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Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce

Dating a soulmate before a divorce is quite commonplace. We cannot tell you the amount of times we have heard from clients who met their soulmate while one, or both of them were married. They had thought about divorce before, but decided, for whatever reason, not to act on it. Then a soulmate comes into their lives and now must face the reality that is their marriage.

Soulmates often meet, begin dating, and carry on affairs because both of them are not single. Regardless of how far along you are in the divorce process, until you are single, you are having an affair. The intensity of the connection between soulmates makes it very difficult to wait until a divorce is final so they often begin dating before a divorce is finalized.

Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce

Dating a Soulmate Before Divorce

When you meet a soulmate, you want your life with them to start immediately. They are all you manage to think about and you can throw caution to the wind. A divorce is a serious decision to make, and although they can take a long time, they don’t take forever. A divorce can get complicated when the other party knows about the new soulmate. The one being divorced, who has not moved on, doesn’t really want the other to move on and be happy so they use stall tactics to cause problems. The sad thing is that it often works.

The drama of a divorce can bring out the worst in all of us. It is hard to stay classy, calm and sane when the other party is behaving in the opposite way. You may not want to go to war with your soon to be ex, and would prefer the divorce to be amicable. But if your soon to be ex finds out you met your soulmate, World War 3 seem tame compared to your divorce.

If you and your soulmate begin dating before hiring an attorney or filing for divorce, you are probably making the wrong move. Instead of beginning an affair, begin the process of ending your marriage. First things first. If this person is so important to you that you will be willing to lie, cheat, and risk everything, shouldn’t they be important enough for you to hire an attorney and file some papers?

You cannot say you can’t resist the urge to begin dating a soul mate before divorce but you can resist the urge to end your prior relationship. That just doesn’t make sense. If you want your soulmate in your life that bad, then you obviously don’t want your marriage in your life, so do the right thing.

When you begin dating a soulmate before a divorce you allow them to have a sacred relationship and disrespect it by lying, cheating and everything else that comes with an affair. If this connection is so strong, and this person means that much to you, then keep your soulmate in your life, but work on your future together by properly getting closure on your past. Don’t let someone (or be someone) use excuse after excuse as to why they can’t get divorced. If they can’t get divorced, then they can’t have you. Often a soulmate is supposed to make you realize a part of your life (such as a marriage) is over, and that you need to make changes that you have been avoiding. By having an affair you are still avoiding the changes you need to make, so expect the problems that come with avoidance.

Will Your Soulmate Get Divorced?

Many times we can meet a soulmate who is married to someone else. You tried to keep the fires of the connection at bay but found yourselves being unable to stay away from one another. You always sword to yourself you would never have an affair but the soulmate connection to this person is too intense and impossible to resist. You probably assume that your soulmate will divorce their spouse, so the two of you can be together, since they are unable to stay away from you. But will this truly happen?

soulmate divorce

Will Your Soulmate Get Divorced?

In order for the relationship to grow, your soulmate needs to end his marriage. This can be a very long and arduous process and your mind is flooded with questions that scream to be answered. How long is it going to take for your soulmate to get divorced? Have they consulted an attorney? Has your soulmate begun the divorce process by moving out and separating from their spouse? Or is your soul mate coming up with excuses to stay in the marriage?

Let’s start with your soulmate. What have they told you their intentions are about getting divorced? Have they said they would when their children come of age? Has your soulmate said that divorce is not an option? Your first clue about your potential future with your soulmate will be revealed in what he says about his divorce. They decide if they will get divorced, because it is their marriage. You, however, get to decide if you want to stay in the affair. You do have a say in what happens between you and your soulmate so don’t think your happiness and well-being in all on their shoulders.

The first red flag in this situation is if your soulmate has been saying for months that they will get divorced but have not even consulted an attorney. It doesn’t mean your soulmate won’t get a divorce, but the indication they are dragging it out. It the time frame of your soulmate’s divorce is up to him, it could take an eternity. No one is excited about getting divorced. It costs money, causes drama and not really a fun process so you can understand a certain amount of reluctance. If you soulmate drags it out for years before consulting an attorney is likely a sign that they will stay in their marriage.

You may feel your soulmate doesn’t love you enough to get divorced and you take it quite personally. It is hard not to. But it may not really be about you. It may strictly be coming from a place of fear. You sou mates spouse may have made many threats they will destroy them if they ask for a divorce. They may have threatened to take money, property, ruin their career or keep children away from them. Your soulmate, without knowing the law, may actually believe those threats. Their fear may be genuine. It could also be your soulmate does not have the money to get a divorce. All these reasons are not personal, it’s not about you, so don’t take them to heart, which we realize may be easier said than done.

Sometimes you may have to end an affair so show your soulmate they need to be serious about ending their marriage. Your soulmate may be so happy you are in their life they fail to prioritize properly. They see no need to rock the boat right now, since they have what they need, which is you. Sometimes soulmates meet when one, or both, are married. Now that may seem like a sick joke from the universe, it isn’t. Some soulmates need to meet before they are divorced so they will get a divorce. Sometimes nothing but a soulmate meeting will propel people to get out of marriages that no longer work for them and is very much a part of their personal growth and life lessons.


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