What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

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Soulmate Tests: Are You Passing or Failing?

Is your soulmate failing all the soulmate tests the universe is presenting to you both individually and as a couple? Has your soulmate turned their back on you or denied your soulmate connection? Have they tested your strength and sanity with irrational or cruel behavior? Has your soulmate disappeared, refusing to see or speak to you? Has your soulmate run from your arms to someone else’s?


If your soulmate has done any of the above, they are seriously failing their soulmate tests. The universe does not bring soulmates into our lives for just romance and happy times. The true path of the soulmate connection is to change our perspective on the direction our life path is headed. Our soulmates are there to help us see the changes that we need to make in order to be more fulfilled and to live our best and most authentic lives.


Soulmate relationships always come with a series of soulmate tests. If we keep failing test after test, the lessons will just get harder and harder. If we keep failing our soulmate tests, the Universe can often resort to smashing our heads with a 2X4 or drop the equivalent of a 14 pound bowling ball on our heads, until we get the lesson. So before your soulmate relationship hits the breaking point, learn to pass the tests, instead of failing.

soulmate tests

Soulmate Tests: Passing or Failing?

Keep in mind that each of you may have tests both individually, and as a couple. Whatever test the universe is giving your soulmate, it is up to them to pass or fail. You can help them, but you can’t take the test for them. That’s cheating. You may be doing things with the best of intentions, but are setting your soulmate up to keep failing the test. Interfering in your soulmate’s lessons will only cause them to be tested again, until they can stand on their own two feet.


For example, if the Universe may want your soulmate to stop sabotaging the good things that come into their life. They may have a pattern of behavior in relationships, or other areas of their life, where acting out or being unreasonable sabotages their relationship with you. The Universe put you in this relationship to be a catalyst for change, not to enable them.


Perhaps the Universe, at the same time, wants you to learn to stand up for yourself. If you enable your soulmate by accepting and feeding into their bad behavior, you set them up to keep failing. You will keep failing your test as well, because you are not standing your ground. So what might seem to be the right thing, or easier thing, to do actually the wrong thing to do. You may say “Well, I am not a confrontational person”. And that may be exactly what the universe wants you to change.


Of course, they don’t want to you to become banshee confrontational, but they want you to confront things head on when needed. This may be a hard test for you to pass, but it was not meant to be easy. Otherwise you would not be getting this lesson at this point in your life. You contracted with your soulmate to have this life lesson with them for your own personal growth and development. Their soulmate contract with you was to stop sabotaging their relationships.


The Universe wants you to work on this because it benefit you at some point in the future. If you are tired of retaking the same tests over and over again, learn your lesson. It should be obvious that what you are presently doing to keep the peace isn’t working. So isn’t it time to really learn what the Universe is really telling you? If you want your life, and your soul mate relationship, to get better YOU need to do better. If something isn’t working, stop doing the same thing over and over again to try to fix it. Try something new. As they say, you can’t change anything until you change yourself. In changing yourself, you may have a much better chance of passing, not failing the test. Passing your soulmate tests can actually create a dynamic to help your soulmate pass their tests as well.


Losing Your Soulmate is One of the Worst Experiences in Life

Losing your soulmate can be one of the worst, if not the worst, experiences in your life. That unique special connection you share with another human being is one of the greatest feelings in the world, when you find them. On the flip side, losing your soulmate can be one of the worst feelings in the world because you think you will never feel love like that again.


How can you replace or replicate a one of a kind connection? As we wrote in our article Soulmates Don’t Grow on Trees, you obviously can’t just buy another one on E-bay or at the mall. What took you so long to finally find, only to wind up losing, is a devastating blow. But before you sink deeper into depression or have a panic attack, losing a soulmate is not the end of the world in many cases.

Losing Your Soulmate

               Losing Your Soulmate


In some cases, if you are losing your soulmate, there is a good reason for it. Your soulmate may be causing drama and sabotaging your relationship. Losing your soulmate for a while might actually benefit your relationship in the long run.Time apart, when they have had some time to think, and really know what it is like to lose YOU, could be all it takes for them to get the wake up call they need.


Wouldn’t you rather lose your soulmate for a while only to have your relationship be strong and better because of that time apart? Or, would you rather not lose your soulmate now, allowing them cause even more damage that could ruin the relationship for good anyway?


If you have done something truly terrible, that any reasonable person would consider ending a relationship with you over, then hopefully you have learned your lesson. If you are responsible for losing your soulmate, it could take a long while before you have a chance to get them back. Instead of making a nuisance of yourself and making them feel disrespected, back off. We know you want them back, but you may not deserve them back right now.


There are consequences to our actions, and your losing your soulmate, often temporarily, can be one of them. Your soulmate needs to get over their anger. Chasing them like a lunatic usually backfires. They just lash out all that anger on YOU. Give your soulmate some time to heal, and use that time to make sure you learned your lesson, and that the lesson sticks with you. You need to get it right, because if they do give you another chance, that could be your very last one.


If you did something minor, or not on purpose, and your soulmate is using that as an excuse to end your relationship, stand strong. Don’t let them punish you that way. Don’t let your fear of losing your soulmate make you grovel, beg, and apologize profusely when you shouldn’t have to. Letting your fear of losing your soulmate can often make your soulmate UNAFRAID of losing YOU. You don’t want that to happen, because if that fear goes, the chemistry dims, and their respect for you goes out the window.


If you are experiencing losing a soulmate because they have passed on, you are going to need time to heal. You may meet another soulmate at some point in your life, but for right now you have to focus on just yourself. The pain and loss of losing your soulmate is especially hard, so get support and help from others if/when you need it. Take time to grieve, be good to yourself and focus on some positive self-care.


Is Your Soulmate Testing You?

Is your soulmate testing you? Do you feel as though your soulmate has tested every nerve you have? Do you think your soulmate has tested your patience and love almost to the breaking point? Does your soulmate play game to test how strong your tolerance levels are? Have you wondered when all of this testing will be over? Are you afraid you may be failing these tests? You feel as though it is one test after the other. You feel you have proven yourself over and over, but the tests keep on coming.

What should you do when your soulmate keeps testing you? Sometimes it is the universe that throws the tests at us. These tests are supposed to challenge both soulmates. By supporting and turning towards one another the tests should be passed. But when soulmates turn away from one another or don’t support one another the test is easily failed. This is one of the main reasons soulmate relationships fail when the universe is testing them.

soulmate tests

Is Your Soulmate Testing You?

When the universe is testing soulmates, it is the time for you to work together. Unfortunately, this is when soulmate tend to turn on one another. Look at your soulmate relationship. Look at the times it was in crisis. Let’s say one of you lost your job and it seriously affected your standard of living. Did the other soulmate offer support? Was that support accepted? Or did the soulmate who lost their job withdraw, or become argumentative? Did the soulmate who lost their job want to handle it all by themselves? That is ego.

When you are part of a relationship you are supposed to join together to handle things that affect both of you. This is the only way your soulmate relationship can pass through times the universe is testing its strength. Soulmates should be showing their strengths to each other, not their weaknesses.

The universe may not be the only thing testing you. Your soulmate may decide to do some testing of their own. No matter how many times you pass their “test” it will never be enough. The testing will continue throughout, and to the detriment of, the relationship. Let’s say your soulmate keeps testing your patience. You have been waiting for them to end a relationship to be with you. For how long and how many times has your patience been tested? The simple fact that your relationship has continued means you keep passing the test.

But where is it getting you? Anywhere? No. All it is getting you is frustrated and mad at your soulmate. Your soulmates test was to get them out of their previous relationship. You were the catalyst for them to change and embrace a more fulfilling relationship. They were not supposed to turn around and test YOU. They failed their test. And in reality, their testing you is failing your relationship as well.

It may be time for you to test your soulmate relationship and turn things around. Stand with the universe and not against it. Sure, it may not be easy for them to leave their relationship, but is it any harder than you waiting? No, it is not. So stop allowing your soulmate to continue testing your relationship, and given them a test of your own.

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does your soulmate have potential? All soulmate connections have potential. They have the potential for growth as individuals and a deep meaningful long-term relationship. But not every soulmate will live up to their potential, and the relationship may not work out on a romantic level.

Soulmate relationships are all about life lessons (twin flames have already learned theirs) and it is the free will of each soulmate to decide when and if they are ready to learn those lessons. The universe doesn’t give out cheat sheets, and won’t give either of you a free pass to avoid those lessons. The lessons are hard and the change needed is often uncomfortable. There are a lot of things about us we would rather not change. It would be easier on us for our partner/soulmate to just adapt.

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

The universe connects soulmates to challenge them to stop ignoring faults and avoiding change. If your soulmate resists learning and changing, and you enable it, expect the relationship to have the potential for disaster. Ask anyone that has gone through soulmate hell, they will tell you it is the worst. The universe will not reward either of you when you won’t reach your potential as individuals. So if you have wondered why the universe has done this terrible thing to you by bringing you a soulmate that is driving you nuts, you are blaming the wrong party. If you enable, the potential for a healthy relationship goes down the drain.

Don’t think that just because you are soulmates that automatically ensures the potential for a great, long-term, healthy relationship. If you both rise to the challenges, yes. If you act out, enable, or resist, no. The Universe only creates the connection, it is up to both of you to do something with that connection.

Stop looking just at what your soulmate needs to do, change or learn. Leave that to them. Look at what they are doing wrong and how it is affecting YOU. Is it making you insecure or fearful, making you afraid to speak up or challenge your soulmate? If so, there is YOUR lesson right there. You want your soulmate to get it right? Then get yourself right FIRST.

We see it all too often. A soulmate contacts us hoping their relationship has potential but fearing it doesn’t. When we see what their soulmate is resisting or not learning, it is almost always revealed what the client is resisting as well. Why is it so hard to comprehend that you cannot expect your soulmate to do what they need to do if you don’t address what you need to do as well? It should be pretty easy to understand and should make perfect sense. 

Both of you are in charge of the potential your union has. Not the universe, or anyone else. You two have sole responsibility. So don’t feel helpless or hopeless. If you want to stay together always, then simply stick together and face your challenges together and support each other. You are not supporting your soulmate by assisting them in avoiding the issues and certainly not helping yourself. 


Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You?

Has your soulmate lost their feelings for you? Have they gone from a loving, caring person to a cold, unfeeling person you no longer recognize? Soulmates, for many reasons, always seem to worry about the other losing their feelings. In some ways it is understandable. Soulmates think their own feelings are so strong and overpowering that their soulmate must surely feel the same way. Any time the couple has a fight or don’t have communication for a few days, they assume their soulmate’s feelings have vanished. This is not true.

Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You

Has Your Soulmate Lost Their Feelings for You?


Soulmates can have a tendency to love hard and fight hard. Struggles soulmates face causes fear to surface that one day their soulmate may lose their feelings. It is hard for them to comprehend that someone could love and care for them as much as they do for their soul mate. They also question how someone who loves them, as much as they claim, could distance themselves, go silent, or mistreat them in any way. They draw the conclusion that they are losing their feelings, otherwise they could not do this. Again, not true in every case.


Soulmates can misbehave, just like the rest of us, and are not on their best behavior when they fight. This is most likely to occur before soulmates have learned their lessons. Even if your soulmate reveals they may be losing their feelings for you, don’t believe them just yet. It could be something they are saying to keep you on your toes or something they are saying to sabotage your relationship for one reason or another. When something like this occurs, take a long, hard look around and see what may really be causing this outburst. It may be something deeper or even something they are avoiding. They may be using their words as a way of distracting you from the real issue. You should be smart enough to assess your relationship and what you have done and said to know if there is any good reason for them to say that to you.


If your soulmate claims they have lost their feelings and want to move on, you have no choice but to let them. You cannot convince them or beg them to stay. That won’t work in your favor. You may have to sit still and wait it out for them to realize their feelings have not faded, or they are willing to admit they never really lost their love for you at all. It is a very hard thing to go through and very painful. You may want to do all you can to stop them from leaving, but this never really works. If someone wants to leave, they will leave. But that does not mean they won’t come back.


Soulmate relationships do end, not all of them work out. If the relationship is problematic and the couple will not learn the lessons they need to, the relationship may come to an end. But even then, it does seem in so many cases, that soulmates never really lose their feelings for each other, even if they are apart.




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