What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Ending Soulmate Relationship

The Memory of a Soulmate and How It Affects You

The memory of a soulmate affects different people in different ways. For some, the memory of a soulmate makes them wonder what went wrong in the relationship. They can obsess on what they did wrong, what they could have done differently, or if the whole thing was a figment of their imagination. For people like that, the memory of a soulmate keeps them from moving forward.


Even people in a soulmate relationships that are in a very dysfunctional state allow the memory of good times to cloud their judgement. They remember the time when things were good, and believe that is how things should be, and will be, if they just hang in there. They hope being loving toward their soulmate will in turn cause them to return that love. In many cases, just hanging in there and being loving just makes things worse for the couple.

The Memory of a Soulmate

                                The Memory of a Soulmate


Sometimes the memory of how things were for soulmates, during good times, holds people back from doing what really needs to be done to make the relationship better. Forget about the past for now. Don’t even focus so much on the future. You need to put your attention on the present because it is what will shape your relationship going forward. Look at the problems you are currently facing, and look for new ways to create change. Stop using the behaviors you used in the past. Those clearly didn’t work.


Stop contributing to the dysfunction in your relationship, and set about creating a new improved relationship. You may be in for the fight of your life, but it is a fight you can win. You just need to be brave, just like you want your soulmate to be. You want your soulmate to be strong, well you have to be strong too.


What do you think your soulmate’s memory of you is? Do they think you have changed? Have you lost their respect? If you have, then you can look back and see where you let go of your self-respect. Vow to not do that ever again, not even for your soulmate.


The memory of a soulmate can be a good thing when you are looking for a new relationship. Some soulmates have had to let go of their soulmate for the present time. They find it very hard to find someone new to care about, and blame the memory of a soulmate. Look at it this way: If your soulmate made you raise the bar on what you want out of a relationship, that is a good thing. It keeps you from settling for something that is beneath you. And since you have raised the bar and want only the best in a partner, of course it is going to be harder to find. Pebbles are everywhere, diamonds are not. So don’t blame the memory of a soulmate from keeping you from finding someone new, because that is not always the case.


Sometimes the memory of a soulmate purposely keeps you from moving on because your soulmate will be returning. The universe triggers your soulmate memories to keep you from making a mistake or being involved with someone you shouldn’t be. Sometimes the memory of a soulmate, although painful, can save you from more pain down the line.


I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

“I have lost my soulmate, what do I do?” That question comes up a lot, because countless people, at one time or another, feel they have lost their soulmate.


Some people lose a soulmate due to them passing on. Losing a soulmate through death, is a devastating blow and the survivor wonders how they will find the strength to move on with their life. Time is the only remedy when a soulmate passes on. It is hard to imagine life without them and the emotional loss seems unbearable. But you will, with time, find joy in life again. Your soulmate would want you to. Your soulmate would want you to be happy on the earth until you meet again on the other side, or in your next incarnation on the planet.

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?

I Have Lost My Soulmate, Now What Do I Do?


Again, it will take a long time to recover from this loss, but you will get there. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve your lost soulmate. Get support from friends, family, or even a professional therapist or grief counselor if you feel you can benefit from one. You may want some time alone, but don’t stay alone too long. You just need to get through it day by day, and eventually you will get to a point where you will feel more like yourself again.


Others who have lost a soulmate may only suffer a temporary loss. Your soulmate could be dating someone else, or have broken up with you. Will the break up last? Depends on both of you, but it does not have to be that they are lost permanently. Their new relationship may not last. Your soulmate could even marry someone else. That does not mean you have lost them forever.


So many soulmates have split apart, married other people, and even had children with other people. But down the line, many of them either seek one another out, or bump into each other serendipitously, and start their relationship back up from where they left it. This is often a bumpy road for soulmates and there can be many starts and stops along the way. Before you freak out completely thinking you have lost your soulmate forever, calm down before you do something that could actually cause what you most fear.


Losing a soulmate, even for a short period of time can be excruciatingly painful. If your soulmate made the decision to end your relationship, you may need to leave them be, no matter how hard it is. They obviously have something they need to work through, unless you did something BEYOND horrible, and you need to leave them to it. Let them learn their lessons. Try not to control them or the relationship itself.


Let them learn from their mistakes. Your soulmate’s mistakes may be exactly what they need to learn from in order for you both to have a harmonious relationship in the future. If you keep enabling them so they don’t learn anything at all, is it any wonder why the lesson keeps showing up again and again? Of course not. Until they learn, the lesson repeats. Since you can’t learn the lesson for them, leave them be. Stop making excuses to contact them, even for holidays and special occasions.


You may be afraid if you don’t do something you will lose your soulmate forever. You are wrong. You are just using your own fear to enable your soulmate to ruin your relationship. Why would you do that if you don’t want to lose your soulmate for good?

Losing Your Soulmate is One of the Worst Experiences in Life

Losing your soulmate can be one of the worst, if not the worst, experiences in your life. That unique special connection you share with another human being is one of the greatest feelings in the world, when you find them. On the flip side, losing your soulmate can be one of the worst feelings in the world because you think you will never feel love like that again.


How can you replace or replicate a one of a kind connection? As we wrote in our article Soulmates Don’t Grow on Trees, you obviously can’t just buy another one on E-bay or at the mall. What took you so long to finally find, only to wind up losing, is a devastating blow. But before you sink deeper into depression or have a panic attack, losing a soulmate is not the end of the world in many cases.

Losing Your Soulmate

               Losing Your Soulmate


In some cases, if you are losing your soulmate, there is a good reason for it. Your soulmate may be causing drama and sabotaging your relationship. Losing your soulmate for a while might actually benefit your relationship in the long run.Time apart, when they have had some time to think, and really know what it is like to lose YOU, could be all it takes for them to get the wake up call they need.


Wouldn’t you rather lose your soulmate for a while only to have your relationship be strong and better because of that time apart? Or, would you rather not lose your soulmate now, allowing them cause even more damage that could ruin the relationship for good anyway?


If you have done something truly terrible, that any reasonable person would consider ending a relationship with you over, then hopefully you have learned your lesson. If you are responsible for losing your soulmate, it could take a long while before you have a chance to get them back. Instead of making a nuisance of yourself and making them feel disrespected, back off. We know you want them back, but you may not deserve them back right now.


There are consequences to our actions, and your losing your soulmate, often temporarily, can be one of them. Your soulmate needs to get over their anger. Chasing them like a lunatic usually backfires. They just lash out all that anger on YOU. Give your soulmate some time to heal, and use that time to make sure you learned your lesson, and that the lesson sticks with you. You need to get it right, because if they do give you another chance, that could be your very last one.


If you did something minor, or not on purpose, and your soulmate is using that as an excuse to end your relationship, stand strong. Don’t let them punish you that way. Don’t let your fear of losing your soulmate make you grovel, beg, and apologize profusely when you shouldn’t have to. Letting your fear of losing your soulmate can often make your soulmate UNAFRAID of losing YOU. You don’t want that to happen, because if that fear goes, the chemistry dims, and their respect for you goes out the window.


If you are experiencing losing a soulmate because they have passed on, you are going to need time to heal. You may meet another soulmate at some point in your life, but for right now you have to focus on just yourself. The pain and loss of losing your soulmate is especially hard, so get support and help from others if/when you need it. Take time to grieve, be good to yourself and focus on some positive self-care.


Have Your Soulmates Feelings For You Changed?

Have your soulmates feelings for you changed? Was everything between you swimming along wonderfully then suddenly, out of nowhere, they announced they no longer felt the same way? This is a common occurrence in soulmate relationships. It happens all the time, way more often than you think it would, and to millions of soulmate couples on the planet.

Many times, soulmates feel powerless over their feelings. At the initial meeting, when soulmates collide, that lack of power is exhilarating. They usually allow their emotions to overtake their reason and just enjoy the ride. Everything is perfect, everything is in sync and both soul mates are blissfully happy. Then the soulmates come back to earth with a hard crash, as reality sets in. The happiness, bliss and euphoria they were swept away by scares them and replaced by fear and running from their emotions.

soulmate psychic readings feelings

Have Your Soulmate’s Feelings Changed?

Soulmates often deny the connection at some point, or at least question it. When the soulmate connection is challenged, the feelings may be denied, by one or both parties. When this occurs, your soulmate may suddenly tell you their feelings have changed or that they no longer feel anything. This is not their reality, it is based on their denial. We all know that feelings can’t be changed overnight unless one of you does something horrendous to the other. So if your soulmate says their feelings have changed, unless there is a valid reason, such as killing their mother, something isn’t right.

You will feel even minor fluctuations in your connection to your soulmate. Is  your soulmate behaving as though their feelings have changed? Have they become mean, distant, or changed their behaviors or words for the worse? Their feelings may not have changed at all but it could indicate you have been letting them get away with too much. They may also be trying to get the upper hand in your relationship or trying to get you to back off from something.

If you have been pressuring your soulmate to end their other relationship so you can be together as a couple, for instance, they may pull this stunt on you. Instead of facing the harsh reality that they end their other relationship, its just easier for them to announce their feelings for you have changed. It is to create fear in you so you will back off, removing the pressure on them to do the right thing for your relationship.

Your soulmate’s feelings may have changed because of bad actions on your part. If you continue to do things they repeatedly warned you about over and over again, they may reach their breaking point. Just because someone has a connection with you doesn’t mean you can/will get away with murder, especially if they are setting healthy boundaries. So don’t give them a good reason to change their feelings for you by continuing to push the envelope.

If soulmates are apart, on a break or even broken-up, it is extremely rare their feelings toward you will change in the near future. A soulmate connection is eternal, so they won’t forget you overnight, over months or even over years. Anyone who has experienced a soulmate driving them crazy knows this. No matter what they do or how many times they do it, you can’t turn those feelings on and off like a light switch.

If you seriously believe your soulmate’s feelings have changed for you, or fear they may be heading that direction, take a step back. Look at what problems your soulmate is currently experiencing in their personal life. Have you been pressuring them? Are you getting ready to take a big step in your relationship? Are they having problems with work or family? It could simply be their way of taking it out on you.

Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

Have you lost interest in your soulmate? Has your soulmate caused you to lose interest in them because of how they have treated you? Have you felt like you have lost all hope and just can’t do it any more? Are you ready to walk away from your soulmate because you feel as though enough is enough?

That can actually be a good thing.  Not all soul mates are meant to last.

Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

Have You Lost Interest in Your Soulmate?

If your soulmate refuses to step up to the plate and instead steps all over you, it may be time to lose interest in them all together. Your soulmate may not realize you have a threshold and that they have reached it. When you have lost interest in your soulmate, they will know it, and they won’t like it. It just may be the wake up call they need.

More than likely they may wait you out, because after all that you have done to show them you care, it will be hard for them to believe you suddenly don’t. When they do realize it, more often than not, they try to get you interested in them again. Then the decision will be up to you. You may not be able to get that interest back. You may have moved on to another soulmate and not be willing to let them go. You may even decide to give them another shot. How you feel now is not always indicative of how you will feel in the future.

It really takes a lot to lose interest in your soulmate. It doesn’t happen overnight either. Soulmate connections are very strong, and are able to withstand an awful lot. No one can just simply lose interest in their soulmate unless there is a very significant reason as to why. Even then, it takes time.

You won’t lose the connection even though you have lost interest in your soulmate. That connection just won’t affect you as strongly and as often as it did when things were good between the two of you. If you fear your soulmate will lose interest in you because of a stupid argument don’t worry. They may be mad for a while or act out, but it really takes something major for soulmates to lose interest in each other and the relationship.


If you are feeling overly emotional, you make think you have lost interest in your soulmate. Before you do anything you might regret, give yourself some time to calm down and think rationally. You may do something you might regret, and no one wants to deal with a soulmate separation that they didn’t want. Soulmate separations can last a long time, and you shouldn’t end a soulmate relationship without really thinking it through.



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