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Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

A soulmate contract is the ‘document’ you create and agree to with your soulmate, or you many soulmates, before you incarnate for this lifetime. It is the agreement you make with him or her to provide some of the valuable life lessons you will have which will further define your character. Whenever we are working to define our character, it can often take strength, courage and fortitude. Soulmate life lessons can be very difficult. Unfortunately they have to be because as humans we generally learn through painful experiences. Many people in soulmate relationships have often described to us what they perceive as intolerable suffering because their soulmate is mistreating them. They often describe the relationship as a giant emotional roller-coaster ride, or the fear they experience daily, wondering if their soulmate might break up with them. They describe how they have endured weeks, months and sometimes years of unhappiness and bad behavior with the person they love acing out, mistreating them and otherwise making their lives miserable.

breaking your soulmate contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

When we ask them why they continue to stay in such horrible situations, the reply usually is because it is a soulmate relationship, they feel they have no choice, because of the soulmate contract. They insist it is about the connection, and even though they have tried to detach from the relationship, the soulmate keeps reeling them back in. Often they feel it is their purpose to love this person, allowing themselves to be mistreated, disappointed and unfulfilled, just because there is a soulmate contract. Often they give a soulmate much more slack than they would a regular relationship. Now do you think for one minute, the Divine really wants us to be mistreated, hurt and disappointed in our relationships and stay in situations that can become difficult, dangerous and even life threatening? Not so much.

The soulmate is obviously in your life for a reason. You are supposed to grow and evolve from your experiences with them. For example, lets say you have been in a romantic soulmate relationship for three years. Things were great for the first three months, but the remaining 2 years and 9 months have been difficult, painful and unfulfiling. No matter what you do to improve the relationship, it fails because the soulmate is unwilling to discuss, share or listen to ideas and suggestions to make the relationship better. You explain how your needs are not being met, but it falls on deaf ears or they just don’t care. Perhaps you need to evaluate the purpose of the relationship in relation to your soulmate contract.

You may be in a soulmate relationship, but that does not give your soulmate free license to treat you like crap! If they were not your soulmate, and just a normal, mundane relationship, you would probably not stand for that kind of behavior. So why are you allowing your soulmate to treat you that way?  “Because they are my soulmate”, is not a strong enough answer! Perhaps it is time to assess your soulmate contract or soulmate agreement to ascertain just exactly what it is you are supposed to be learning.  More than likely, the lesson is about staying in your power or taking your power back from a dysfunctional relationship. As I have already mentioned in a prior posting, The Most Common Soulmate Lessons, most soulmate relationships are to teach unconditional love, detachment and patience. Well, you can still unconditionally love someone without being in a relationship with them. Just unconditionally love them from afar.

If you are not happy in your romantic soulmate relationship, do you have to stay in it because of the soulmate contract? No. A soulmate contract can be fairly complicated as you each have agreed to provide and support each other through a series of life lessons and personal growth experiences. Perhaps your soulmate contract states you are to end relationships where you feel under-valued and unloved. Maybe you are supposed to walk away from a relationship with someone who regularly practices infidelity. You are more than likely supposed to end a soulmate relationship where you have been treated as a booty-call for several years, although you may truly feel love for that person. You can still love them, just love them from afar.

breaking your soulmate contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

We can probably say with 98% certainty that your soulmate contract does not require you to indefinitely stay in a relationship that leaves you feeling unhappy. Why would the Divine subject you to that indefinitely? They won’t. But you can allow yourself to stay stuck until you realize you have 150% had enough. When the Universe wants us to learn a lesson, especially a lesson involving a soulmate contract, we will learn it. One way or another. We may go kicking and screaming through that lesson but we will learn it. There is nothing to be gained from staying in a soulmate relationship that leaves you unhappy and depressed except more unhappiness and depression. The Universe does not want us to be martyrs, they want us to live, love, laugh and evolve. Exercise your own individual free will, and get the heck out of there.

It is about assessing the situation fairly and deciding if this relationship truly works for you. If it does not, more then likely it is time to end it. This does not mean, however, you are ending your soulmate contract, it simply means you have completed  it and ready to move on. If you are giving your own personal power away day after day to some guy who is not stepping up to the plate, you should be able to see the nature of your soulmate contract. Take your power back! If he makes you feel like crap because he does not call when he says he will, does not spend quality time with you or only sees you for sex, stop it. That nature of your soulmate contract is in front of you.

Here is the real dilemma of the matter. If you continue to stay in that relationship that is making you unhappy and disempowered, then you are directly working against your destiny. If you stay stuck in that space, you will get that same life lesson again, in a different way, more than likely with a different soulmate because you did not get it the first time. So for example, you decide to stay in the unhappy soulmate relationship with someone who is cheating on you, because of your connection. You decide to love him, no matter what, to understand better the principle of unconditional love. What about loving yourself?  More than likely the cheating soulmate will end the relationship with you anyway, and then you are heart broken. After several years of healing, you meet another soulmate relationship and the entire cycle starts again. And if that is what it takes, all is well in the perfection of your soul, you will still have that life lesson.

You can end the contract by taking the step you need to take for your own personal happiness and fulfillment. You do not have to be a suffering martyr to a romantic soulmate relationship if you feel abused, degraded or unhappy. If you find yourself in this situation, end the relationship and end the karmic cycle between the two of you. More than likely you have been dancing this karmic dance for centuries, over and over playing different roles with each other, but the same scenario. Learn the lesson. Get off the roller coaster. Exercise your free will, that is why the Divine gave it to us. It does not mean you have broken your soulmate contract, it means you have completed it and overcome the challenges set forth in your agreement with that person. Congratulations!


Free Soulmate Reading

Free Soulmate Reading

A free soulmate reading can help you, and your soulmate relationship, when you feel stuck. You think you might have met your soulmate, you are having problems with your soulmate, your soulmate has ended your relationship or you want to know if a soulmate relationships is coming into your life? But you are not sure, so now what do you do? You can get a free soulmate reading with a soulmate psychic to see how your relationship will progress or see if your soulmate relationship problems can be worked out with proper guidance and insight. You may also use a free soulmate reaing to see if your soulmate relationship is ended for good or to see if you and your soulmate will be getting back together and reuniting your soulmate relationship. If you are single and feel you are truly ready to meet your soulmate, you can have a soulmate reading with a soulmate psychic to see when and where you might meet your romantic soulmate and see if it will blossom into a romantic relationship.

A free soulmate reading by phone, chat or email can really benefit you when you are searching for answers about your soulmate relationship. Will a free soulmate reading help your relationship or make you more confused and upset? A soulmate reading can really help you put your emotions aside and gain insight into the one you love and see if there are ways to solve your relationship problems. A soulmate reading will help you see if your current relationship is a soulmate relationship, karmic relationship, twin flame relationship or a kindred spirit relationship. You can find cheap or free soulmate reading with some readers who are experienced in love, relationship and soulmate issues.

Soulmate relationships can be very important to those who are in them and it is worth the investment to receive good advice from a soulmate psychic. You do not want to make a mistake that can cost you your relationship or your happiness.  There can be a downfall, however, to getting free soulmate readings about your soulmate relationships. If you call several soulmate psychics who give similar predictions, but then call another who says something completely opposite, it will throw you into a downward spiral because you will feel that one ready totally invalidated all the others.

free soulmate reading


First and foremost, you need to make sure the soulmate psychic is accurately describing you, your soulmate and your relationship. If they are, you can have faith intheir predictions and confidence in their abilities. For example, if a soulmate psychic tells you the relationship will end for good but has not accurately described you, your soulmate, or your relationship don’t trust the prediction! End the call and move on! If you don’t it could ultimately cost you hundreds of dollars because you will call many other psychics for paid psychic readings to invalidate the one reading you received that was bogus. Your free soulmate reading has become exponentially expensive.

There are many ways to receive a free soulmate reading. Please be aware though that all free readings, offered by the live online psychic websites, are only for a specific period of time, whether that be three minutes, 5 minutes or 6 minutes. After that, you will have to pay to continue your soulmate reading with your soulmate psychic. It is essential you are aware of how much time you spend speaking with your soulmate psychic to ensure you get your questions answered during the free reading period. You will do much better with a free soulmate reading if you have your questions ready because the soulmate psychic will have to work quickly to answer them in the free 3-6 minute time frame. If you like the  psychic you are speaking to for your soulmate reading, and they resonate with you and your situation, you may decide to add additional money to continue your call.

Preparation is key for a free soulmate reading. A list of questions will always make your reading go much smoother and help the soulmate psychic keep on track so she can answer your questions in the allotted time. Please remember also though, that throwing rapid fire questions at your psychic and expecting her to be able to answer them is futile, you will get a much better reading if you work together to from a calm and centered place.

So what kind of questions could you ask during your free soulmate reading?

free soulmate readings from soulmate psychics

Free Soulmate Reading

  • My soulmate and I are currently not speaking, will we be able to work things out?
  • My soulmate is currently married to someone else, will he get divorced?
  • I recently broke up with my soulmate because he cheated on me, will we be reuniting?
  • My soulmate broke up with me because his ex came back into his life, what is the best course of action for me to take?
  • I have not met my soulmate yet, will I be meeting them in this lifetime?
  • Is my current romantic partner my soulmate?
  • I have had three soulmate relationships and none of them worked out, is there another one for me?
  • What are the life lessons I am supposed to learn in this soulmate relationship?
  • What are the line items in my soulmate contact with my soulmate?

If you are looking for the truth then pick a soulmate psychic who offers truth, accuracy and integrity as part of her package. If you want someone to lie to you and tell you what you want to hear, you can ask you friends to do that without spending any money.

Just because a soulmate psychic is cheap, does not make them a bad reader. Expensive psychics can give horrible tarot, clairvoyant, or intuitive readings; their accuracy is not higher but their price sure is. Price does not always matter, but accuracy certainly does! You will find that accurate, reputable soulmate psychics charge very reasonable rates to keep the total call price minimal for the caller. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both very accurate, ethical, professional soulmate psychics with combined 50 years experience in dealing with matters of the heart and soul. They do not offer free soulmate readings at this time, but just a short session with them will help you understand the issues in your love, romance or soulmate relationships as well as the tools you need to overcome them.

We have included here some sites where you can try a free soulmate reading…choose your psychic wisely and enjoy!


How Do I Know I have Met My Soulmate?

If you are really wondering and questioning whether or not you have met your romantic soulmate, especially if it is the person you are currently dating, chances are you have not. Out of all my years of experience with soulmates and soulmate readings, one thing stands firm… if you are in or have been in a romantic soulmate relationship, you will probably know it early on in the relationship. Actually you will probably know it at the point of meeting that soulmate because it will be and electrifying moment for both of you.

soulmate readings with soulmates

How Do I Know I Have Met My Soulmate?

When soulmates meet on the earthly plane, it very often comes with a mystical, cosmic experience. There is an instant spark, a flare and immediate attraction between you. You each feel the intensity but probably in different ways. You may feel that they are the only person in the room while everyone else around you seems to melt away into a void because the energy in front of you is the only thing that matters at that time. Some people may like to call this ‘love at first time’ but esoterically it is a much deeper experience. It is the soul recognition between you reaching their check-point and saying to each other “Oh there you are, I have been looking for you and glad you finally found your way into my life. Let’s get this show on the road!” It is a feeling of coming home or even feeling as if you know this person already or that you have met before. And you have, just not in this life time.

There is a recognition on the soul level, perhaps of a shared past life or time together on the other side or the sharing in the soulmate contract or soulmate agreement. Your ego will not be aware of these things at the time, however, because all you know at the time is how intensely you are attracted to this person. More than likely you have shared many lifetimes together and there is a feeling of comfort and contentment in being in the presence of this energy that feels so familiar. And you can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is just something about them that resonates with your soul.  Of course, at the initial meeting, you have no idea of the karmic life lessons or changes that are about to manifest in your life as a result of meeting this person who will become a challenging karmic relationship, but you will find out in time.

The beginning of a soulmate relationship can be a whole lotta fun! You have so much in common, probably liking the exact same weird shade of blue, favorite music, authors, grandmothers first names and birthdays or whatever else you decide between the two of you further defines your connection. Whatever it is, it will be something, and if it is not readily apparent to you, the two of you will more than likely make something up to show to the rest of the world that you are truly ‘connected’ in this great cosmic way. You have long talks and spend hours on the phone going over all the connected pieces between you, you spend a lot of time together, you think each others thoughts and complete each others sentences, and truly believe you have reached a state of perpetual bliss as you turn all your focus upon the one you perceive is “The One”. You have mind-blowing  tantric sex and you just can’t get enough of each other. You talk about the future, you make plans for a future and do this really too early on in the relationship but throwing caution to wind is ok in your mind in this situation because fate has brought you together and you are destined to be united. As a matter of fact you might even neglect a lot of other responsibilities and people in your life because the only thing that matters to you is the soulmate relationship and the ‘connection’.

soulmate relationship and soulmate readings

How do I know I have met my soulmate?

Now if it is not a romantic soulmate you are wondering about but a soulmate relationship with a friend, family member, co-worker or pet, those connections tend to develop over a longer period. When friends meet and form a strong bond it is usually a kindred spirit kind of connection because you share a lot of similarities in terms of background, belief structure, likes and dislikes and life in general. Over time though as that friendship deepens and you become closer and more connected, it evolves into a soulmate kind of friendship where you could be able to feel each other and almost communicate telepathically. This is the kind of soulmate relationship I have with my best friend. Once I was working out in the yard on a hot August afternoon trying to save some trees that someone had discarded at the end of their driveway, leaving them for the garbage men. I dug very large holes and then planted the very heavy very tall Junipers into the ground. It was hard, hot, sweaty work. And that is the point. I was unaware of how much I was sweating and the next thing I knew my friend was standing over me with Gatorade saying.. “I just had a feeling something was wrong and that you needed Gatorade.” Later she shared with me that it was just a weird intuition she had that I was in danger and needed help although she had no idea what I was doing outside in the heat by myself, because I had not told her. Today we know when each of us are thinking of the other. If I think about her for a minute or so and contemplate calling her, my phone rings and she says to me… “what do you want, I have been feeling you for about 2  minutes.” So the friendship kind of soulmate relationships are there you just may not realize it at immediate meeting.

If you wonder if your current romantic relationship is a soulmate connection you may want to consider a soulmate reading from a soulmate psychic who specializes in love, romance, relationships and soulmate issues.  Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both experienced, ethical, accurate psychics who specialize in love, relationships and soulmate. Together they have over 50 years experience providing soulmate readings and relationship guidance and advice to people from all over the globe. Known for their integrity and easy manner, you will always receive honest answers to your soulmate questions as well as practical steps on how to improve the relationship or let go of it if it is time to move on. Soulmate relationships can be rewarding but they can also be very challenging and complicated. Sarah and Sophia will bring clarity for both you and your soulmate relationship during your soulmate reading and give you the answers you need for the ultimate evolution of your soul.





Twin Flame Relationshp of June Carter and Johnny Cash

Twin Flame Relationship of June Carter and Johnny Cash

The twin flame relationship of June Cater  and Johnny Cash one of the great love stories. This morning I finished re-watching ‘Walk the Line’ starting Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix (who should have won the Oscar for that performance) as June Carter and Johnny Cash. I had watched this film when it was first released in 2005 and was touched by the story of these two legends whose 35-year marriage is one of the greatest love stories of all time. But as I finished watching it this morning I realized they truly had the ultimate soulmate / twin flame relationship that withstood the test of time. And what  a love story it is in its perfection and also a great example of a twin flame relationship.

twin flame relationship june carter johnny cash

Twin Flame Relationship June Carter and Johnny Cash

In the mid 1950s Johnny and June met during a tour of the Opry company. He fell for her right away although he was already married to his first wife, Vivian. Eventually his marriage failed when Vivian left him because of his drug and alcohol problems.  Johnny was even arrested in El Paso for trying to bring amphetamines from Mexico across the border but he never did ‘hard time’ as he wrote about in Folsom Prison Blues, and only had to pay a $1,000 fine to be released. He used drugs and booze to ease his way through life and deal with issues surrounding a verbally abusive and emotionally distant father as well as some guilt he may have internalized when his 12-year old brother died. June helped him kick his drug habit by being there for him and letting him know she would not really have anything to do with him as long as he was drugging and boozing. He kicked them both and proposed marriage to her many times before she finally relented, years later, and agreed to marry him. They married March 1, 1968, just about 12 years after their first meeting.

Not only is their twin flame relationship story is a fine example of unconditional love and patience, the two life lessons that are predominant in their relationship, but to the testimony of a changed man. While Johnny was boozing and drugging, June cared for him but she would not enable him, refusing to have that much to do with him, other than a friendship, while on the road together. What was their Soulmate Crisis Point? When his wife left him, Johnny wanted to be with June right away but she would not have him. She did not want to be around him. She just shut him down and detached from him to allow him to figure it out, although she did flush his drugs down the toilet a time or two.

Johnny had to pull himself up and out of the muck of his boozing and drinking ways, he had to put his ‘bad boy’ days behind him and become a good man. And he did. First and foremost, however, he did it for the right reasons, he did it for himself, but ultimately June was his prize. She was the catalyst who caused him to change his life, change his ways and evolve into the great man the world grew to love. The Man in Black became a legend and his music will live forever. Throughout his lifetime he attributed his success to the woman who loved him unconditionally and who was there for him, gently urging him to grow, evolve and become a man. I bet the soulmate contract between these two was something!! While she agreed to give him the unconditional love he never received from his father and he matured and developed into the strong God-loving good man he became. It so perfectly fits into the paradigm of a twin flame relationship because they could not be together until Johnny got HIS act together.

They were together until June’s death in May of 2003. Johnny was there with her in the hospital and he held her hand while she died. Johnny died a short 4 months and 3 days later where they were reunited.  I almost wrote to make preparations for their next lifetimes and to find each other again, but I pause… I am NOT convinced they had to come back and have another lifetime together… I hope they are able to stay on the other side in sweet, loving bliss. Their story is truly an inspiration to us as well as many others around the world. Profound blessings to you, June and Johnny, wherever you are, you truly got it! And this is one twin flame relationship story where they truly did live happily ever after.

Johnny wrote Flesh and Blood which was bout his love for June.

You can read about another great twin flame relationship with the soulmate story of Presley and Ethel Bradshaw.

Ring of Fire was written in 1963 by June to tell about their deep connection to each other and there are no better words in the world than these to define a twin flame relationship!


Lyrics to Ring of Fire

Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
Oh, but the fire went wild

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

Common Soulmate Life Lessons Patience, Unconditional Love and Detachment

Common Soulmate Life Lessons

Life lessons are a major component of soulmate relationships. If you have been reading our blog for a while now, you are definitely aware of that. Life lessons, karmic lessons, spiritual lessons, personal growth, however you want to define it, if you are in or have ever been in a soulmate relationship, you have had to grow and evolve to a higher place. Soulmate relationships are karmic in nature and like karmic relationships they allow us to work through the karma we have agreed to work through in our soulmate agreement or soulmate contract.

Many people operate under the false impression that soulmate relationships are supposed to be deeply connected relationships, full of fun and laughter, great passionate sex, picnics in the park and long strolls on the beach. If you have ever experienced a soulmate relationship you can agree that it was no picnic. And by their very nature soulmate relationships are not designed to be a walk in the park. Let me say this again, we have soulmate relationships because we have agreed with that other soul to have and provide valuable life lessons for each other during our existence on the planet. You have been traveling through time with these same soulmates life after life to learn, grow and evolve into the person you are today. Soulmate relationships do not have to be romantic relationships to provide the personal and spiritual growth, but these relationships seem to provide the greatest opportunities to expand your soul’s work. And it is the life lessons that make it so.

soulmate life lessons and soumlate readings for soulmate relationships by soulmate psychics

Life Lessons for Soulmate Relationships

What are the biggest life lessons in soulmate relationships? There are probably three life lessons usually present in the soulmate karmic life lesson scenario. Those are patience, unconditional love and faith or trust in the Universe (in other words, letting go of the control and realizing you can’t control this relationship). When you have contracted with your soulmate for a life lesson in patience, the usual scenario is that one of you in the soulmate relationship will need to leave that relationship for a period of time. You are probably thinking but how can a soulmate leave if it is a soulmate relationship? Well soulmates are not forever during the lifetime, they are forever in terms of you have an eternity with them, but not necessarily this entire lifetime. You will be together for a while of intense compatibility and spending considerable time together, then for whatever reason, one of you will put on the brakes and either pause the relationship or end it completely.

So how can you have the life lessons if you are no longer together? That is exactly where the life lessons begin. The lessons to be learned with a soulmate relationship for the most part are not the ones you learn while you are closely connected with that person, but how you handle and deal with the separation or ending of the relationship. This is where the growth comes in. Being in the relationship is the easier task, it is the aftermath that will take courage, faith, fortitude and PATIENCE. Now I am not saying that no life lessons will be learned while you are together, because for some of you they certainly will, and will touch on that later. So many times I have seen soulmate relationships, where everything is going great, then out of the blue one of the souls gets transferred overseas, an ex comes back into the picture with a lot of drama, one of you becomes commitment-phobic due to past relationship baggage and is afraid to truly trust their heart and emotions, someone has an ill family member, someone loses a job, whatever the reason…it will be something. Sometimes the two of you talk and decisions are made to end the relationship or put it on hold. Sometimes one of the soulmates just disappears without saying goodbye, without saying anything at all. Regardless one of you will ‘move on’ while the other is left trying to pull their life back together.

Let’s say for example you are in a very intimate, greatly passionate relationship with someone who is your soulmate, but unfortunately, he is already married. And so are you. But it doesn’t matter because you both know you belong together. Since you work together you are able to spend daily time with one another carrying on in your equal states of bliss. Then your world comes crashing down because he gets fired but manages to find another job right away but it is on the other side of the country, so he moves away. You know without a doubt you belong together and even though it will be difficult, you both decide to make it happen. You tell your husband first and move out and wait for him to tell his wife. When he tells her, however, he feels sorry for her and decides to give it another shot with her to see if there is anything left in their relationship. Even though the two of you are soulmates, and he is aware of it, he feels he owes it to her and so he stays. And to make sure that he gives it the best shot he can, he also tells you that he can’t talk to you for at least three months while they try and work things out. He tells you he will contact you in three months when he has decided if he will stay with her or come to be with you.

soulmate life lessons and soulmate readings for soulmates and relationships

Life Lessons - Find out Yours With Soulmate Reading

Now what are you going to do? You really have no choice. You will very clearly be getting several life lessons here. One in PATIENCE and one in DETACHMENT. Whether you feel you need these two very important life lessons now you are going to have them. Of course it is going to be difficult, how could it not be? You have had your heart ripped out and handed to you on a silver platter and every day will seem like and eternity until you get to that three months mark when he will call you. There is nothing like ‘waiting’ on something that is very important to you that will force you to create Patience and if you are normally and impatient person, the lesson will seem doubly difficult. But obviously you needed it in your lifetime at this particular juncture.

You will also have to Detach from him and the situation. If you call him, text him, email him, do meditations to draw him to you, pay someone to do reuniting spells (NEVER a good idea anyway) you will only make yourself more miserable because he will not respond to them. Detach, do something else, go somewhere, learn a new skill, take a dance class and find your connection to God and the Universe. You have no choice, you will have to detach to get through this period of time because you can  not control or ‘manipulate’ what is happening you have to patiently wait on him. Now we are not suggesting you sit by the phone and patiently wait for the phone call that comes in three months. Get up, live you life, do what you have to do live and get on with your life. Whether he comes back or not, you still have to experience these life lessons of Patience and Detachment because it is the only way you will get through it.

So where does the life lesson of Unconditional Love come in? Well, again  probably not in the way you may imagine or envision. Let’s say you finally reach the three month mark and “Oh Happy Day” your soulmate is going to call. When the call comes you are not quite prepared for what you hear. Your soulmate tells you he has decided to stay with his wife and give it another go. WOW!!! You are stunned! You are hurt! Your friends are stunned. You were not quite prepared for this BUT if you had done the lessons of detachment as per your soulmate contract you will be in a much better space than you would be otherwise. Now you must let go and move on. Letting go of a soulmate relationship can be quite difficult because you came you think, speak and breathe with him. You wonder if he will ever forget you. How could he? He is a soulmate and even though the two of you are not together physical form in this lifetime, you are still together spiritually and will be again.

Whatever your life lessons are with your current or future soulmate, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are here to help you navigate through those lessons. With their guidance and insight you will safely and efficiently reach the other side. When we have life lessons, it is between you, your soul and the Divine, but Sarah and Sophia are able to see deeply into your soulmate relationship, and help you see what those life lessons may be so you can put them behind you. If you are having soulmate crises or separation issues, Sarah and Sophia will help you understand the dynamic of the problems so you can find a resolution allowing you to work with your soulmate and get your relationship back on course.



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