What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Fears and Insecurities

Soulmate Frustration: Does Your Soulmate Frustrate You?

Soulmate Frustration:

              Soulmate Frustration

Are you dealing with soulmate frustration? Having a soulmate can often be harder than one would think. A soulmate is not all sunshine and roses, romance and sweet words nor unicorns and rainbows. Soulmates are not created strictly for romance although the romantic connection is there. There are things each soulmate must learn, discover, and change about themselves for the relationship to be happy romantic partnership.


If they don’t, soulmate relationships cause a lot of frustration and heartache. Nothing in life is free is it? Neither is a wonderful soulmate relationship. You have to work at it and work for it. Otherwise the soulmate frustration just builds and builds and the problems become bigger and bigger.


Is your soulmate experiencing the frustration or are you? Are you both dealing with soulmate frustration?  We want to hold onto our soulmates, and even when we are full of frustration we don’t want to resort to dire tactics. The problem is, sometimes that is what it takes.


Top Reasons for Soulmate Frustration

  1. When a soulmate takes too long to get out of a previous relationship it causes a lot of frustration. No one wants to wait for someone endlessly, regardless of the excuse.
  2. When a soulmate resorts to constantly ending the relationship either out of the blue or whenever conflict arises, the foundation of the relationship is anything but stable.
  3. When a soulmate refuses to acknowledge the connection, or even speak to their partner, the heartache can seem endless. You are connected to a person that won’t even speak to you or acknowledge what you both feel, and it can be excruciating.
  4. When a soulmate has inconstant behavior it can prove very frustrating. If the contact is random and they can go days, weeks, or months without saying a word it can drive the partner crazy. If they break plans, have temper tantrums, or suddenly say they are unsure of their feelings to cause drama, they are sabotaging the relationship. Eventually they may sabotage it without even really wanting to.
  5. When your soulmate puts you at a low priority all the time because they believe you will always forgive them, it can get very insulting and annoying. It makes you feel inferior, rather than special. You wonder what it is going to take for them to move you up on their priority ladder, especially since you have them so high up on yours.


What kind of soulmate frustration are you dealing with? We would love to hear your experiences in our comments section to share with our readers who are experiencing soulmate frustration themselves.


Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Why does your soulmate hurt you? Isn’t a soulmate relationship supposed to be a relationship with a higher standard? Why would a soulmate hurt your feelings, especially for no good reason?


First of all, soulmates have very deep feelings for one another by way of their deep soul connection. Unfortunately, this does not mean they won’t hurt you. Usually they will hurt you much more than a regular, or mundane, relationship.

Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Why Does Your Soulmate Hurt You?

Soulmate relationships are very tricky and often hard to navigate. When feelings run high, tensions often run high as well. Due to the hurdles soulmates often have to jump over, hurt feelings are often a part of the package. If the lessons to be learned are avoided on either side, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a lot of hurt feelings as well.


Just because this person is your soulmate, does not mean you give them carte blanche to repeatedly hurt you feelings. You are supposed to raise your standard with a soulmate, not lower it. If you do lower your standards by allowing them to do hurt you in ways you would not let anyone else on earth, you are not learning your lessons either.


The universe would not support a relationship where one soulmate constantly hurts another and the other one tolerates it. This is not what that union was created for, so don’t expect a miracle from them. Your soulmate has to stop hurting you and you have to stop waiting for them to hurt you and do something about it.


You may not like what you have to do, but too bad. You want this relationship to work out? Then do the work, or enable it to be ruined. It’s up to you. You know what you need to do, in most cases, you are just afraid to do it. Fear and your insecurities are not exactly the best advisors are they? Do what you know is right, and stop doing what is safe.


Stop using the soulmate excuse. Stop blaming your connection for the reason you are allowing your soulmate to hurt you over and over again. Yes, the connection is there. The universe created it, but don’t blame them. They are not forcing you to remain in a connection that hurts you. Own up to your responsibility of the misuse of the connection you share.


In so many, many cases a soulmate will hurt you because they are trying to work out the connection they have with you and what they must face because of you. While they work though that, you may get hurt in the process. If your soulmate is in denial about having this bond with you, how they react to that is most assuredly going to hurt your feelings. That isn’t about you per say, but it is about them accepting what is happening.


It does not excuse them, just try not to take it too personally, which we realize is easier said than done. If it is hurting you too much, distance yourself from them until they work through it on their own. You are not responsible for being their teacher all the time. They learned to talk, write, drive and do math. They can learn their own lessons if you need to remove yourself from the situation for a while.


When a soulmate is working through their own issues and feelings they may not understand or be aware of how their words, decisions or behaviors hurt you. If you don’t make your hurt feelings aware enough to them, and not just with words but actions, then they won’t think it is really a big deal. Never be so compassionate to someone else, even a soulmate, that you constantly sacrifice your own feelings, and allow yourself to be hurt over and over again.

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

You may see nothing wrong with stalking your soulmate. You may try your hardest not keep stalking your soulmate but you find yourself giving in. You check your soulmate’s social media accounts. You check your soulmate’s friends, family or partners social media accounts. You may check their phone when they leave it unattended. You may read their emails when they are not looking. You may drive by their home, their workplace, or their hangouts. You try to stop, but just can’t seem to stop.


Is it because you don’t trust your soulmate? Is it because you and your soulmate are estranged or broken up? Is it because you are insecure and feel the need to find out what they are up to? Has your soulmate been acting strangely and won’t explain why? Is your inner voice telling you that something is going on and that’s why you are stalking your soulmate? What is it that you are hoping to find out about your soulmate that makes you feel the need to stalk them this way? If you have been doing this, have you found out any valuable information? There is nothing wrong with doing a little checking here and there IF you are in a relationship and something seems a bit “off”. If you find yourself having to do these things often, you need to stop.

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

Stalking Your Soulmate


Stalking your soulmate isn’t going to cure what is wrong with your relationship, especially if you are not going to do anything with the information you find out, or if you get caught. If you are an insecure person fix your insecurity on your own because stalking isn’t going to fix your insecurity. It will only feed the urge to keep doing it. Without trust a relationship cannot grow, so stop the stalking your soulmate and try another method of getting your insecurities squashed.


If your soulmate has given you a valid reason to be insecure, then it is up to them to help you get over that. If they won’t, then it may be time for a break. If you soulmate disappears, or you catch them texting other people, or caught them doing something wrong then one of you has to do something. Either your soulmate stops the bad behavior or you have to put your foot down. What will stalking do if when you catch them you don’t do anything about it? Nothing. It just lets them know they can get away with it, and they will do it again.


What you allow will continue. So if you are a soulmate stalker, then be prepared to do something with the information you find. Otherwise there is not point to this but self-torture. It is a symptom of a bigger problem in your soulmate relationship, and if you don’t fix it, don’t expect stalking to cure it, because it won’t.


If you and your soulmate are not together, of course there is a temptation to stalk them. But what does it get you? It helps you stay stuck. It keeps them on your mind and in the cycle of insecurity. It gives you countless hours of worry, wasted time, wasted energy and feeds your fears. It feeds your obsession and makes you weak. It can trigger a call, text or email to them that you shouldn’t make. It holds your mind, body, and soul hostage. And let’s face it, you aren’t finding out anything that is helpful to you. You are just subjecting yourself to behavior that is beneath you. You feel ashamed of yourself. You feel like a loser. So why keep stalking your soulmate? Deal with an estranged soulmate when they come back, if they come back. Otherwise live your life instead of stalking theirs. It is the only way to stay strong and empowered.


Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

Soulmate relationships can really make someone believe they are losing their sanity. Countless people we speak to believe they have completely lost their minds or are in the process of losing them. They share with us all the details about the way they feel and think about their soulmate, and literally believe they are losing their sanity.

They tell us how they can’t stop thinking about their soulmate and fear they are bordering on soulmate obsession. The feelings they have for their soulmate defy all logic. Upon initial meeting, the feelings for a soulmate are immediate and so strong they seem impossible to believe. They find themselves acting in strange and unusual ways, tolerating behaviors they would deem unacceptable in mundane romantic relationships. They should have run out of chances a long time ago, but for some crazy reason, they are given chance after chance.

So what is it about soulmate relationships that can make people do, feel and think the craziest things?

A soulmate connection makes people feel things they never felt before. Those feelings can often make them behave in ways they never thought possible. It is easy to think your sanity is questionable when you barely recognize yourself anymore. You may have been one to set and enforce boundaries. Now you are afraid to create and enforce boundaries with your soulmate. What you were strong enough to do in other relationships you are afraid to do in a soulmate relationship.

Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

You are intelligent enough to know what you should do. You are smart enough to recognize bad behavior. The problem is you are not using your intelligence as much anymore. Your emotions have taken over all aspects of your logical mind.

Many people think the emotion of love causes them to do crazy insane things with their soulmate. Wrong. It may seem like love, but it is really coming from fear. You may believe you are letting your soulmate get away with so much because of the strength of the soulmate connection or the unconditional love you have for them. That is shifting the blame outside yourself. It isn’t love or the connection, it is your fear preventing you from doing what you know is right.

You are afraid to put your foot down because you are afraid they will leave. That is what it all boils down to. The soulmate connection didn’t make you call your soulmate after a fight that was all their fault. You were afraid they wouldn’t call you. When you let fear dictate your behavior and thoughts you are not thinking clearly. Now your thoughts and behaviors become as wacky as your soulmate’s.

And wonder why your soulmate relationship is a dysfunctional mess? What else could it be? When it gets to a point where the relationship is testing your sanity it is time to get your emotions in check. Start thinking about what you know instead of what you are afraid of. If you know things have to change then begin changing yourself. Look at how you played a part in what has been created. Begin to do what you know is right and healthy for a relationship, and stop making excuses based on fear. When you do that, you begin to bring sanity back into your soulmate relationship.

Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?

Have your soulmates feelings for you changed? Was everything between you swimming along wonderfully then suddenly, out of nowhere, they announced they no longer felt the same way? This is a common occurrence in soulmate relationships. It happens all the time, way more often than you think it would, and to millions of soulmate couples on the planet.

Many times, soulmates feel powerless over their feelings. At the initial meeting, when soulmates collide, that lack of power is exhilarating. They usually allow their emotions to overtake their reason and just enjoy the ride. Everything is perfect, everything is in sync and both soul mates are blissfully happy. Then the soulmates come back to earth with a hard crash, as reality sets in. The happiness, bliss and euphoria they were swept away by scares them and replaced by fear and running from their emotions.

soulmate psychic readings feelings

Have Your Soulmate’s Feelings Changed?

Soulmates often deny the connection at some point, or at least question it. When the soulmate connection is challenged, the feelings may be denied, by one or both parties. When this occurs, your soulmate may suddenly tell you their feelings have changed or that they no longer feel anything. This is not their reality, it is based on their denial. We all know that feelings can’t be changed overnight unless one of you does something horrendous to the other. So if your soulmate says their feelings have changed, unless there is a valid reason, such as killing their mother, something isn’t right.

You will feel even minor fluctuations in your connection to your soulmate. Is  your soulmate behaving as though their feelings have changed? Have they become mean, distant, or changed their behaviors or words for the worse? Their feelings may not have changed at all but it could indicate you have been letting them get away with too much. They may also be trying to get the upper hand in your relationship or trying to get you to back off from something.

If you have been pressuring your soulmate to end their other relationship so you can be together as a couple, for instance, they may pull this stunt on you. Instead of facing the harsh reality that they end their other relationship, its just easier for them to announce their feelings for you have changed. It is to create fear in you so you will back off, removing the pressure on them to do the right thing for your relationship.

Your soulmate’s feelings may have changed because of bad actions on your part. If you continue to do things they repeatedly warned you about over and over again, they may reach their breaking point. Just because someone has a connection with you doesn’t mean you can/will get away with murder, especially if they are setting healthy boundaries. So don’t give them a good reason to change their feelings for you by continuing to push the envelope.

If soulmates are apart, on a break or even broken-up, it is extremely rare their feelings toward you will change in the near future. A soulmate connection is eternal, so they won’t forget you overnight, over months or even over years. Anyone who has experienced a soulmate driving them crazy knows this. No matter what they do or how many times they do it, you can’t turn those feelings on and off like a light switch.

If you seriously believe your soulmate’s feelings have changed for you, or fear they may be heading that direction, take a step back. Look at what problems your soulmate is currently experiencing in their personal life. Have you been pressuring them? Are you getting ready to take a big step in your relationship? Are they having problems with work or family? It could simply be their way of taking it out on you.


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