What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Dysfunctional Relationship

Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret?

Is your soulmate keeping you a secret? Does your soulmate hide your existence from everyone he knows? Do you hate being the secret your soulmate won’t share with those around them? No one wants to be someone’s secret, we want them to proudly acknowledge our relationship with them. So why are soulmates often kept as a secret?


Sometimes one soulmate is already in a relationship. Instead of ending that relationship, which is the more honorable thing to do, they choose to cheat on their current romantic partner. Under these circumstances it is understandable why they choose to keep their soulmate relationship hidden from those who may judge them.


Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret

                                Is Your Soulmate Keeping You a Secret

On the other hand, it could be that either you or your soulmate have children they want to hide the relationship from. They may feel the children are not ready to know their parent is involved with someone new. Their children may have a negative reaction to a new relationship. To void the drama that could come with it, they keep their soulmate a secret. Some soulmates keep their relationship a secret from their children until they know the relationship will last. These are not bad reasons for keeping the relationship a secret. But that secret should only be kept for a reasonable amount of time. Children should not dictate the lives of their parents, and parents should not be afraid of their children. At a certain point a parent should feel free to introduce their soulmate to their kids.


If your soulmate is in denial, they may keep you as a secret to those around them. They may not even acknowledge to YOU they believe you are their soulmate. It is hard for some people to talk about how they feel about another person. Some people think if they talk about how good something is going they are going to jinx it. Until your soulmate is able to accept the reality of their feelings for you, they won’t bring you out into the open. They will act single, and may even tell you they are not ready for a relationship.


Until you decide you will not enable them to continue hiding, this could drag on indefinitely. Sometimes being apart from a soulmate can force them to face their feelings head on. Once they do that, it is much more difficult for them to deny them. Then there should be no more reason to keep your relationship a secret and then your soulmate connection can be made public.


Some soulmates meet and immediately keep their relationship a secret. Sometimes families may disapprove, for religious or cultural reasons, but sometimes it is simply because they are dysfunctional. There will come a time, and they should wait too long, for them to tell the truth about your relationship. The problem isn’t going away, it won’t disappear and this won’t work itself out by magic. At some point soulmates must be brave enough to stand up to a family that opposes them. They have to show their family how serious the relationship is and that they are willing to fight for it. You may not like confrontation, but sneaking around forever and being terrified of being caught sucks too. And if you get caught, instead of coming clean, it often makes the situation much, much worse.


There are reasons for keeping a soulmate secret. But there is no reason for keeping that soulmate a secret for an unreasonable time, or indefinitely. If your soulmate is keeping you a secret, it may be time for you to put your foot down, and insist they bring your relationship out into the world.


Are You a Secret Soulmate?

Are you a secret soulmate? Has your soulmate kept your relationship a secret from their friends, family, and co workers? Have you gotten tired of being a part of their life yet you are not allowed to be a part of theirs?


When your soulmate keeps you a secret, you wind up feeling left out. You don’t go with your soulmate to their work functions. You don’t get to join them with their family at holidays, special occasions and significant events. When their friends invite them anywhere, they never take you along.

Are You a Secret Soulmate?

                Are You a Secret Soulmate?

It may make you wonder exactly how important you really are to your soulmate. How can they say they love you so much and want you in their life when so much of their life is off-limits to you? They say things will change, but as time goes by, you are beginning to lose hope. You have heard their excuses and at first may have felt understanding or compassionate for them. But lately, or for a long time now, you are beginning to get mad and frustrated.


How can your soulmate relationship grow if your existence in their lives is kept a secret? It really can’t. How can you trust them if to everyone else they know thinks they are single? Your soulmate has been lying to everyone in their lives by denying their involvement with you. If and when you actually do meet these people, you are going to have to start your relationship with them with lies. Not exactly a good foundation to build a relationship on, is it?


And what about your soulmate’s excuses? What is a good excuse for making you their secret soulmate? Are they involved with someone else? Well, rather than continuing to live a lie and cheating, the time has to come where they love you enough to let go of their previous relationship. Yes, ending a relationship is difficult, but you may have to suspend your relationship with your soulmate until they do.


Obviously the relationship they are in is not working for them, and they were lucky enough to be blessed with the connection they have with you. Once they are sure of both your feelings and know you are both in it for the long haul, all excuses are no longer excusable. So they will lose money. Big deal. They can make more that they wont have to share and can rebuild.


How their family and friends react to your relationship should not matter. If they want this relationship with you they should be brave enough to fight for it. No one likes a coward, and since they are not in danger of losing their life, they should be more than willing to fight for a soulmate relationship. A soulmate relationship should be cherished, not banished behind the scenes, kept a secret, in the dark. If your soulmate wants to keep you in their life, they are going to have to let you be a part of their entire life.


Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

Soulmate relationships can really make someone believe they are losing their sanity. Countless people we speak to believe they have completely lost their minds or are in the process of losing them. They share with us all the details about the way they feel and think about their soulmate, and literally believe they are losing their sanity.

They tell us how they can’t stop thinking about their soulmate and fear they are bordering on soulmate obsession. The feelings they have for their soulmate defy all logic. Upon initial meeting, the feelings for a soulmate are immediate and so strong they seem impossible to believe. They find themselves acting in strange and unusual ways, tolerating behaviors they would deem unacceptable in mundane romantic relationships. They should have run out of chances a long time ago, but for some crazy reason, they are given chance after chance.

So what is it about soulmate relationships that can make people do, feel and think the craziest things?

A soulmate connection makes people feel things they never felt before. Those feelings can often make them behave in ways they never thought possible. It is easy to think your sanity is questionable when you barely recognize yourself anymore. You may have been one to set and enforce boundaries. Now you are afraid to create and enforce boundaries with your soulmate. What you were strong enough to do in other relationships you are afraid to do in a soulmate relationship.

Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

Soulmate Relationships Test Your Sanity

You are intelligent enough to know what you should do. You are smart enough to recognize bad behavior. The problem is you are not using your intelligence as much anymore. Your emotions have taken over all aspects of your logical mind.

Many people think the emotion of love causes them to do crazy insane things with their soulmate. Wrong. It may seem like love, but it is really coming from fear. You may believe you are letting your soulmate get away with so much because of the strength of the soulmate connection or the unconditional love you have for them. That is shifting the blame outside yourself. It isn’t love or the connection, it is your fear preventing you from doing what you know is right.

You are afraid to put your foot down because you are afraid they will leave. That is what it all boils down to. The soulmate connection didn’t make you call your soulmate after a fight that was all their fault. You were afraid they wouldn’t call you. When you let fear dictate your behavior and thoughts you are not thinking clearly. Now your thoughts and behaviors become as wacky as your soulmate’s.

And wonder why your soulmate relationship is a dysfunctional mess? What else could it be? When it gets to a point where the relationship is testing your sanity it is time to get your emotions in check. Start thinking about what you know instead of what you are afraid of. If you know things have to change then begin changing yourself. Look at how you played a part in what has been created. Begin to do what you know is right and healthy for a relationship, and stop making excuses based on fear. When you do that, you begin to bring sanity back into your soulmate relationship.

How to Deal with a Selfish Soulmate

How do you deal with a selfish soulmate? With a selfish soulmate your relationship is very one-sided, and your needs are not being met. We all want to express our love to our soulmate, expecting nothing in return for it, because we have learned soulmate relationships are about unconditional love. That works fine for most couples, but when one of you is a selfish soulmate, you become very aware of everything you do and how little you get in return.


We want to make our soulmate a priority, and their happiness is important to us. We just want to feel important to them as well. It doesn’t have to be exactly even, but when you are contributing 100% and they are putting in 0%, it is almost impossible to not feel resentment toward them. What we used to do for them that made us feel good, now makes us feel bad.

How to Deal with a Selfish Soulmate

How to Deal with a Selfish Soulmate


Now we feel stupid for being so nice to them because they take it for granted. We get frustrated waiting for them to finally make us feel important to them. We never used to mind them getting their way, but now we are tired of them always getting their way. We want a partner, we want someone who contributes to the relationship, we don’t want to do it all ourselves.


So how can we turn the tables? How can we change a selfish soulmate? Is it even possible? In many cases change can happen, but you have to be careful how you go about it. If you tell someone they are selfish, in many cases they will either look at you like you are crazy, or they will turn it back around on you.


It is best to begin by changing your actions. But do it subtly. For instance, let’s say your soulmate always behaves selfishly by forcing their opinion on where you should eat dinner to get their way. This time, don’t back down. Stand your ground, but don’t tell them you are doing it to make a point. Instead, just become immune to the tactics they use to change your mind or give in to them. If they sulk or complain during dinner, don’t feed into it. Instead, put on a happy face and just keep talking about how much you are enjoying your dinner.


The next time, if they try this again, tell them that you are not in the mood to go to the place they want, but why not get take out from two different places? They are very used to getting their way, so they will not like this new behavior in you. Now they are going to have to get used to something new, which is you having a say in your plans and restaurant choices.


Is your soulmate so selfish that they give you a list of things they want you to do for them, but when you ask them to do one thing for you, they complain? From now on when they ask you to do a favor for them, tell them you don’t have time. Tell them since you have to do all your things yourself, you don’t have time to help them out. Again, they are not going to like it. Who cares? They will get over it.


When they are done sulking or being mad, they will try to start that again. When they ask for yet another favor, tell them sure, you will do that for them but only if they can do something you need, or you won’t have time. There is a chance they won’t do what they promised even though you do, and that’s ok. When they ask yet again, do the same thing again, but now don’t do their favor UNTIL they do yours. Yes, it sucks that you have to be like this, but it’s gotten out of control, and it has to be fixed. You enabled some of their selfish behavior, and now you have to put a stop to it. Sometimes we create our own selfish monsters, and it is time we turned them back into loving soulmates.


Are You in a Bad Soulmate Relationship?

Are you in a bad soulmate relationship? Has the communication broken down so badly that you either barely speak or fight all the time? Is your soulmate putting demands on you that you can’t meet? Are you distrustful of your soulmate? Is your bad soulmate relationship to the point of being separated, divorced or broken up? Do you and your soulmate distrust one another? Do you or your soulmate create drama and problems whenever possible? Do you and your soulmate constantly break up and get back together?

Has your soul mate cheated on you or vise versa? Do you or your soul mate have an issue with an addiction? Does your soul mate relationship have verbal or physical abuse in it? Is your soulmate still in another relationship? Does your soul mate go back and forth between you and someone else? Does your soul mate rarely have time to spend with you or communicate with you? Does your soul mate refuse to express their feelings?

Are You in a Bad Soulmate Relationship?

Are You in a Bad Soulmate Relationship?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are in a bad soulmate relationship. It is only going to get worse unless something drastically different is done. What is going on between you and your soulmate is no longer working. Change needs to occur, and it needs to begin at once.

Many people are shocked at how bad their soul mate relationship can become. They are surprised to see the level of dysfunctional behavior within it. They believed once they met their soulmate it was going to be a breeze going forward. Now, it is more like a tornado of epic size has hit them right where it hurts most.

Even though a lot of damage has occurred, the relationship can be rebuilt. If done properly, without cutting corners, it will be stronger and better than ever. Too many people want to cut corners or do things the easy way, and with soulmate relationships, this never works. Think of how much you have already put up with it. Think of how much you have already tried. None of that worked, so stop wasting your energy and your effort on what you thought was the easy way.

You didn’t make things better. You both made them worse, which is now harder to fix. If you want your bad soulmate relationship to get better, you need to get realistic. It took a long time to get to this level of insanity. It is going to take a long time to create change for the better, make it stick, and build a new foundation.

This is not going to take days or weeks. Prepare yourself realistically. Look at your part in the relationship. Look how you purposely avoiding handling your soulmate when they acted out. Look at what you have been afraid to do. Most likely, that may be the very thing you need to do. You can’t expect the universe or God to do this for you. If you want this relationship to go from good to bad then get to work. Otherwise, your bad soulmate relationship will continue to get worse and worse.


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