What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Getting Back Together

Losing Your Soulmate is One of the Worst Experiences in Life

Losing your soulmate can be one of the worst, if not the worst, experiences in your life. That unique special connection you share with another human being is one of the greatest feelings in the world, when you find them. On the flip side, losing your soulmate can be one of the worst feelings in the world because you think you will never feel love like that again.


How can you replace or replicate a one of a kind connection? As we wrote in our article Soulmates Don’t Grow on Trees, you obviously can’t just buy another one on E-bay or at the mall. What took you so long to finally find, only to wind up losing, is a devastating blow. But before you sink deeper into depression or have a panic attack, losing a soulmate is not the end of the world in many cases.

Losing Your Soulmate

               Losing Your Soulmate


In some cases, if you are losing your soulmate, there is a good reason for it. Your soulmate may be causing drama and sabotaging your relationship. Losing your soulmate for a while might actually benefit your relationship in the long run.Time apart, when they have had some time to think, and really know what it is like to lose YOU, could be all it takes for them to get the wake up call they need.


Wouldn’t you rather lose your soulmate for a while only to have your relationship be strong and better because of that time apart? Or, would you rather not lose your soulmate now, allowing them cause even more damage that could ruin the relationship for good anyway?


If you have done something truly terrible, that any reasonable person would consider ending a relationship with you over, then hopefully you have learned your lesson. If you are responsible for losing your soulmate, it could take a long while before you have a chance to get them back. Instead of making a nuisance of yourself and making them feel disrespected, back off. We know you want them back, but you may not deserve them back right now.


There are consequences to our actions, and your losing your soulmate, often temporarily, can be one of them. Your soulmate needs to get over their anger. Chasing them like a lunatic usually backfires. They just lash out all that anger on YOU. Give your soulmate some time to heal, and use that time to make sure you learned your lesson, and that the lesson sticks with you. You need to get it right, because if they do give you another chance, that could be your very last one.


If you did something minor, or not on purpose, and your soulmate is using that as an excuse to end your relationship, stand strong. Don’t let them punish you that way. Don’t let your fear of losing your soulmate make you grovel, beg, and apologize profusely when you shouldn’t have to. Letting your fear of losing your soulmate can often make your soulmate UNAFRAID of losing YOU. You don’t want that to happen, because if that fear goes, the chemistry dims, and their respect for you goes out the window.


If you are experiencing losing a soulmate because they have passed on, you are going to need time to heal. You may meet another soulmate at some point in your life, but for right now you have to focus on just yourself. The pain and loss of losing your soulmate is especially hard, so get support and help from others if/when you need it. Take time to grieve, be good to yourself and focus on some positive self-care.


The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool tarot card can represent many different things in a soulmate tarot reading. When soulmates first meet The Fool tarot card can appear in a tarot reading. The Fool symbolizes the beginning of a journey or life path. When soulmates first encounter one another, new paths and new choices present themselves. Do you take a leap of faith or stay stagnant where you feel safe? Because of the strong connection and extreme emotions that are representative of soulmate relationships, many people feel an element of danger. The fear of allowing ones emotions to guide them instead of their intellect can be hard to overcome for many who encounter this magical connection. Where logic dictates they should not feel so strongly for someone relatively new in their lives, emotions say otherwise. So what will they choose? Will they take the leap of faith? Well this truly depends on the rest of the soulmate tarot reading and which other tarot cards are present.


The leap of faith which The Fool tarot card symbolizes is the same leap of faith others must face who are going through trials and tribulations in their lives. Will you have faith in the soulmate connection and do what needs to be done? Or will your lack of faith cause you to make the wrong choices? When you have faith in the soulmate connection, you find the strength to do what is needed to be done. When you do not, you allow yourself to be guided by fear, which is not a smart choice. We have to remember that fear and love and can’t coexist in the same plane although you may find yourself fearing you could lose this wonderful connection.


The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Soulmate relationships are not just for romance, they are the opportunity for self-awareness and growth. Will your, or your soulmates, lack of faith or fear cause you to bring out the worst (instead of the best) in one another? It is this fear that causes many soulmates to run and hide because they refuse to deal with or accept the connection. Those who have faith in their soulmate connection fully embrace and welcome it. The Fool tarot card and those that are present in the rest of your spread should reveal which choice you or your soulmate will make when you find yourselves at the crossroads.


The Fool tarot card can also represent having to make an important decision. Do one of you need to pack up and move to sustain the soulmate relationship? Do one of you have to change jobs or a career to make the soulmate relationship work? Does one or both of you need to end a relationship that is not working to be free to pursue the soulmate relationship? The Fool tarot card can represent one or both soulmates facing a decision which could greatly affect the future path of their soulmate relationship. The Fool tarot card is in the reverse position can represent a faulty choice that could affect the soulmate relationship in a negative way. It could also indicate that one of the soulmates is unsure of where or how to proceed and is left feeling confused. They may make a rash, or foolish, decision without thinking things through and end up making a big mistake.


If you and your soulmate have broken up or separated, The Fool tarot card could be a very welcome one. Your soulmate tarot reading could indicate that there will be a new beginning for your relationship. A reconciliation could take place or a fresh start, new outlook and attitude towards the connection which gives you the opportunity to try your relationship again. It is often very difficult for soulmates to remain apart from one another as something always pulls them to the direction of their soulmate. The Fool tarot card can indicate the return of a soulmate from a recent past or many years ago. The Fool represents the conditions are open for the two of you to try again. Since you have both been through so much personal growth while apart, you have much better ability to sustain your soulmate connection.


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Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

Soulmate obsession is very real and sometimes that strong connection you feel for someone can transform to a darker place. When people finally meet their soulmate, their love for them can become an obsession. They feel so much, too soon, for their soulmate and desire the relationship move along quickly so they can get to what they perceive to be the finish line. They are so excited the one they searched and hoped for is finally a part of their life. Unfortunately, they didn’t anticipate all the chaos and upheaval that can come with a soulmate relationship.

When these problems arise, and more often than not they will, soulmate obsession can take over. If you have read our many articles, you will know that soulmates often have a break period, or full break-up, in their relationship. This break can be long or short, occur only once, or repeatedly. During these breaks one of the soulmates can become obsessed with their partners every breath, thought, feeling and action. They feel that if they have this information they will have some sort of power, instead of feeling powerless, to help get through the period of disconnect and make sure their soulmate has not found someone else.

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

Soulmate Obsession: The Dark Side of a Soulmate Connection

They become more concerned with what is going on with their soulmate than what is transpiring in their own lives. Every little tidbit of information gleaned from social media, their friends or even stalking, they enhance and elaborate on with their imagination. This is not what the universe wants. The universe brings soulmates together to learn important life lessons and provide personal and spiritual growth. Are you stuck in a cycle of soulmate obsession wondering what they are doing and when they are coming back? Soulmate obsession can actually delay, or prevent altogether, the return of your soulmate because you are too focused on them rather than working on yourself.

Soulmate obsession is not relegated to waiting for a soulmate’s return. Many people become obsessed trying to find a soulmate. They feel they have waited forever and want to find them as quickly as possible, because they somehow feel incomplete without them. Every day an obsession with meeting a soulmate can grow exponentially and so does their disappointment and negativity. This obsession with “when will I meet my soul mate” doesn’t help anything. In actuality, it can hurt. How can you expect to attract your soul mate when you are sending out so much negativity? Since you are not in charge of when your soul mate shows up, why even focus on it? The universe will bring them in at the right time. That is their decision, not yours. So why try to take control over the universe by obsessing about your soulmate? If you believe in soulmates, and that there is one for you, let go of the “when”, because that is in the hands of destiny. Perhaps patience could be your lesson to learn?

The darkest part of soulmate obsession can occur when a soulmate ends a relationship. After being in an intense, super connected relationship with someone, you may find yourself at your lowest. As we mentioned, this is not the time to stalk their social media or try to discover everything going on their lives. This is the time for self-care where you truly focus on yourself. The emotional devastation that comes with losing a soulmate will take some time to heal. It is better to remove anything in your environment reminding you of your soulmate relationship and make a firm agreement with yourself to stay off the internet. Finding out what is going on in their life is not going to make you feel any better, it will only keep you stuck in the cycle of soulmate obsession. This is the time to spend time with friends and family who can nurture and support you, seek professional counseling to work through your loss or embark upon a journey of self-development.

The intensity of the connection between soulmates makes it easy to obsess. When the going gets bad, it is better to have faith in the connection that brought you together. It is the lack of faith in the connection between soulmates when soulmate obsession creeps in. Do your best to keep the faith.

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Dwelling on Your Ex or Past Relationship

Dwelling on Your Ex or Past Relationship

Do you often find yourself dwelling on your ex? Do you hope and fantasize a past relationship will come back into your life? Do you stare at the calender, every day, and say, this time last year we were doing? Are you holding on to anything and everything that reminds you of your ex and the time you spent together?

After a breakup, it is normal to feel sad, or even depressed, at the loss of that relationship, especially a soulmate relationship. It is common to spend several weeks, even a few months in some cases, dwelling on your ex, mourning the loss of that soulmate or romantic partner. At what point do you stop dwelling on your ex? Constantly reliving your life with that romantic partner, long after it has ended, is not a healthy way to live and can actually create blockages to a new romantic partner, love interest or soulmate entering your life.

dwelling on your ex or past relationship soulmates

Dwelling on Your Ex or Past Relationship

If you are dwelling on your ex for an extended period of time, you are living in the past. Living in the past can contribute to depression because you feel that was the only time in your life when you were truly happy. Living in the past by dwelling on your ex, prevents you from finding happiness in the present. Hoping, dreaming and wishing that your ex will come back to you, and fantasizing how great the relationship could be, forces you to live in a future that may, or may not, exist. This will create perpetual anxiety and worry because you hope your ex will be there, but since you don’t know for certain, you live in anxiety and fear. One of the spiritual challenges of our lifetimes is to live in the now, and be fully present in our lives to do what we have to do. You only have so much energy, or life force, and focusing on the past and what should have, could have, would have been, if only….. robs you of the life force you have for the present. The same is true with living in a fantasy world, where you live together happily ever after, if he would only come back to you.

Dwelling on your ex can potentially sabotage any future relationship you might have. You have spent so much time dwelling on your ex and how it was in the beginning of the relationship that you have maximized his good points while minimizing the bad ones. By doing this you set a very high standard any potential romantic interests, or soulmates, will have a hard time reaching. These new guys wane in comparison to the virtues of your ex, because you have spent months, and sometimes years, idealizing him. Even though you are not romantically connected to your ex, your energy appears that you are in a relationship with him. When guys meet you they may not think you are available. The may believe your are taken, or in another relationship, because in a way your are. You are in a relationship with someone who is no longer there. You might meet a potential soulmate partner, or your twin flame, and totally miss it because you are still attached to the energy of your past relationship. You may miss opportunities for love because you don’t want to go out and meet someone new. You would rather stay home, eat bon-bons, watch Titanic, flipping through photos albums of your ex, while you go through his Facebook and Twitter profiles to see his latest friend adds.

All of this being said, there are times when you have fully detached from a soulmate, or romantic relationship, and are suddenly flooded with thoughts and memories of that person. This is very different from dwelling. You have severed ties with your ex and have moved on with your life. Quite possibly you are already in another romantic relationship. You might even be married. You may be having thoughts, memories or even dreams of that soulmate because they are getting ready to make another appearance in your life. This also indicates that he, more than likely, is thinking and even dreaming of you. It is also an indication that he is probably considering communicating with you. But this is very different that dwelling. Dwelling on your ex keeps the energy stuck. It perpetuates stagnation in your life.

Are you current dwelling on your ex, soulmate or past romantic relationship? Do you relive that relationship over and over in your head because it was the only time in your life you felt loved and happy? Do you believe no one will ever measure up to your romantic standards, because he would have to surpass those of the immortal ex? Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are here to help you cut through the clutter of your romantic past to help you prepare for a new love and new life. They are able to see deeply in your psyche to help you address what issues may be holding you back from releasing the past. During your psychic reading, if they see your ex returning, they will guide you to the steps you need to take to attain the desired outcome. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are expert relationship, soulmate, twin flame psychics, as well as certified life coaches, who will help you restore balance in your life and yourself.

Can a Psychic Get Your Ex Back?

Can a Psychic Get Your Ex Back?

Can a psychic get your ex back? There are many people who might thing so but the real answer is,  NO.  A psychic can see if your ex will come back, but can not get him back for you. There are many online psychic and tarot reading sites who allow their psychics to sell all kinds of MoJo to people who are desperate for a reconciliation with their ex. These predators are preying on your emotional turmoil, who believe you will do anything to find out, can a psychic get your ex back?  It is their hope, that in your desperation, you will do anything to get him to return.

can a psychic get your ex back

Can a Psychic Get Your Ex Back?

Here are some ways you may be swindled out of your hard earned money, by gypsies, scammers and con-artists, masquerading as real psychics, who promise to reunite you with your boyfriend. First of all, they will not do the spell while on the phone with you. They will ask you to send them via Paypal or Western Union, the money they need to do the work. If someone you are speaking with gives you their private phone number and tells you to continue the conversation privately, there is a good chance they hear the emotional desperation in your voice, and hope they have found a victim.

  • A phoney psychic can promise to get your ex back by selling you spells. These are reuniting spells, spells to get you back together, spells to bind him to you forever, spells to make him ugly to other women, spells to stop divorce and even spells to make his penis fall off unless he is with you. Many of these spells can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. The spells are in forms of candle burnings or making wax poppets of both yourself and your beloved. They might even ask you for photographs, nails or hair to make you think they are really doing this work. Rest assured, they are not!!  You send your money to them and then they ask you to call them on the online service to check on the progress of the spell, which will probably take two weeks. The claim to use the long burning church altar candles that take weeks to burn, often telling you the candles cost $1,000 for both of them.  Do they buy the candles or do the spell work? Probably not. But they keep you calling on the online psychic network once they have hooked you on their spellcasting service.
  • A phoney psychic might say your relationship with your ex ended because you are surrounded by negativity or have a curse on you. To remove this curse or negativity they will need to do an aura cleansing.  Think about it logically,which is difficult when you are emotionally overwrought, but almost everyone has negativity in their life at some point. It is not because someone cursed you or put a spell on you. You are surrounded by negativity because you have been depressed and sad since your ex ended your relationship. Duh.  During your aura cleansing, she may keep you on the phone with her, for an hour, or longer. Aura cleansings can cost thousands of dollars when you get sucked in by a phoney psychic, especially because their rates for ‘special work’ has a higher per minute rate than their psychic reading rate. But all she is burning away is the money from your bank account. Cleansing your aura will do nothing to bring your ex back.
  • A gypsy will try to sell you anointed candle meditations to get your ex back. These anointed candle meditations are often done with you on the phone. The scammer will light very expensive white candles. These are special candles that have been anointed with oil and holy water, one for you and one for you ex. Then they will begin their meditation to encourage your energies to come back together. The price per minute for candle meditations, is often much higher than the regular psychic reading rate. During the candle meditation you are instructed to close your eyes and be quiet because the psychic is going to meditate to get your ex back. During this time she will be quiet too, because she is supposedly meditating. She will just put the phone down, leaving you there with those precious minutes ticking away, while she goes into the bathroom to color her hair and paint her nails. She never lights any candles or does any meditation, but she sure as hell hopes you stay on the phone thinking her silence means she has gone off into the ether to get your ex back.

Unfortunately, once you have paid these charlatans, you will never get your money back.  Chances are, you won’t get your ex back, either.

A reputable psychic will not try to sell you spells, aura cleansings or any other mumbo jumbo to try and see if your ex is returning. An honest, ethical psychic will be able to consult with you to see if, and when, you ex may be coming back into your life. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are expert relationship and soulmate experts. If your ex is returning, they will not only be able to tell you, but give you the guidance you need to create stability in your relationship and give it a greater chance of success.





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