What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Relationship Problems

Is Your Soulmate Ready for a Soulmate Relationship?

Many times your soulmate is not ready for your soulmate relationship. When they are unable to accept and acknowledge your connection it can leave you in an emotional mess. Many people contact us to inquire what can be done to facilitate the journey down the path of soulmate bliss. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything.


You cannot make your soulmate ready, and you can’t help them become ready. The only thing you can do is allow them the time or space they need to become ready. Long winded discussions will, in almost all cases, do absolutely nothing to make your soulmate become ready for the relationship. So stop trying to convince them and stop pleading your case. If they want space, then give it to them. You may feel that is the hardest thing to do, but in reality it is not.

Is Your Soulmate Ready

                     Is Your Soulmate Ready?


The hardest thing on your soulmate relationship is trying to force it when someone is resisting you. It causes more damage, ruins self-esteem, and creates bad habits that are very hard to break further down the road. Giving them time, although difficult on your end, is the smartest thing to do. Show them the confidence you claim to have in your connection with your actions instead of your words. If you want them to believe you should be together, than show them your faith, instead of chasing after them because of your fears.


There are endless reasons your soulmate may not be ready for the relationship. They may  need to get out of another relationship before they are free to be with you. They may need to heal from a past relationship that caused them a lot of drama, trauma and chaos. They could be paralyzed by fear, spooked by the connection and intensity of feelings never experienced before meeting you.


Your soulmate may have to focus on family issues or a serious illness of someone close to them. Your soulmate may be going through a bitter divorce or child custody battle. Your soulmate could be trying to control the relationship by saying they are not ready for you. Soulmates tend to shake things up, and let’s face it, it can be scary and make you question your own sanity.


It really does not matter why. Any reason they present is not a good enough reason, so ultimately it won’t make a difference. It can’t change how they feel, regardless of what you or they believe. Unless you specifically did something, and it would have to be pretty huge, their reason won’t make them forget you. So stop worrying about it. Just like you can’t let go of them and stop thinking of them they won’t be able to do it either. Instead of obsessing about reasons they are not ready or wondering when they will be ready, focus on something else.


You already got the red flag they are more than likely going to challenge you in this relationship. That is going to take your inner strength, not your weakness, to surmount those challenges. Stay strong, and stay focused on the right things so that you will be ready when they are.


Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret?

Is your soulmate keeping you a secret? Does your soulmate hide your existence from everyone he knows? Do you hate being the secret your soulmate won’t share with those around them? No one wants to be someone’s secret, we want them to proudly acknowledge our relationship with them. So why are soulmates often kept as a secret?


Sometimes one soulmate is already in a relationship. Instead of ending that relationship, which is the more honorable thing to do, they choose to cheat on their current romantic partner. Under these circumstances it is understandable why they choose to keep their soulmate relationship hidden from those who may judge them.


Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret

                                Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret

On the other hand, it could be that either you or your soulmate have children they want to hide the relationship from. They may feel the children are not ready to know their parent is involved with someone new. Their children may have a negative reaction to a new relationship. To void the drama that could come with it, they keep their soulmate a secret. Some soulmates keep their relationship a secret from their children until they know the relationship will last. These are not bad reasons for keeping the relationship a secret. But that secret should only be kept for a reasonable amount of time. Children should not dictate the lives of their parents, and parents should not be afraid of their children. At a certain point a parent should feel free to introduce their soulmate to their kids.


If your soulmate is in denial, they may keep you as a secret to those around them. They may not even acknowledge to YOU they believe you are their soulmate. It is hard for some people to talk about how they feel about another person. Some people think if they talk about how good something is going they are going to jinx it. Until your soulmate is able to accept the reality of their feelings for you, they won’t bring you out into the open. They will act single, and may even tell you they are not ready for a relationship.


Until you decide you will not enable them to continue hiding, this could drag on indefinitely. Sometimes being apart from a soulmate can force them to face their feelings head on. Once they do that, it is much more difficult for them to deny them. Then there should be no more reason to keep your relationship a secret and then your soulmate connection can be made public.


Some soulmates meet and immediately keep their relationship a secret. Sometimes families may disapprove, for religious or cultural reasons, but sometimes it is simply because they are dysfunctional. There will come a time, and they should wait too long, for them to tell the truth about your relationship. The problem isn’t going away, it won’t disappear and this won’t work itself out by magic. At some point soulmates must be brave enough to stand up to a family that opposes them. They have to show their family how serious the relationship is and that they are willing to fight for it. You may not like confrontation, but sneaking around forever and being terrified of being caught sucks too. And if you get caught, instead of coming clean, it often makes the situation much, much worse.


There are reasons for keeping a soulmate secret. But there is no reason for keeping that soulmate a secret for an unreasonable time, or indefinitely. If your soulmate is keeping you a secret, it may be time for you to put your foot down, and insist they bring your relationship out into the world.


Anger Between Soulmates, Yes Soulmates Get Angry At Each Other

Anger between soulmates is not exactly uncommon. Soulmates often face a multitude of challenges, and with those challenges can come a lot of anger. In many cases anger can stem from frustration. Since both soulmates are supposed become better versions of themselves and make changes for the better, facing certain things about themselves can cause anger.


When a soulmate does not create change that would be good for both them and the relationship, their partner can react with different levels of anger. If a soulmate, for instance, has to start working less and change their life so they are enjoying it more, it may not be as easy as it sounds. If your soulmate is a workaholic or too dedicated to their job, the change may be difficult for them. Although it is not impossible, they would much rather you just accept the fact that they work a lot. It would be easy for them to ignore the change and just hope you adapt to the status quo.

Anger Between Soulmates

                 Anger Between Soulmates

Even if you are not a needy, clingy person, you would wind up feeling anger towards a soulmate that doesn’t make time for you. You want to spend time with your soulmate and also for them to be there for your important event. You want someone to be available when you do really need them.


What good is a relationship, even a soulmate relationship, if you don’t get to see one another? It is one thing if it is beyond the person’s control, because you wouldn’t fault them for that. But, you would be angry if it is their choice and instead of compromising, they don’t do a damn thing to spend time with you. It makes sense that someone would feel hurt and anger when they are a lower priority than someone’s job. Most of us do need a job to support ourselves, but we are referring to people who choose to work more than they need to. You want someone to be married to you, not to their job.


So many people contact us when they are having anger issues with their soulmate. Some fights between soulmates can get pretty heated, because the emotional level they operate on, regardless of if the feelings are good or bad, runs very high. Even little things can bring out a boatload of anger between soulmates.


Sometimes soulmates use anger to sabotage a soulmate relationship. Instead of working through their fears, they lash out in anger, or even end the soulmate relationship for nonsensical reasons. We all know what a deal breaker in a relationship should be, like cheating, but that you said something they took the wrong way? That is soulmate sabotage.


They pretend to be angry enough about something to end things with a soulmate when they were just looking for an excuse. Ending, in most cases temporarily, a soulmate relationship sometimes has very positive results and can be a great opportunity for a better relationship when they reunite. In the time apart, instead of being angry at their soulmate or their lack of control over their emotions, they realize how important their soulmate is to them. Soulmates don’t always learn their lessons when they are together, they often learn many apart.


Soulmate Frustration: Does Your Soulmate Frustrate You?

Soulmate Frustration:

              Soulmate Frustration

Are you dealing with soulmate frustration? Having a soulmate can often be harder than one would think. A soulmate is not all sunshine and roses, romance and sweet words nor unicorns and rainbows. Soulmates are not created strictly for romance although the romantic connection is there. There are things each soulmate must learn, discover, and change about themselves for the relationship to be happy romantic partnership.


If they don’t, soulmate relationships cause a lot of frustration and heartache. Nothing in life is free is it? Neither is a wonderful soulmate relationship. You have to work at it and work for it. Otherwise the soulmate frustration just builds and builds and the problems become bigger and bigger.


Is your soulmate experiencing the frustration or are you? Are you both dealing with soulmate frustration?  We want to hold onto our soulmates, and even when we are full of frustration we don’t want to resort to dire tactics. The problem is, sometimes that is what it takes.


Top Reasons for Soulmate Frustration

  1. When a soulmate takes too long to get out of a previous relationship it causes a lot of frustration. No one wants to wait for someone endlessly, regardless of the excuse.
  2. When a soulmate resorts to constantly ending the relationship either out of the blue or whenever conflict arises, the foundation of the relationship is anything but stable.
  3. When a soulmate refuses to acknowledge the connection, or even speak to their partner, the heartache can seem endless. You are connected to a person that won’t even speak to you or acknowledge what you both feel, and it can be excruciating.
  4. When a soulmate has inconstant behavior it can prove very frustrating. If the contact is random and they can go days, weeks, or months without saying a word it can drive the partner crazy. If they break plans, have temper tantrums, or suddenly say they are unsure of their feelings to cause drama, they are sabotaging the relationship. Eventually they may sabotage it without even really wanting to.
  5. When your soulmate puts you at a low priority all the time because they believe you will always forgive them, it can get very insulting and annoying. It makes you feel inferior, rather than special. You wonder what it is going to take for them to move you up on their priority ladder, especially since you have them so high up on yours.


What kind of soulmate frustration are you dealing with? We would love to hear your experiences in our comments section to share with our readers who are experiencing soulmate frustration themselves.


Are You a Secret Soulmate?

Are you a secret soulmate? Has your soulmate kept your relationship a secret from their friends, family, and co workers? Have you gotten tired of being a part of their life yet you are not allowed to be a part of theirs?


When your soulmate keeps you a secret, you wind up feeling left out. You don’t go with your soulmate to their work functions. You don’t get to join them with their family at holidays, special occasions and significant events. When their friends invite them anywhere, they never take you along.

Are You a Secret Soulmate?

                Are You a Secret Soulmate?

It may make you wonder exactly how important you really are to your soulmate. How can they say they love you so much and want you in their life when so much of their life is off-limits to you? They say things will change, but as time goes by, you are beginning to lose hope. You have heard their excuses and at first may have felt understanding or compassionate for them. But lately, or for a long time now, you are beginning to get mad and frustrated.


How can your soulmate relationship grow if your existence in their lives is kept a secret? It really can’t. How can you trust them if to everyone else they know thinks they are single? Your soulmate has been lying to everyone in their lives by denying their involvement with you. If and when you actually do meet these people, you are going to have to start your relationship with them with lies. Not exactly a good foundation to build a relationship on, is it?


And what about your soulmate’s excuses? What is a good excuse for making you their secret soulmate? Are they involved with someone else? Well, rather than continuing to live a lie and cheating, the time has to come where they love you enough to let go of their previous relationship. Yes, ending a relationship is difficult, but you may have to suspend your relationship with your soulmate until they do.


Obviously the relationship they are in is not working for them, and they were lucky enough to be blessed with the connection they have with you. Once they are sure of both your feelings and know you are both in it for the long haul, all excuses are no longer excusable. So they will lose money. Big deal. They can make more that they wont have to share and can rebuild.


How their family and friends react to your relationship should not matter. If they want this relationship with you they should be brave enough to fight for it. No one likes a coward, and since they are not in danger of losing their life, they should be more than willing to fight for a soulmate relationship. A soulmate relationship should be cherished, not banished behind the scenes, kept a secret, in the dark. If your soulmate wants to keep you in their life, they are going to have to let you be a part of their entire life.



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