What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Divine Timing

Divine Timing and Soulmates: When is the Right Time?

Timing and soulmates should not appear in the same sentence because it can be truly confusing, even to us. Some people will meet a soulmate when they are young, while others connect with a soulmate later in life. There is no set time or date on which a soulmate will enter your life, because it is all based on divine timing.

Divine Timing and Soulmates: When is the Right Time?

Divine Timing and Soulmates: When is the Right Time?


Not everyone can meet their soulmate at the same time in their lives. Some are lucky enough to find their soulmate early on while some have to wait what may feel to them like several lifetimes. It is all based on the spiritual blueprint for our lives and the experiences we need to have for the fulfillment of our personal destinies. We gain these experiences through our journey here on Earth and the choices we make on a daily basis create our path.


We are partially responsible for the timing of a soulmate’s entry into our lives. For instance, you could make a bad decision, staying in the wrong relationship way past its expiration date. Instead of letting it go and freeing yourself from a dysfunctional relationship, you stay. And stay, and stay. You have probably wasted a ton of time trying to make the wrong person the right person. Look at all the negative experiences you went through because you kept hoping for change that was never going to materialize.


Sure, the universe often brings soulmates together when they are not single, but that is usually when the relationships have gone on way too long. If the relationships actually ended when they reached their expiration date, the timing of a soulmate meeting could have happened a lot sooner. While the timing of a soulmate entering our lives is not completely up to us, the choices we make will have an effect on the timing. So choose wisely.


Think about the long-term effects of the choices you make. You do not have to focus on the timing, the “when will I meet my soul mate” or obsess about it. Just have faith that the universe knows what it is doing and leave it to them. Keep yourself focused on yourself. Look closer at the spiritual path you are on. A spiritual journey is mostly a solitary one because many people ignore their spiritual practice when they are caught up in the rush of a soulmate relationship, until that relationship goes south.


It is a good time to put some energy into you. Take the time to think about where you see yourself in 3 years, 5, years, 10 years and beyond. Are you on the right path to make that all happen? If not, you may need to concentrate on what you have to do to get yourself on the right path. Put your energy there for now. What can you learn from your previous relationships? What mistakes have you made when you look back on them?


Are there any changes you need to make in your life before the Universe allows them to enter your life? It’s time to make yourself the best self you can be. Just like you would take the time to dress nice, smell good, put on make up and do your hair to go on any date, prepare yourself for your soulmate meeting. Want to lose weight? Stop smoking? Be less insecure and more confident?


Consider putting yourself through a soulmate bootcamp where you make the changes you know you need to make before you meet your soulmate, or you will have to do them when a soulmate is in your life. Soulmate relationships force those things about you that you should have changed long ago to surface. Getting rid of them beforehand will allow your soulmate relationship to flourish without having to focus on issues you needed to change.


Soulmates Are Rare Which is Why They Are Special

Soulmates are rare and that is what makes them so special. To feel so intensely connection to another human being on so many levels, is truly an extraordinary experience. Of course we can have strong feelings of love for numerous people over a lifetime, yet the love we have towards are soulmate is exceptional.


It is very rare to meet someone for the first time and feel as though you have known them forever, yet this is common with soulmates. So many clients have told us they found themselves tolerating behavior from their soulmate that they would never have put up with from another human being. Sometimes a soulmate will behave or think in ways that are foreign to their own personality. A strong, independent woman, for example, may find herself feeling less strong and wanting less independence now that her soulmate has entered the picture. Because of the rare bond, it is a common for both parties to change. How they change, whether it be for the better or the worse, is entirely up to them.

Soulmates Are Rare Which is Why They Are Special

                           Soulmates Are Rare 

Many people cling too hard to their soulmate relationship when a break would actually be beneficial. The heightened levels of emotion can cause extreme levels of drama and situations can get way out of hand. Also, if certain bad behaviors have been accepted or tolerated for too long of a time they only get worse.


Instead of clinging to something that has gone off course, it may be time to withdraw for a while. Because of the rare connection soulmates share, time apart between them is not really a bad thing. In normal relationships the term “out of sight out of mind” may apply, but not with soulmate relationships. The bond always remains, regardless of how far apart they may be. The universe created this rare pairing, and no mere mortal can destroy the connection.


If the relationship becomes too toxic, the bond can be diminished, but in truth, it still remains. It just makes it much easier to deal with. You will always have a special place reserved for your soulmate, regardless of how much time has passed since you have seen each other.


Because soul mates are so rare, waiting for a soulmate to materialize can make someone impatient. The universe is in charge of timing, and they decide when the time is right. You may want your soulmate to appear so you can have the romantic relationship you always wanted. Well, the universe’s prime purpose is not that of romantic matchmakers. They use the pairing of romantic partners to create change, and without that change, you don’t get the romantic relationship you wanted.


If your soulmate relationship is not going smoothly, it is time to get real with yourself. Look at both yourself and your partner and see what changes you are both resisting. You many try to blame it all on your soulmate, but it is your fault too. You have been using the rare connection and feelings you have towards this person as an excuse to not change your own way of doing, thinking or feeling. Until you get yourself right, the relationship won’t be right. So don’t expect to have the reward without doing some work. Soulmates come at a cost. So if you have been hoping, wishing and praying to be blessed with a soulmate, be prepared to pay the price that comes with it.

Do You Believe in Soulmates?

There are so many people today on a quest to find their soulmate. There are even internet dating sites dedicated to helping people find their soulmates. For many people, no ordinary relationship will do, and they will not stop searching until they have found the soulmate partner. On the flip side, however, there are just as many people who don’t believe soulmates exist. Their perception is that soulmates are something written about in romance novels or the characters in romantic movies.

Do you believe in soulmates? Should you believe in soulmates?

do you believe in soulmates

Do You Believe in Soulmates?

It really is up to the individual. Many people who never even considered finding a true soulmate became true believers once they experienced a soulmate connection. For someone who thinks soulmates are nothing more than New Age airy-fairy mumbo jumbo find themselves actually stunned when they have that first encounter with a true soulmate energy. The intensity of the connection can knock them off their feet. The emotional tidal wave is like nothing they have experienced before. The feeling of familiarity and comfort with someone they have just met makes no sense. The chemistry is so overwhelming it makes them feel weak at the knees and out of control. They finish each other sentences and are amazed at how it all just clicks.

Because the experience of meeting a soulmate was so unexpected, denial can set in. Instead of believing a soulmate is now in their lives, they try to deny the connection at all costs. They still refuse to believe in soulmates and completely deny the connection, even to themselves. Quite often when soulmates do encounter one another, only one of them can believe soulmates exist.

There is nothing wrong with believing you will meet your soulmate one day. Leaving yourself open to the arrival of your soulmate is the best approach. Just keep in mind the universe is not a fast-food restaurant where you can order your soulmate and have them delivered in minutes. It is on the universe’s timetable, not yours. When the universe feels the time is right they will orchestrate the meeting.

So many people get frustrated waiting for a soulmate partner to enter their lives. They lose patience and either decide every person they meet is a soulmate or stop believing in soulmates all together. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t confuse the emotional roller coaster of a dysfunctional relationship with a soulmate relationship. Both have intense emotions, out of control thoughts and fears, drama, and issues. Yes, soul mate relationships can be dysfunctional, but not every dysfunctional relationship is with a soulmate. A bad experience in a toxic relationship can make someone no longer believe soulmates are real or that they will never find theirs. A negative viewpoint of relationships in general or previous bad experiences can prevent someone from believing in soulmates and actually block a soulmate energy from entering their life.

Once you have met your  soulmate, you may find many of your friends and family members believe the concept of soulmates is a bunch of nonsense. They don’t understand any of the emotions or experiences you try to describe to them. They begin to you question your sanity, and after a while, you may question it yourself. Many people, who have become believers in soulmates have at one point questioned their beliefs because it seems no one understands what they are going through. The only way the will is to experience it themselves.

The bottom line? You don’t have to believe in soulmates to encounter one. But if and when you do, it will make a believer out of you.

Where is my Soulmate?

Where is My Soulmate?

These days everyone seems to ask us, “where is my soulmate?”. Mundane relationships are no longer enough for most folks. We are not sure why this is, but the New Age buzzword all seems to be about soulmate and twinflame relationships and the unhappiness that will result if you don’t find them.

where is my soulmate

Where is My Soulmate?

Your soulmate could be anywhere. They can be anywhere in the world, actually. Your soulmate may be down the street or in a neighborhood on the other side of the globe. When it comes to soulmate relationships the world is a very small place. No distance is too far where soulmates are concerned. Please check out our other article Distance in Soulmate Relationships. Since soulmate relationships come with destiny, the two souls are destined to be together, no matter where they are. It is the orchestration of the meeting that will take a little time and patience.  These are not meetings we will put together ourselves, either, but meetings that have divine purpose. When soulmate meetings occur there is the element of the hand of the Universe, or the divine in them. Likewise, they will occur with what we call divine timing, or the timing of the hand of God.

The point is, it is clearly not time for you to meet your soulmate just yet. But rest assured, you will. Since you agreed to meet this other soul before being born, there is a certain fated quality that comes with it. There is a destiny to meet. There is a purpose to meet. There is a reason for having this soulmate energy in your life. Are you ready for the life lessons a soulmate relationship will bring? Soulmate relationships can be challenging because you own individual soul is being called upon to grow and evolve personally, spiritually and emotionally. This soulmate relationship will change you, giving you a better understanding of yourself and how you behave in romantic relationships.

There are many reasons for wanting to have a soulmate relationship in your life. Please examine the reasons carefully before throwing the wish out there to the Universe. Are you hoping this intense romantic relationship will fix any problems you have about yourself, your insecurities, weaknesses and fears? Have you worked on yourself? Do you know who you are? If you want to know more about finding yourself, please read Find Yourself, Find your Soulmate. Before your soulmate can truly enter your life you have to be emotionally, physically, and mentally stable. Why, you ask? Because more than likely, the soulmate relationship will throw you off balance. It has to in order for you to become who you are destined to become.

There is a divine order to the Universe, to your life and its soul journey, and to locating and meeting your soulmate. You will not be able to locate them. They will not be able to locate you. It will just be. You will find each other when the time is right. It is not really so much a question of “Where is my soulmate?” as much as it is a question of “When is my soulmate?”  The real answer to that question is, when you have found yourself and are ready for them to come into your life.

If you feel you are ready to meet your soulmate, a psychic soulmate reading can pinpoint which blockages and obstacles are causing the delay. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both soulmate / twinflame experts who see deeping into your soulmate and relationship dilemmas. Well known on the internet as top soulmate psychics they will help you identify the current location of your soulmate and what might be done to accelerate your meeting. Likewise they will be able to assist you in seeing if you are really ready for the soulmate relationship and what you might need to do to be ready for it.

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Divine timing indicates that something is going to happen according to a divine plan. When we use the word divine timing in your psychic soulmate reading, it indicates there is a greater purpose at work in your life here that is coming from the Universe or the Divine. Also please remember that a soulmate does not always have to be a romantic life partner, it can be a family member or friend, but for purposes of this posting I am limiting it to romantic soulmates. 🙂  So many times people have called asking when they will meet their soulmate. Likewise they have called when they are having problems with their soulmate  wanting to know when the problems will be resolved so the relationship can get back on track. They want to know when they may be reunited if they are currently split, separated or broken-up from a soulmate relationship. Many times the answer really involves divine timing, on God’s time clock.

soulmates and dvine timing in soulmate reading

Divine Timing in Soulmate Relationships

Living in a linear world we all need to know when we need to do things and when things will happen. We need to know to get up at 7 AM, eat lunch at noon, go to the gym at 6 PM, watch the evening news at 10 PM and so on. That is because we need time to keep us all on track and moving forward in time and space together. In the Spiritual realm, however, there is no time or space. It does not exist and it all works in the divine timing of the Universe. Everything is ‘now’ and happens all at once. The Universe people, our angels, guides..whatever you want to call them.. give us linear time so can function in the world.

So how do we answer timing questions concerning soulmates? The real answer is … when he or she has learned the life lesson pertaining to…. xyz, or whatever the lesson is they are learning before the two of you can find each other or be reunited. It is all about Diving Timing and the timing of God, Goddess and the Universe.  Your own personal desperation and need will not make things work faster either, because you also probably have a life lesson or two that must be faced before you can come together. That should be your focus right now. You want to meet your soulmate, then focus on yourself. You want to resolve issues in a current soulmate relationship, then work on yourself. When you focus on yourself time will move forward to prepare the opening for the soulmate to appear or re-appear.  When you have done that the divine timing of the Universe will allow things in your relationship to begin to get back on track.

If, during this lifetime, you are destined to meet your romantic soulmate, you will meet them. Even if you try to avoid meeting them, if it is truly a soulmate meeting that provides valuable life lessons, experiences and spiritual growth, you can run from it but you can not hide. You will meet. It just requires patience on your part for the events to unfold as they should. So the best advice I can give on this is to be prepared and be ready, because it will usually come sooner than you think.




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