What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot


I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

“I have lost my soulmate, what do I do?” That question comes up a lot, because countless people, at one time or another, feel they have lost their soulmate.


Some people lose a soulmate due to them passing on. Losing a soulmate through death, is a devastating blow and the survivor wonders how they will find the strength to move on with their life. Time is the only remedy when a soulmate passes on. It is hard to imagine life without them and the emotional loss seems unbearable. But you will, with time, find joy in life again. Your soulmate would want you to. Your soulmate would want you to be happy on the earth until you meet again on the other side, or in your next incarnation on the planet.

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?


Again, it will take a long time to recover from this loss, but you will get there. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve your lost soulmate. Get support from friends, family, or even a professional therapist or grief counselor if you feel you can benefit from one. You may want some time alone, but don’t stay alone too long. You just need to get through it day by day, and eventually you will get to a point where you will feel more like yourself again.


Others who have lost a soulmate may only suffer a temporary loss. Your soulmate could be dating someone else, or have broken up with you. Will the break up last? Depends on both of you, but it does not have to be that they are lost permanently. Their new relationship may not last. Your soulmate could even marry someone else. That does not mean you have lost them forever.


So many soulmates have split apart, married other people, and even had children with other people. But down the line, many of them either seek one another out, or bump into each other serendipitously, and start their relationship back up from where they left it. This is often a bumpy road for soulmates and there can be many starts and stops along the way. Before you freak out completely thinking you have lost your soulmate forever, calm down before you do something that could actually cause what you most fear.


Losing a soulmate, even for a short period of time can be excruciatingly painful. If your soulmate made the decision to end your relationship, you may need to leave them be, no matter how hard it is. They obviously have something they need to work through, unless you did something BEYOND horrible, and you need to leave them to it. Let them learn their lessons. Try not to control them or the relationship itself.


Let them learn from their mistakes. Your soulmate’s mistakes may be exactly what they need to learn from in order for you both to have a harmonious relationship in the future. If you keep enabling them so they don’t learn anything at all, is it any wonder why the lesson keeps showing up again and again? Of course not. Until they learn, the lesson repeats. Since you can’t learn the lesson for them, leave them be. Stop making excuses to contact them, even for holidays and special occasions.


You may be afraid if you don’t do something you will lose your soulmate forever. You are wrong. You are just using your own fear to enable your soulmate to ruin your relationship. Why would you do that if you don’t want to lose your soulmate for good?

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

You may see nothing wrong with stalking your soulmate. You may try your hardest not keep stalking your soulmate but you find yourself giving in. You check your soulmate’s social media accounts. You check your soulmate’s friends, family or partners social media accounts. You may check their phone when they leave it unattended. You may read their emails when they are not looking. You may drive by their home, their workplace, or their hangouts. You try to stop, but just can’t seem to stop.


Is it because you don’t trust your soulmate? Is it because you and your soulmate are estranged or broken up? Is it because you are insecure and feel the need to find out what they are up to? Has your soulmate been acting strangely and won’t explain why? Is your inner voice telling you that something is going on and that’s why you are stalking your soulmate? What is it that you are hoping to find out about your soulmate that makes you feel the need to stalk them this way? If you have been doing this, have you found out any valuable information? There is nothing wrong with doing a little checking here and there IF you are in a relationship and something seems a bit “off”. If you find yourself having to do these things often, you need to stop.

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

Stalking Your Soulmate


Stalking your soulmate isn’t going to cure what is wrong with your relationship, especially if you are not going to do anything with the information you find out, or if you get caught. If you are an insecure person fix your insecurity on your own because stalking isn’t going to fix your insecurity. It will only feed the urge to keep doing it. Without trust a relationship cannot grow, so stop the stalking your soulmate and try another method of getting your insecurities squashed.


If your soulmate has given you a valid reason to be insecure, then it is up to them to help you get over that. If they won’t, then it may be time for a break. If you soulmate disappears, or you catch them texting other people, or caught them doing something wrong then one of you has to do something. Either your soulmate stops the bad behavior or you have to put your foot down. What will stalking do if when you catch them you don’t do anything about it? Nothing. It just lets them know they can get away with it, and they will do it again.


What you allow will continue. So if you are a soulmate stalker, then be prepared to do something with the information you find. Otherwise there is not point to this but self-torture. It is a symptom of a bigger problem in your soulmate relationship, and if you don’t fix it, don’t expect stalking to cure it, because it won’t.


If you and your soulmate are not together, of course there is a temptation to stalk them. But what does it get you? It helps you stay stuck. It keeps them on your mind and in the cycle of insecurity. It gives you countless hours of worry, wasted time, wasted energy and feeds your fears. It feeds your obsession and makes you weak. It can trigger a call, text or email to them that you shouldn’t make. It holds your mind, body, and soul hostage. And let’s face it, you aren’t finding out anything that is helpful to you. You are just subjecting yourself to behavior that is beneath you. You feel ashamed of yourself. You feel like a loser. So why keep stalking your soulmate? Deal with an estranged soulmate when they come back, if they come back. Otherwise live your life instead of stalking theirs. It is the only way to stay strong and empowered.


Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

Have you lost interest in your soulmate? Has your soulmate caused you to lose interest in them because of how they have treated you? Have you felt like you have lost all hope and just can’t do it any more? Are you ready to walk away from your soulmate because you feel as though enough is enough?

That can actually be a good thing.  Not all soul mates are meant to last.

Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

If your soulmate refuses to step up to the plate and instead steps all over you, it may be time to lose interest in them all together. Your soulmate may not realize you have a threshold and that they have reached it. When you have lost interest in your soulmate, they will know it, and they won’t like it. It just may be the wake up call they need.

More than likely they may wait you out, because after all that you have done to show them you care, it will be hard for them to believe you suddenly don’t. When they do realize it, more often than not, they try to get you interested in them again. Then the decision will be up to you. You may not be able to get that interest back. You may have moved on to another soulmate and not be willing to let them go. You may even decide to give them another shot. How you feel now is not always indicative of how you will feel in the future.

It really takes a lot to lose interest in your soulmate. It doesn’t happen overnight either. Soulmate connections are very strong, and are able to withstand an awful lot. No one can just simply lose interest in their soulmate unless there is a very significant reason as to why. Even then, it takes time.

You won’t lose the connection even though you have lost interest in your soulmate. That connection just won’t affect you as strongly and as often as it did when things were good between the two of you. If you fear your soulmate will lose interest in you because of a stupid argument don’t worry. They may be mad for a while or act out, but it really takes something major for soulmates to lose interest in each other and the relationship.


If you are feeling overly emotional, you make think you have lost interest in your soulmate. Before you do anything you might regret, give yourself some time to calm down and think rationally. You may do something you might regret, and no one wants to deal with a soulmate separation that they didn’t want. Soulmate separations can last a long time, and you shouldn’t end a soulmate relationship without really thinking it through.


Soulmate Depression: How To Survive

Soulmate depression is a lot like regular relationship depression. When things are not going well and chaos and drama are a part of daily life, it’s easy to understand why one would be in a state of depression. Of course you did not want things to get this bad. It sucks that you have tried everything you can think of to make your soulmate relationship better. It’s not fair that your soulmate left or refuses to deal with the strong connection the two of you share.

Soulmate Depression

Soulmate Depression: How To Survive

If your soulmate has ended your relationship your depression may be debilitating. So many soulmates take every argument to the extreme. One soulmate may make mountains out of mole hills and make all disagreements World War 3. The other soulmate may overact in their own way by thinking every time this happens they will break up and the relationship will be over. This cycle of behavior can easily bring on major depression.

When you allow your emotions to overwhelm you, which is easy in soulmate relationships, it is easy to fall into a state of soulmate depression. Creating an emotional distance from your own emotions is the best thing you can do. Take yourself out of what you feel and try to look at your relationship like an outsider would. Refrain from using the same old excuses to excuse yourself and your soulmate. Start speaking to yourself like a good friend would. Use though love. Use common sense. Use logic. Just stop using your emotions to make your decisions for you.

Something is not working on your end, and you have to find out what that is. Stop doing the same things looking for better results. That does not include just what you say and do towards your soulmate, but how you handle it within yourself internally. Stop with the melodrama. Stop letting your feelings take over all your thoughts. Stop worrying your relationship will be over or is over. Stop mourning the loss of your soulmate.

If you have broken up numerous times and got back together each time, what was the point of torturing yourself and going through soulmate depression when you didn’t have to? You went through it for nothing. It is time to come up with another way of handling your emotional triggers. If your soulmate has ended your relationship, the best thing you can do is allow yourself some time for healing. Don’t wallow in it, try to do what you can to distract yourself as best you can.

Look for something, anything, to bring yourself even a little bit of joy, even if it only lasts a minute or two. Don’t overeat, that will only make yourself feel worse when you are done and can contribute to the depression. Spend time with others, and don’t isolate yourself. If you must think of your soulmate, don’t focus on the wrong things. Wouldn’t it be more productive to think about what is right with the relationship, what they need (and you need) to change to make the relationship better if given another chance? Of course it would. Not all soulmates come back, but many, many do. Almost all soulmates have rough patches, and they can get through it. Do the best you can to draw your strength from the connection you have and use it to empower yourself going forward.

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

Soulmate obsession is very real and sometimes that strong connection you feel for someone can transform to a darker place. When people finally meet their soulmate, their love for them can become an obsession. They feel so much, too soon, for their soulmate and desire the relationship move along quickly so they can get to what they perceive to be the finish line. They are so excited the one they searched and hoped for is finally a part of their life. Unfortunately, they didn’t anticipate all the chaos and upheaval that can come with a soulmate relationship.

When these problems arise, and more often than not they will, soulmate obsession can take over. If you have read our many articles, you will know that soulmates often have a break period, or full break-up, in their relationship. This break can be long or short, occur only once, or repeatedly. During these breaks one of the soulmates can become obsessed with their partners every breath, thought, feeling and action. They feel that if they have this information they will have some sort of power, instead of feeling powerless, to help get through the period of disconnect and make sure their soulmate has not found someone else.

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

They become more concerned with what is going on with their soulmate than what is transpiring in their own lives. Every little tidbit of information gleaned from social media, their friends or even stalking, they enhance and elaborate on with their imagination. This is not what the universe wants. The universe brings soulmates together to learn important life lessons and provide personal and spiritual growth. Are you stuck in a cycle of soulmate obsession wondering what they are doing and when they are coming back? Soulmate obsession can actually delay, or prevent altogether, the return of your soulmate because you are too focused on them rather than working on yourself.

Soulmate obsession is not relegated to waiting for a soulmate’s return. Many people become obsessed trying to find a soulmate. They feel they have waited forever and want to find them as quickly as possible, because they somehow feel incomplete without them. Every day an obsession with meeting a soulmate can grow exponentially and so does their disappointment and negativity. This obsession with “when will I meet my soul mate” doesn’t help anything. In actuality, it can hurt. How can you expect to attract your soul mate when you are sending out so much negativity? Since you are not in charge of when your soul mate shows up, why even focus on it? The universe will bring them in at the right time. That is their decision, not yours. So why try to take control over the universe by obsessing about your soulmate? If you believe in soulmates, and that there is one for you, let go of the “when”, because that is in the hands of destiny. Perhaps patience could be your lesson to learn?

The darkest part of soulmate obsession can occur when a soulmate ends a relationship. After being in an intense, super connected relationship with someone, you may find yourself at your lowest. As we mentioned, this is not the time to stalk their social media or try to discover everything going on their lives. This is the time for self-care where you truly focus on yourself. The emotional devastation that comes with losing a soulmate will take some time to heal. It is better to remove anything in your environment reminding you of your soulmate relationship and make a firm agreement with yourself to stay off the internet. Finding out what is going on in their life is not going to make you feel any better, it will only keep you stuck in the cycle of soulmate obsession. This is the time to spend time with friends and family who can nurture and support you, seek professional counseling to work through your loss or embark upon a journey of self-development.

The intensity of the connection between soulmates makes it easy to obsess. When the going gets bad, it is better to have faith in the connection that brought you together. It is the lack of faith in the connection between soulmates when soulmate obsession creeps in. Do your best to keep the faith.

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