship should be, like cheating, but that you said something they took the wrong way? That is soulmate sabotage.


They pretend to be angry enough about something to end things with a soulmate when they were just looking for an excuse. Ending, in most cases temporarily, a soulmate relationship sometimes has very positive results and can be a great opportunity for a better relationship when they reunite. In the time apart, instead of being angry at their soulmate or their lack of control over their emotions, they realize how important their soulmate is to them. Soulmates don’t always learn their lessons when they are together, they often learn many apart.


Soulmate Frustration: Does Your Soulmate Frustrate You?

Soulmate Frustration:

              Soulmate Frustration

Are you dealing with soulmate frustration? Having a soulmate can often be harder than one would think. A soulmate is not all sunshine and roses, romance and sweet words nor unicorns and rainbows. Soulmates are not created strictly for romance although the romantic connection is there. There are things each soulmate must learn, discover, and change about themselves for the relationship to be happy romantic partnership.


If they don’t, soulmate relationships cause a lot of frustration and heartache. Nothing in life is free is it? Neither is a wonderful soulmate relationship. You have to work at it and work for it. Otherwise the soulmate frustration just builds and builds and the problems become bigger and bigger.


Is your soulmate experiencing the frustration or are you? Are you both dealing with soulmate frustration?  We want to hold onto our soulmates, and even when we are full of frustration we don’t want to resort to dire tactics. The problem is, sometimes that is what it takes.


Top Reasons for Soulmate Frustration

  1. When a soulmate takes too long to get out of a previous relationship it causes a lot of frustration. No one wants to wait for someone endlessly, regardless of the excuse.
  2. When a soulmate resorts to constantly ending the relationship either out of the blue or whenever conflict arises, the foundation of the relationship is anything but stable.
  3. When a soulmate refuses to acknowledge the connection, or even speak to their partner, the heartache can seem endless. You are connected to a person that won’t even speak to you or acknowledge what you both feel, and it can be excruciating.
  4. When a soulmate has inconstant behavior it can prove very frustrating. If the contact is random and they can go days, weeks, or months without saying a word it can drive the partner crazy. If they break plans, have temper tantrums, or suddenly say they are unsure of their feelings to cause drama, they are sabotaging the relationship. Eventually they may sabotage it without even really wanting to.
  5. When your soulmate puts you at a low priority all the time because they believe you will always forgive them, it can get very insulting and annoying. It makes you feel inferior, rather than special. You wonder what it is going to take for them to move you up on their priority ladder, especially since you have them so high up on yours.


What kind of soulmate frustration are you dealing with? We would love to hear your experiences in our comments section to share with our readers who are experiencing soulmate frustration themselves.


Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Why does your soulmate hurt you? Isn’t a soulmate relationship supposed to be a relationship with a higher standard? Why would a soulmate hurt your feelings, especially for no good reason?


First of all, soulmates have very deep feelings for one another by way of their deep soul connection. Unfortunately, this does not mean they won’t hurt you. Usually they will hurt you much more than a regular, or mundane, relationship.

Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Soulmate relationships are very tricky and often hard to navigate. When feelings run high, tensions often run high as well. Due to the hurdles soulmates often have to jump over, hurt feelings are often a part of the package. If the lessons to be learned are avoided on either side, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a lot of hurt feelings as well.


Just because this person is your soulmate, does not mean you give them carte blanche to repeatedly hurt you feelings. You are supposed to raise your standard with a soulmate, not lower it. If you do lower your standards by allowing them to do hurt you in ways you would not let anyone else on earth, you are not learning your lessons either.


The universe would not support a relationship where one soulmate constantly hurts another and the other one tolerates it. This is not what that union was created for, so don’t expect a miracle from them. Your soulmate has to stop hurting you and you have to stop waiting for them to hurt you and do something about it.


You may not like what you have to do, but too bad. You want this relationship to work out? Then do the work, or enable it to be ruined. It’s up to you. You know what you need to do, in most cases, you are just afraid to do it. Fear and your insecurities are not exactly the best advisors are they? Do what you know is right, and stop doing what is safe.


Stop using the soulmate excuse. Stop blaming your connection for the reason you are allowing your soulmate to hurt you over and over again. Yes, the connection is there. The universe created it, but don’t blame them. They are not forcing you to remain in a connection that hurts you. Own up to your responsibility of the misuse of the connection you share.


In so many, many cases a soulmate will hurt you because they are trying to work out the connection they have with you and what they must face because of you. While they work though that, you may get hurt in the process. If your soulmate is in denial about having this bond with you, how they react to that is most assuredly going to hurt your feelings. That isn’t about you per say, but it is about them accepting what is happening.


It does not excuse them, just try not to take it too personally, which we realize is easier said than done. If it is hurting you too much, distance yourself from them until they work through it on their own. You are not responsible for being their teacher all the time. They learned to talk, write, drive and do math. They can learn their own lessons if you need to remove yourself from the situation for a while.


When a soulmate is working through their own issues and feelings they may not understand or be aware of how their words, decisions or behaviors hurt you. If you don’t make your hurt feelings aware enough to them, and not just with words but actions, then they won’t think it is really a big deal. Never be so compassionate to someone else, even a soulmate, that you constantly sacrifice your own feelings, and allow yourself to be hurt over and over again.


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