What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Free Will

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

soulmates and predestined relationships

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

Many people believe in predestined relationships. But what exactly is a predestined relationship? Well we don’t believe predestined relationships exist. However, we do believe that destiny brings two people together through chance encounters, the crossing of paths or the aligning of the stars. While these may feel like chance encounters, serendipity or synchronicity, it is more so the karmic agreement you have with another soul. Before you were born, you and that soulmate decided that you would meet at a certain place and time because you had some things to work through together. So when we think of predestined relationship, it makes more sense to refer to agreements made with a soulmate for completion of a karmic task. That is the predestined part. There is never any guarantee it will turn into a relationship.

Some people believe soulmate relationships are predestined relationships that come with a guarantee for romantic success. And while this can be true in some cases, they don’t have the ability to see the full destiny of a relationship or its final outcome. Destiny most certainly plays a role when meeting someone who you might have never met under normal circumstances, for example. But destiny does not participate in how this relationship ultimately unfolds. Destiny has played its role by putting you both in the same place at the same time, but this does not indicate it is a predestined relationship. The chance encounter was predestined, but for the destiny to unfold, you much each make choices in your lives to support it. The Universe produces the connections, the free will we are all given determines where the relationship ultimately goes.

People who believe in predestined relationships might also believe the relationship will be full of roses and moonlight walks on the beach. Since destiny brought them together, that most certainly fate will kick in to make their predestined relationship the perfect romantic adventure. Destiny can only do so much; it won’t do all the work for you nor will it guarantee the quality of a relationship. So again while the opportunity to meet a romantic partner may be predestined by fates greater than yourselves, you much each individually do the work within the relationship. The two people involved in the relationship and their willingness to work together to build a happy healthy life produces a long-lasting partnership. If you believe in a set outcome for a predestined relationship, then what is the point of the actual dating process? Interesting food for thought.

If we consider that predestined relationships are defined before we are born, we must also agree that they will come with life lessons. As we have discussed in other blogs, many life lessons come through painful experiences, what has this predestined relationship come to teach you? Some of them can actually create wonderful relationships but unfortunately they can’t all be positive experiences. Destiny does not always bring us joyful events. Quite often destiny’s intervention is to learn a hard lesson. What happens when the going gets tough? The outcome of predestined relationships really relies on the partners and their willingness to work for a healthy happy relationship. Too often people drop the ball expecting fate and destiny to sustain their relationship when the need to do the work themselves to fulfill a life lesson.

If you believe that a relationship can be destined to work out, you also then must accept that some relationships may be destined to fail. You can’t have one without the other. Some predestined relationships, if the lesson is learned and is allowed to fail, leads the person to the right relationship for them. There have been countless people who have shared these experiences with us. For example, someone we will call “Mary” had what she believed was a predestined relationship turn into a complete disaster. No matter how hard she tried to make it work she hit obstacles and barriers that could not overcome. Their meeting was predestined and she believed that alone indicated the relationship would last. In truth, the relationship made her so miserable. She refused to throw in the towel, because she believed so strongly in the predestined relationship that just had to work out in the end. She was wrong. This relationship was predestined, but not for the reason Mary thought. Once she learned the lesson this predestined relationship provided, and let that relationship go, a better relationship entered her life. Looking back, she could see how the experience of the predestined relationship led her to the happy fulfilling relationship she is enjoying today. So in truth, this predestined relationship, although it failed, ultimately led her to a successful romantic partnership.

Destiny is not cupid. Destiny does not surround your relationship in a protective bubble to keep your relationship together forever. Predestined relationships allow us to take the opportunities we are given and make the best of them, regardless of the final outcome. The beginning of a relationship can be predestined, but you must all take responsibility for how the relationship unfolds.

What is your predestined relationship destined to be? What are you supposed to be learning, changing or doing in your current relationship to ensue the most positive outcome for you? Sarah and Sophia can provide clarity and insight into the specific purposes of predestined relationships in your lives.

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

It would be great if all soulmate relationships ended in happily ever after, but unfortunately, this can not be the case. Soulmate relationships do not mean you have the perfect relationship, with telepathic communication, great sex nor that you will ultimately be together at the end of the day. Of course, soulmate relationships do include a great, cosmic connection to another soul where things just fall together and flow together, for a time. Many people believe that soulmate relationships guarantee a happy ending but if we examine the true nature of soulmate relationships we will understand that they can’t. The number of soulmate relationships that actually do last are few and far between.

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

Soulmate relationships are intended to teach lessons that evolve your soul and be a catalyst for change in your life. Many times when the lesson has been assimilated, the relationship can and will end. Through the course of soulmate relationships, our soulmate becomes our mirror reflecting back to us the issues and flaws within ourselves that we must address and work on. Sometimes this can happen quite easily and painlessly. At other times, what the soulmate reflects back to us can shatter our self-image and self-confidence as we must work to address those issues to become whole.


We must also remember that we are whole ourselves. We don’t need soulmate relationships to complete us, regardless of what Tom Cruise said in that movie. Soulmate relationships are not meant to complete us, but to compliment us, so that we can become the best that we can be. More than likely you may encounter more than soulmate relationship during your lifetime. If you have been in one soulmate relationship, learned the lessons from it and then moved on to other soulmate relationships, would it make sense to you that not all soulmate relationships are meant to last?


So what are some of the reasons soulmate relationships can’t last?

  • The soulmates have learned the life lessons and personal growth that was defined in the soulmate contract and it is time for the souls to move on.
  • One of the soulmates may find the connection too intense and actually be afraid of it. Please remember that just because the connection feels amazing to you, and they may say it feels amazing to them as well, deep down inside they may be terrified to be this close to another living soul on the planet.
  • One of the soulmates may have actually encountered another soulmate, or possibly even a twin flame, and would like to being a relationship with them. Yes that can happen especially since we live in a time where more and more soulmates, and twin flames, are incarnating on the planet at the same time.


Endings of soulmate relationships can be quite devastating. Although we talk in terms of ‘having learned the lesson and moving on’, it can be easier said than done. It is very important, if you have suffered the break with a soulmate, that you incorporate of lot of self-care into your life. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself and find the things in your life that make you happy. Spend time with your friends, take a short vacation and do the things that nourish your soul. When you are in the middle of it you may not be able to see the changes that have occurred within, but you will, in the right time and be able to look back and understand why this person was in your life and how you changed because of it.


Don’t cry because it’s over.. Smile because it happened.  ~~ Dr. Suess



Relationship Karma : What Have You Learned?

Relationship Karma What Have you Learned?

Relationship karma is something we each carry with us in just about every relationship we have. Relationship karma can be found in the relationships we have with family, friends, co-workers, the Starbuck’s barista as well as all your romantic relationships. Not every relationship will have karma and not every relationship is karmic but we will learn fundamental lessons in life by engaging in relationships with karmic connections and soulmates. You might also want to check out our blog that details the difference between a karmic and soulmate relationships Karmic Relationships vs Soulmate Relationships.

When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it’s because of karma, some past connection. ~~Richard Gere

relationship karma

Relationship Karma


Many people believe that karma is punishment for past actions but the karma police are not going to come and get you and turn you into an earthworm in your next life, for any misdeeds you commit. The purpose of karma is to teach, not to punish. But what exactly is karma? It is a Sanskrit word for action and the universal law of cause and effect that says everything we do and say carries energy into the world that effects our present reality. Every action, has a reaction. In other words, every word we speak, decision we make and action we take creates and energetic imprint on our life. We create our reality from those thoughts, words and deeds. Additionally karma is connected to our life blueprint and the soulmate contracts we have with the collective soulmates we have in our lives. This of course will include life lessons and both the spiritual and personal growth we need to evolve as humans on the planet.


Karma, ahhh. We sow what we reap… We reap what we sow! We reap what we sow. The law of cause and effect. And we are all under this law. ~~ Nina Hagen

If the purpose of karma is to teach, the purpose of relationship karma is to teach you about relationships. Relationship karma is the amalgamation of the experiences, lessons, dramas and traumas we incur through the process of being in a romantic relationship with a soulmate, in both the current and past lifetimes. The scenarios are being played out by the two of you, over and over, until you get it right. Some of these experiences will be positive and of course some will be negative. Unfortunately we silly humans learn best through the negative life lessons because essentially we are learning that we never want to go through or have that experience again. We move beyond and past it. On the bright side, the assimilation of these are the very ones we need to define our character and make us better relationship partners.

When you have relationship karma with someone, simply put, the karma and life lessons must be played out. If they are not, you will either 1) have that same lesson with someone else or 2) have it with this same soulmate during a later incarnation. It is how the wheel of life works. And you have a choice as to whether or not you want to continue to experience the karma with a specific person in your lifetime. If it becomes more than you want to deal with, you could exercise your right of free will and say “Adios, catch ya next time around”. The choice really is up to you and how much you are willing to sacrifice and endure to be with someone who is not stepping up to the plate. Is it practical to stay with someone who does not make you feel valued or love because you have some karmic debt with them? This is a choice you will have to make.

Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results. ~~ Sakyong Mipham



When Your Soulmate Leaves

When Your Soulmate Leaves

When your soulmate leaves your life it can leave you feeling lost, confused and helpless. The loss or breakup of any relationship is painful, but the loss of your soulmate can be devastating and difficult to work through. When your soulmate leaves your life, it can be for any number of reasons including: 1) exercising free will to end the relationship 2) termination of the soulmate contract between you and 3) taking an exit to leave the planet (pass away).

None of these reasons are easier or more difficult to work through that the others though because when your soulmate leaves your life it feels as if part of you is dying. There will be many days of despair, resentment, sadness and possibly even anger directed at or toward God, or the Divine. Before you allow yourself to drop into the pit of self loathing by wondering what you did or said to make them leave, please remember that there is more than likely a reason for their departure. It may not make any sense to you at the moment, and may in fact take months or years to understand. But in retrospect you will have the clarity you need to understand why they walked out of your life.

when a soulmate leaves

When a Soulmate Leaves

There are many reasons soulmates can walk out of your life. One the biggest reasons soulmates take off is what I will call the Fear Factor. A soulmate relationship will come with very close emotional intimacy. In the beginning it feels incredible to both of you but as time goes on, one of you could become quite fearful of the connection. To have that close a bond to another human being, who will probably come to know you better than you know yourself, can make the hearitest of souls feel vulnerable. Others could fear the loss of control. When you are that closely tied to someone who knows everything about you, to whom you have let down your guard, some can feel they are relinquishing control. To some folks, this can be quite threatening (although it really isn’t it is just their own inner insecurities that create it). Furthermore a soulmate could exit your life simply because they have decided to exercise their god given free will and just do not want to be in the relationship anymore. A soulmate can also decide if they wish to terminate their soulmate contract and move their life in a different direction. There are many more reasons why a soulmate can leave. They may not even know why they are leaving. They just may have an urging within them to take a different path, which is their higher self, their soul, speaking to them to work on their own individual life lessons.  Regardless of the situation, you will have to put the pieces of your life back together.

After the tears, chocolates, tubs of ice cream and glasses, if not bottles, of wine, it is time to pull yourself together and move on with your life. How can you do that when you are suffering so much turmoil? You just have to put on your big girl (or big boy) pants and take back your power. We are not saying this will be easy, but millions of people throughout the centuries, have had this same experience. One of the first things you will want to do is detach your energy from your missing soulmate. We give you guidelines for doing this in our article,Breaking the Soulmate Connection. This is a good time to be gentle with yourself and honor your soul through the healing time. It will not happen overnight, so please don’t expect it to.

When your soulmate leaves it can be permanent, but it can also be for just a period of time. More often than not this is what we see over and over again in most soulmate relationships. During this period of separation you are each tasked with the challenge of learning valuable life lessons that, when your relationship reunites, will provide the growth you need to have a more successful relationship.

We have written many great articles to help you deal with this separation with what we call Soulmate Separation Anxiety.

When your soulmate leaves you it can create one of the most horrible emotional upheavals that anyone has to deal with. You may not want to walk this path alone. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are soulmate, twinflame experts who specialize in love and relationship issues. With over 50 years combined experience giving soulmate readings, they are the top in their field. They will be able to see if your soulmate breakup is permanent or if the two of you will be reuniting. If your soulmate breakup is permanent they will help you walk through the dark night of the soul which will most certainly come with that ending. They will guide you back to the light of day. If your soulmate relationship is coming back together, they will provide guidance to help you get through the limbo time and encourage you to focus on yourself. If you would like guidance from them, you can arrange a call with them using either the Ether or Click4Advisor services. They are here to support and guide you if and when your soulmate leaves your life.


Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

A soulmate contract is the ‘document’ you create and agree to with your soulmate, or you many soulmates, before you incarnate for this lifetime. It is the agreement you make with him or her to provide some of the valuable life lessons you will have which will further define your character. Whenever we are working to define our character, it can often take strength, courage and fortitude. Soulmate life lessons can be very difficult. Unfortunately they have to be because as humans we generally learn through painful experiences. Many people in soulmate relationships have often described to us what they perceive as intolerable suffering because their soulmate is mistreating them. They often describe the relationship as a giant emotional roller-coaster ride, or the fear they experience daily, wondering if their soulmate might break up with them. They describe how they have endured weeks, months and sometimes years of unhappiness and bad behavior with the person they love acing out, mistreating them and otherwise making their lives miserable.

breaking your soulmate contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

When we ask them why they continue to stay in such horrible situations, the reply usually is because it is a soulmate relationship, they feel they have no choice, because of the soulmate contract. They insist it is about the connection, and even though they have tried to detach from the relationship, the soulmate keeps reeling them back in. Often they feel it is their purpose to love this person, allowing themselves to be mistreated, disappointed and unfulfilled, just because there is a soulmate contract. Often they give a soulmate much more slack than they would a regular relationship. Now do you think for one minute, the Divine really wants us to be mistreated, hurt and disappointed in our relationships and stay in situations that can become difficult, dangerous and even life threatening? Not so much.

The soulmate is obviously in your life for a reason. You are supposed to grow and evolve from your experiences with them. For example, lets say you have been in a romantic soulmate relationship for three years. Things were great for the first three months, but the remaining 2 years and 9 months have been difficult, painful and unfulfiling. No matter what you do to improve the relationship, it fails because the soulmate is unwilling to discuss, share or listen to ideas and suggestions to make the relationship better. You explain how your needs are not being met, but it falls on deaf ears or they just don’t care. Perhaps you need to evaluate the purpose of the relationship in relation to your soulmate contract.

You may be in a soulmate relationship, but that does not give your soulmate free license to treat you like crap! If they were not your soulmate, and just a normal, mundane relationship, you would probably not stand for that kind of behavior. So why are you allowing your soulmate to treat you that way?  “Because they are my soulmate”, is not a strong enough answer! Perhaps it is time to assess your soulmate contract or soulmate agreement to ascertain just exactly what it is you are supposed to be learning.  More than likely, the lesson is about staying in your power or taking your power back from a dysfunctional relationship. As I have already mentioned in a prior posting, The Most Common Soulmate Lessons, most soulmate relationships are to teach unconditional love, detachment and patience. Well, you can still unconditionally love someone without being in a relationship with them. Just unconditionally love them from afar.

If you are not happy in your romantic soulmate relationship, do you have to stay in it because of the soulmate contract? No. A soulmate contract can be fairly complicated as you each have agreed to provide and support each other through a series of life lessons and personal growth experiences. Perhaps your soulmate contract states you are to end relationships where you feel under-valued and unloved. Maybe you are supposed to walk away from a relationship with someone who regularly practices infidelity. You are more than likely supposed to end a soulmate relationship where you have been treated as a booty-call for several years, although you may truly feel love for that person. You can still love them, just love them from afar.

breaking your soulmate contract

Breaking Your Soulmate Contract

We can probably say with 98% certainty that your soulmate contract does not require you to indefinitely stay in a relationship that leaves you feeling unhappy. Why would the Divine subject you to that indefinitely? They won’t. But you can allow yourself to stay stuck until you realize you have 150% had enough. When the Universe wants us to learn a lesson, especially a lesson involving a soulmate contract, we will learn it. One way or another. We may go kicking and screaming through that lesson but we will learn it. There is nothing to be gained from staying in a soulmate relationship that leaves you unhappy and depressed except more unhappiness and depression. The Universe does not want us to be martyrs, they want us to live, love, laugh and evolve. Exercise your own individual free will, and get the heck out of there.

It is about assessing the situation fairly and deciding if this relationship truly works for you. If it does not, more then likely it is time to end it. This does not mean, however, you are ending your soulmate contract, it simply means you have completed  it and ready to move on. If you are giving your own personal power away day after day to some guy who is not stepping up to the plate, you should be able to see the nature of your soulmate contract. Take your power back! If he makes you feel like crap because he does not call when he says he will, does not spend quality time with you or only sees you for sex, stop it. That nature of your soulmate contract is in front of you.

Here is the real dilemma of the matter. If you continue to stay in that relationship that is making you unhappy and disempowered, then you are directly working against your destiny. If you stay stuck in that space, you will get that same life lesson again, in a different way, more than likely with a different soulmate because you did not get it the first time. So for example, you decide to stay in the unhappy soulmate relationship with someone who is cheating on you, because of your connection. You decide to love him, no matter what, to understand better the principle of unconditional love. What about loving yourself?  More than likely the cheating soulmate will end the relationship with you anyway, and then you are heart broken. After several years of healing, you meet another soulmate relationship and the entire cycle starts again. And if that is what it takes, all is well in the perfection of your soul, you will still have that life lesson.

You can end the contract by taking the step you need to take for your own personal happiness and fulfillment. You do not have to be a suffering martyr to a romantic soulmate relationship if you feel abused, degraded or unhappy. If you find yourself in this situation, end the relationship and end the karmic cycle between the two of you. More than likely you have been dancing this karmic dance for centuries, over and over playing different roles with each other, but the same scenario. Learn the lesson. Get off the roller coaster. Exercise your free will, that is why the Divine gave it to us. It does not mean you have broken your soulmate contract, it means you have completed it and overcome the challenges set forth in your agreement with that person. Congratulations!



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