What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Sophia Elise

When Will I Be in a Soulmate Relationship?

So many people ask us “When will I be in a soulmate relationship” You may be dating someone you really believe is your soulmate and wondering when it will develop into a soulmate relationship. Who is to say it ever will? Time keeps passing, but that does not mean you are headed for a soulmate relationship. Some people never get the opportunity to be in a relationship. Even if they deserve it that does not mean they will be given the chance because sometimes your time together is just meant to stay in the dating phase, and nothing more. Not every dating scenario will magically progress to relationship status.

Have you been waiting patiently for your current situation with the one you love to move to the next level? Has your patience just about run out? Have you wondered why you aren’t already in a relationship? Have you gotten pissed off because it seems everyone else in the world is in a relationship BUT you? Have you met someone recently and want to know if the possibility exists for a real relationship? Have you gotten out of a relationship and have yet to find someone special? Are you afraid of winding up alone and never being in the relationship of your dreams?

when will I be in a soulmate relationship

When Will I be IN a Soulmate Relationship?

Sometimes you may be standing in your own way. The person that you want to be in a relationship with may not be the right person for you and you are wasting your time. You may believe they are your soulmate and waiting for that soulmate relationship to materialize, but in truth, they may not even be your soulmate. You could have just over glamorized them into that space in your life. Wouldn’t you rather know now or would you prefer to keep hoping for something that is never going to happen? Would you rather stay in a situation that is not evolving or would you like to know for sure so you can let go and pursue what you want? And don’t you want to know if the relationship you will be in will be a good one? Relationships can be short term or long term, which one will yours be?

We can help you find out everything you need to know to improve the status of your relationship; if it is even possible. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you avoid sabotaging your relationship which would prevent it from moving forward. A relationship reading can help you understand what is preventing your relationship from growing and evolving, and can even indicate if someone new is coming into your life. You have invested a lot of time, energy and effort into getting the relationship you desire, so why not invest in a psychic reading to find out if it is even worth the effort, time and energy? A psychic soulamte reading can help keep you on the path to taking your current situation to a full-blown relationship. There are reasons why your relationship has not progressed the way you want it to, and it may not be for the reasons you think or have come to believe. Sometimes you need an outside party to see clearly what your obstacles are, and a psychic can do that for you. Let us help you help yourself.

Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship

Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship is Hard, but it is Possible

Many People think getting closure from a soulmate relationship is impossible. Getting closure from a soulmate relationship can be difficult but not impossible. The connection between soulmates can be very powerful, but that does not mean that connection has power over you forever. So how does one go about getting closure from a soulmate relationship that seems to be over?

getting closure from a soulmate  relationship

Getting Closure from a Soulmate Relationship

First, you must get over the myth that soulmate relationships never end. A soulmate comes into your life, but can very well exit at some point. Through the course of death, or their free will (or yours) sometimes soulmate relationships reach their conclusion and end. The first step in getting closure from a soulmate relationship would be to cut yourself some slack. There is no way you are going to be getting closure from a soulmate relationship quickly, so accept that reality for starters. Give yourself some time to feel bad. You need time to grieve the loss of your soulmate relationship so you can then go about getting closure. Just don’t take more time that you really need. The grieving process is different for everyone, but don’t fight the process, go with it. If you cannot accept the loss of your soulmate relationship, there is no way of getting closure from it.

Try not to focus on just the good times you had in your soulmate relationship, as this can keep you stuck and not able to get closure. Focusing on just the negativity in your soulmate relationship will insure you won’t be getting closure from it either. Mourn the good and the bad and then you can begin to let go and move on. Your soulmate relationship was a part of your life, and it is sad that it can no longer be a part of your future. How you see your experience with your soulmate is up to you, you can either feel blessed to have had a soulmate and take the lessons from it, or feel cursed and wish you never met them. If you chose the later, not only will you not be getting closure, but you most likely are avoiding the lesson you were supposed to learn from it either. Soulmates are not just supposed to come into our lives so we can have great joy, love, moonlight walks on the beach and great sex. Soulmate relationships come with a price and that price is lessons. Learning your lessons can go a long long way towards getting closure from a soulmate, or any, relationship.

In getting closure, you have to focus on your life, and not the life of your soulmate. So, cut contact with them, stay away from social media sites where you may spy on them or hear something about them. Perhaps after you have gotten closure you may be able to have contact with them or see them on social media sites without it being a detriment to you. Keep from talking to others (and having an internal dialogue with yourself) about your soulmate. Constantly talking about your soulmate in any way and to any one constantly and continually will not help getting closure. All that talking actually keeps you from getting closure because you are verbally making your soulmate a part of your life.

If you are having trouble getting closure from your soulmate relationship, give Sarah Adelle and Sophia Elise a chance to help you. If you want help getting closure, these two soulmate and twin flame experts can do wonders for you. With their support and psychic guidance, you can be well on the road to closure in no time at all.

Soulmate Relationship and Change: Can a Soulmate Relationship Change?

A soulmate relationship can be just as dysfunctional as any other relationship. When a soulmate relationship becomes dysfunctional, change will be required.

soulmate relationship change

Can Your Soulmate Relationship Change?

Without creating change, the soulmate relationship can and will end, just like any other relationship. A soulmate relationship is not exempt from problems, bad patterns, and break ups. Without creating change for the better, your soulmate relationship will only get worse over time. Many times people who have found themselves in a soulmate relationship rely on the connection to keep them together. They think no matter what happens, or what either of them do, that connection alone will keep the soulmate relationship going strong. They also believe that the strong connection they share in their soulmate relationship will never change in a negative way.

All of this is wrong. A soulmate relationship is just like any other, and if your soulmate relationship has changed for the worse, it is time you tried changing it for the better. People often take the ones they care about the most for granted, and the day to day grind of our lives creeps in and takes the romance out of our relationship. When things like that happen, even the best of relationships start to crack until eventually they shatter into a billion pieces.

If it is not too late, your soulmate relationship can be salvaged with some effort on both parts. No one wants to lose a soulmate, so invest the energy it takes to keep yours alive and well. Find some way to bring the romance back between the two of you. Make the time to communicate about your hopes as dreams in a positive way rather than just the two of you whining and complaining about the every day challenges. Remind yourself how lucky you both are to have found each other and how blessed you should both feel. Be grateful for the love you share, and think about what you could be doing better. Could you communicate more lovingly and politely? Could you do some little things to show your soul mate you care? All it can take sometimes is for one of you to begin making positive changes for it to rub off on the other. Instead of focusing on what THEY could be doing, focus on what YOU could be doing to make the soulmate relationship a much better one for the BOTH of you. Don’t just give of yourself for personal gain, that defeats the very purpose. Do it for you both and the rare soulmate relationship you have.

Sometimes the changes that are brought through a soulmate relationship are not the best changes you could make for yourself. Unfortunately, some changes that can be creates include insecurity, doubt or fear. To read more on this check out our other posting  Could Some Soulmate Relationships be Bad for You? 

If your soulmate relationship has taken a nose dive for the worse, contact Sophia Elise and Sarah Adelle. As relationship experts specializing in twin flame and soulmate relationships, they can help you create change in yours!

Not All Soulmates are Human

Soulmates comes in many different shapes and sizes. We have soulmate relationships with romantic partners, as well as friends, family, work mates and at times, even our enemies. Not all soulmates are human. Anyone who has ever truly loved a pet will confirm that these special animals are one of their soulmates.  When someone has that special intimate soulmate connection to their pet, they very often believe they have touched the hand of the Divine, personally within their lives.

The one thing that can be said about these special pets is that their love is constant.

Constant: not changing or varying; continuing without pause or letup; unceasing; faithful; unswerving in love, devotion; resolute – something that does not or cannot change or vary.

not all soulmates are human

Not All Soulmates are Human

There are countless stories about people who find the ultimate soulmate connection with the animals they love and nurture.  The pets they tend and care for love them without any condition attached to that love. They know that no matter what, Mommy or Daddy will feed them, soothe them, care for them, play with them and love them. Our pets look at us with a complete knowing that we are there for them. They love us and they trust us….even when we have failed them. They provide so much joy, laughter and pleasure in our lives and they do it simply because they love us. They make us happy because they love to see us happy. Pet soulmates bring us joy because they want us to be joyful. And when we are sad and out of tune with life, they know, and they try to heal us and lift us up back into the balance of contentment. When you suffer, they suffer with you, as they try to remove the suffering, or even illness, from your life and take it upon themselves.

There are many pets who get separated from their owners for one reason or another or who simply get lost. There are stories of cats and dogs who have found their way home, to their people. How do they do that? How can they find their way, at times, across hundreds or thousands of miles, to the place where they belong. The soulmate connection between people and their pets works the same way as it does with human connections. Animals find their way home through their etheric connection to their person, who may very well be calling out to them telepathically, or crying out to them in grief and despair at the thought of losing them.

not all soulmates are human

We still feel their presence..everyday!

There are some who may argue this because they say that animals don’t have souls. We disagree with that. There is no way you can look into the eyes of your dog or cat and not sense the infinite dimension of the soul that most assuredly resides behind those wise and loving eyes. In some ways they are all-seeing, in some ways they seem all-knowing. And no matter what you do, they forgive you time and time again when you may be irritated with them, forget to feed or water them or not have time to stroke and pet them. Even when we let them down, as we can get wrapped up in the demands of our physical world, they never seem to let us down when we call out to them for comfort. Furthermore, if Heaven is to be a place without pets, or any type of animal, we sure as hell would not want to be there!

When we lose a pet soulmate, it can be one of the most devastating experiences we have to endure, and truly one of the dark nights of the soul that we must experience on the earthly plane. When we love and cherish something so much, it reasons to say that we will be devastated when it is no longer in our lives. We very often have to make tough decisions for them, allowing them to be released from earthbound pain, disease and suffering they experience as they get older, and even when they are still young. When we do this for them it is part of our soulmate contract and agreement with them, that we will not allow them to hurt or suffer as long as they are in our care, and they very often communicate that to us through their eyes, which for them as well, is the window to their soul.

Nothing can replace a lost pet soulmate. We can run out and find other animals to bring home and form close bonds with, but the loss of a true pet soulmate, can be heart-breaking, even many years after they cross the rainbow bridge. You still see them out of the corner of your eye, sitting in their favorite spot, walking through the room or down the stairs. You still call out to them expecting them to come running when they hear your voice. You still miss them. You still yearn for them. You still love them. And when it is your turn to transition from this world to the next, they will be there, eagerly waiting for you, wagging tails or purring. And as they leap into your arms you feel joy and your heart again bursts with love.

Perhaps they are not the stars,
But rather openings in heaven
Where the love of our lost ones
Pours through and shines down
Upon us to let us know
They are happy.
  Inspired by an Eskimo legend


pet soulmates

In Memory of Sarah’s Bosley


not all soulmates are human

In Memory of Sophia’s Winnie the Wondercat

All You Need is Love, but is Love Enough?

The Beatles said it when they sang “All you need is love”, but really, is love enough? Many people do believe that love and the connection they share with the one they love, their relationship will succeed. Many people believe that love is all you need and that love which is meant to be will be will conquer all.

Those statements, although very romantic, are not realistic. Life happens, and even the best of couples can get torn apart. Love is not always enough and does not always survive unscathed. Many people in soulmate relationships live under that false assumption that nothing can destroy their relationship. This is simply not true. How we behave and the things we say and do have a direct affect on our love and relationships. If the connection between you and your soulmate  was so strong then why are you apart? Why are you and your soulmate not communicating properly? Why are you and your soulmate growing further and further part?

Soulmate reading all you need is love

All you Need is Love, but is Love Enough?

People believe that soul mates and twinflames always work things out. They believe that every obstacle can be overcome, simply because they are deeply connected. When it comes to love, it does not always keep us together, get us back together, or keep us from breaking up. People can start a relationship, develop feelings for one another, but for one reason or another, the relationship ends. Life is not always easy, in fact life can be very hard, just like matters of the heart. All relationships will have their ups and downs, but if your relationships has extreme highs and extreme lows, you may need guidance to get it to the level place. The extreme highs do not, and should not make up for the extreme lows. Your soulmate relationship should not go to extreme lows in the first place. A soulmate reading can help you get to the root of the problems in your soulmate relationship so you can avoid those lows as best as possible. Some things are out of our control, but what IS in your control you CAN control.

Our desire and need for others is what sustains and supports us through our daily lives. We should not leave it to fate, chance, or destiny to decide if our love will grow, or survive. Don’t keep yourself from doing what you can to successfully maintain a loving relationship with your soulmate. Take charge of the most important relationship in your life and do whatever you can to allow it to flourish.

Love may not be enough, but with some work, effort, and the guidance of soulmate psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, you can discover all you need to keep your love alive. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise have helped many couples keep their relationship on track, and kept the feelings between them growing and evolving.


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