Is Your Soulmate Insecure?

Is your soulmate insecure? Is your soulmate constantly interrogating you? Does your soulmate always want to know where you are, who you were with and what you did? Does your soulmate constantly ask you what is wrong when nothing is wrong? Does your soulmate ask you what you are thinking…

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Wrong Reasons to Stay with a Soulmate

soulmate psychic reading

Soulmate connections give people the idea they must stay together at all costs. The soulmate connection is used as a reason to allow bad behavior and mistreatment in relationships. We understand how difficult it is to let a soulmate go, but sometimes it is even harder to stay with them.…

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Do You Idealize Your Soulmate? If So, It’s Time to Stop!

idealizing your soulmate

It is very easy to idealize your soulmate. Strong feelings that undoubtedly are a part of a soulmate connection overcome all logic. Intense emotions will cover a lot of your soulmate’s sins and transgressions. It is so easy to see only their good points and behaviors while you completely ignore their bad side.…

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Setting Boundaries in Your Soulmate Relationship

Setting Boundaries in Your Soulmate Relationship Setting boundaries is important to every relationship because it defines how we allow others to treat us. Even in a soulmate relationship, we know somewhere in the back of our minds that there are certain things we shouldn’t do, shouldn’t say, and lines we…

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Soulmate Relationship and Change: Can a Soulmate Relationship Change?

A soulmate relationship can be just as dysfunctional as any other relationship. When a soulmate relationship becomes dysfunctional, change will be required. Without creating change, the soulmate relationship can and will end, just like any other relationship. A soulmate relationship is not exempt from problems, bad patterns, and break ups.…

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