What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Controlling Behavior

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

You may see nothing wrong with stalking your soulmate. You may try your hardest not keep stalking your soulmate but you find yourself giving in. You check your soulmate’s social media accounts. You check your soulmate’s friends, family or partners social media accounts. You may check their phone when they leave it unattended. You may read their emails when they are not looking. You may drive by their home, their workplace, or their hangouts. You try to stop, but just can’t seem to stop.


Is it because you don’t trust your soulmate? Is it because you and your soulmate are estranged or broken up? Is it because you are insecure and feel the need to find out what they are up to? Has your soulmate been acting strangely and won’t explain why? Is your inner voice telling you that something is going on and that’s why you are stalking your soulmate? What is it that you are hoping to find out about your soulmate that makes you feel the need to stalk them this way? If you have been doing this, have you found out any valuable information? There is nothing wrong with doing a little checking here and there IF you are in a relationship and something seems a bit “off”. If you find yourself having to do these things often, you need to stop.

Stalking Your Soulmate Through Social Media and Other Means

Stalking Your Soulmate


Stalking your soulmate isn’t going to cure what is wrong with your relationship, especially if you are not going to do anything with the information you find out, or if you get caught. If you are an insecure person fix your insecurity on your own because stalking isn’t going to fix your insecurity. It will only feed the urge to keep doing it. Without trust a relationship cannot grow, so stop the stalking your soulmate and try another method of getting your insecurities squashed.


If your soulmate has given you a valid reason to be insecure, then it is up to them to help you get over that. If they won’t, then it may be time for a break. If you soulmate disappears, or you catch them texting other people, or caught them doing something wrong then one of you has to do something. Either your soulmate stops the bad behavior or you have to put your foot down. What will stalking do if when you catch them you don’t do anything about it? Nothing. It just lets them know they can get away with it, and they will do it again.


What you allow will continue. So if you are a soulmate stalker, then be prepared to do something with the information you find. Otherwise there is not point to this but self-torture. It is a symptom of a bigger problem in your soulmate relationship, and if you don’t fix it, don’t expect stalking to cure it, because it won’t.


If you and your soulmate are not together, of course there is a temptation to stalk them. But what does it get you? It helps you stay stuck. It keeps them on your mind and in the cycle of insecurity. It gives you countless hours of worry, wasted time, wasted energy and feeds your fears. It feeds your obsession and makes you weak. It can trigger a call, text or email to them that you shouldn’t make. It holds your mind, body, and soul hostage. And let’s face it, you aren’t finding out anything that is helpful to you. You are just subjecting yourself to behavior that is beneath you. You feel ashamed of yourself. You feel like a loser. So why keep stalking your soulmate? Deal with an estranged soulmate when they come back, if they come back. Otherwise live your life instead of stalking theirs. It is the only way to stay strong and empowered.


Is Your Soulmate Emotionally Immature?

Is your soulmate emotionally immature and causing problems in your relationship? Does your soul mate exhibit inappropriate behavior that drives you nuts and causes friction between you? Does your soulmate say rude comments in front of your co workers or family members during holiday parties? Does your soulmate act out in public or throw tantrums like a three-year old? Is your soulmate so emotionally immature they do not act responsibly and cannot be counted on?

It is very difficult to have and maintain a relationship with a soulmate who is emotionally immature. How can you tell if your soul mate is emotionally immature?

10 Signs of Emotionally Immature Soulmates

  1. If your soulmate is emotionally immature, your feelings won’t matter to them. The only feelings your soulmate will care about are their own. They will of course expect you to care about theirs, even though yours will not be acknowledged or validated. They also won’t care about the feelings of those closest to you either. Where most people are polite and want to make a good impression, and emotionally immature soulmate won’t really care. They might even purposely be rude to your friends and family.

    Is Your Soulmate Emotionally Immature?

    Is Your Soulmate Emotionally Immature?

  2. An emotionally immature soulmate will have commitment issues, and not just commitment issues regarding a relationship or it’s status. They will have a hard time committing to plans, either pulling a no-show or coming up with excuse after excuse. You have to drop everything for them even at the last-minute, but your plans they will easily wiggle out of.
  3.  A soulmate who is emotionally immature thinks only of “me”, not “we”. They talk about places they want to go, and don’t really ask about where you want to go. If you express your own desires, they will steer the conversation back around to their desires. They will order a drink or something to eat and fail to ask if you would like anything until you speak up. They aren’t up for sharing either. Of course an emotionally immature soulmate will expect you to share everything with them.
  4. An emotionally immature soulmate will be very selfish in their behaviors and actions. Even if you don’t like flowers, they will buy you flowers for your birthday because they like sending flowers. Your birthday cake will even have to be a cake they like, or they won’t get it for you. If there is nothing in it for them, they won’t do it.
  5. An emotionally immature soulmate will put their friends before you, all the time. They will find all the time in the world to be there for their friends when they need them. You? Not so much. They will make plans and keep them with their friends, but you? They will probably cancel on you, but never their friends and family. There is nothing wrong with showing respect to ones friends and family, but they need to show it to you and yours as well.
  6.  An emotionally unavailable soulmate of course will be emotionally immature. They don’t want a relationship, they want you at their beck and call. They don’t want to talk about or express feelings, because they may not have any. They won’t be there when you need them, and play games with your emotions and your head.
  7. An emotionally immature soulmate is never wrong. You always are. They throw tantrums and hold grudges for the littlest thing. Their emotional response to a disagreement is to go over the top. Forget about trying to diffuse things or make peace, they want World War 3. The damage emotionally immature soulmates create is devastating.
  8. An emotionally immature soulmate doesn’t want a partner, they want a parent. They want to depend on you for a lot of things, then will resent you for it later. You will hear “Stop acting like my Mother/Father”. In reality, they keep acting like a child so you had to take on the role of parent.
  9.  An emotionally immature soulmate cannot handle criticism of any kind. Even if they asked you to be 100% honest, and begged for your honest opinion, you are in trouble if you give it. They aren’t looking for honestly, they are looking for sugar coating and boosting their ego.
  10. An emotionally immature soulmate will be financially dependent on someone, and that someone is probably you. They will of course have someone to blame. If you look at their history you will see a pattern of going from their mother’s house to living with a girlfriend. When that relationship ended they went back to their mom’s, then lived with another girlfriend. You won’t see where they got their own place. They don’t want to, and of course have tons of excuses for it.

If your soulmate is emotionally immature, you have your hands full. You may have to put your foot down or make changes of your own to get them to grow up. Either way, you have to begin someone or your soulmate will only wind up getting more emotionally immature, not less.

Soulmate Sabotage: Are You Ruining Your Soulmate Relationship?

Soulmate sabotage happens all the time, every day. For various reasons, and depending on the couple, one or both soulmates may sabotage their future relationship. Why, you may ask, would a soulmate even think of sabotaging their relationship? With so many people are waiting patiently, and impatiently, for their soulmate to arrive why on earth would they sabotage their future together?

There are so many reasons why soulmate sabotage occurs. Soulmate relationships need to have a strong foundation faith, not fear. When fear takes over, many soulmates will sabotage the relationship on purpose, in order to run away from it. Whether it is breaking up with their soulmate or being so destructive that their soulmate breaks up with them, the intention was clearly there. Whatever fear(s) they were feeding from they wanted to end the relationship. There are also many other soulmate couples behaving in ways that sabotage for their soulmate relationship. The difference is, these people don’t want the relationship damaged, or destroyed but they fail to realize their behaviors are soulmate sabotage. For those, we have written 10 examples of soulmate sabotage in an effort to bring awareness before things get too bad.

Top 10 Ways to Create Soulmate Sabotage

  1. Having unrealistic expectations. So many people think soulmates are like couples in fairy tales. They meet, and then live happily ever after but nothing is further from the truth. Soulmates have important lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome. However, sometimes a soulmate will have such high expectations it is actually a form of soulmate sabotage. They expect their soulmate to be perfect,  never arguing or fighting and expect their soulmate to agree with them on everything. This is not reality, it is fantasy. Be realistic about your soulmate otherwise you could be unknowingly sabotaging your relationship.
  2. Being too passive or always the peacemaker is another form of soulmate sabotage. You may think you are doing it for the benefit of the relationship, but in truth, you are not. We are all capable of saying I’m sorry, and we are all in the wrong sometimes, and need to accept that. It is not your job to keep your soulmate from growing and becoming a better person. This can really sabotage the purpose of your soulmate connection.

    Soulmate Relationship

    Soulmate Sabotage

  3. Another form of soulmate sabotage occurs when you do not address problems, and fix them, before taking your relationship to another level. What was a problem while you were dating, will more than likely be a problem when you live together. That problem, if not corrected, will still be there if you get married or start a family. Don’t move forward with these problems; deal with them and then move forward or you could sabotage your soulmate relationship.
  4. Focusing too much on chemistry and attraction as opposed to real compatibility is another example of soulmate sabotage. The sex may be great and the chemistry intense but that is not enough to keep you together forever. It is also not a way to fix your problems.
  5. Being overly melodramatic or a drama queen (or drama king) is an all too common form of soulmate sabotage. Constant drama only causes long-term damage. It doesn’t make for long-term bliss. Get rid of the drama and don’t tolerate it. It has no place in a happy soulmate relationship, only a dysfunctional one.
  6. Soulmate sabotage can also occur if you constantly break up, or threaten to break up, over stupid inconsequential things. This is totally disrespectful to your soulmate and the relationship itself. Your connection was a gift from the universe. If you bought someone a gift and they disrespected it, how happy would you be? Would you ever give them a gift again? Don’t be ungrateful for the gift you have it given, as that gift can be taken away from you.
  7. Constantly keeping score is another great way to sabotage your soulmate relationship. How does feeling the need to constantly “one up” your soulmate create harmony? It doesn’t, so knock it off.
  8. Always needing to be right is another top form of soulmate sabotage. You don’t need to always be right. You don’t always need to go out of your way to prove you are right. This may be one of your soulmate lessons so take your ego down a notch before it’s too late.
  9. Being too comfortable with your soulmate can sabotage your relationship. You may think you can do or say anything you want and get away with it because of your connection. Not so. Don’t give your soulmate the worst of you because they deserve the best. Why would you treat anyone else better than you do your soulmate? Don’t you see this is a form of sabotage?
  10. Being too needy, clingy, or not giving personal space or privacy is detrimental to your soulmate relationship. Being too needy or clingy makes a person feel smothered. People who feel smothered feel the urge to break free. You should also trust them enough to have a respectful level of privacy. If you don’t, the reason for that distrust needs to be addressed.

Whether you are sabotaging your soulmate relationship intentionally, or unintentionally, it is best to address these behaviors if you want your soulmate relationship to continue.


Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

Can you trust your soulmate? This depends on whether you soulmate has done anything to cause you to lose your trust. If not, it may be your own individual trust issues getting in the way of your relationship. Either way, the issue of trust needs to be addressed or this relationship won’t be able to grow.


A relationship without trust is a dysfunctional relationship. If there is a solid reason, backed by evidence, that you cannot trust your soulmate, you need to have a conversation about your lack of trust. Your soulmate may constantly fail to follow through on specific plans you make together. They may promise to spend time with you and then don’t make the time to be with you. Your soul mate may tell you they will never bring up certain subjects or be cruel the next time you fight. But lo and behold, they did it again and you find it hard to believe a single word they say anymore.


soulmate trust

Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

Promises mean nothing, and so does their word. Apologies seem empty because they can’t really be sorry if they keep doing it. If your soul mate has lied repeatedly, the same holds true, you can’t believe a word they say. If your soulmate has cheated on you, the trust went out the window. What can you do at this point? Can you ever get trust back into a soul mate relationship like this?


Yes you can. We have seen it happen. It doesn’t happen by magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Both parties have to be committed to working on the trust problem. Both soulmates have to agree to work on it long-term, and have an understanding of how fragile the relationship is right now. You must be realistic and realize it is going to take time to rebuild lost trust. One soulmate can’t do it alone, it will take both of you working together. 


A good idea would be to get together and talk about where the trust was broken. Don’t rehash and argue, just point out the areas that led to the destruction of the trust. Then take some time to listen to the person whose trust was violated. Don’t make promises right now. They have heard promises before and don’t believe them especially from someone who has broken them over and over again. After they have talked, the other soulmate needs to understand these are serious issues. If they do not address them and make changes, this relationship will go from dysfunctional to volatile (if it hasn’t already) and stands a good chance of ending.


The best thing to do is to write a contract, together. All behaviors that need to changes should be listed on this contract. Both parties have to agree and express what they each need. This needs to be about trust, leave all other issues out for now. The focus needs to remain on rebuilding the trust. Once the list is compiled, each should take a copy and read it over themselves. Then each of you should initial each item showing that you understand and agree. The time for questions or clarity would be now, not later. Each of you gets a copy and agree going forward this is a new start, and the past is gone, and forgotten. This can help the two of you start fresh and begin to trust one another again.


Is Your Soulmate a Control Freak?

Is your soulmate a control freak? Do you feel like you can’t make any simple decision for yourself without their input? Is your soulmate such a control freak that you have to dress a certain way or face the consequences? Does your soulmate think their way is the only right way to do things? Do you feel like your soulmate has taken control over almost every aspect of your life?

Tests to Determine if Your Soulmate is a Control Freak

1. If your soulmate believes they know the only right way to do anything, and everything, they may be a control freak. Control freaks want things done their way, and only their way. Your way is not good enough, efficient enough, or fast enough.

control freak in relationships

Is Your Soulmate a Control Freak

2. If your soulmate is a control freak, they may expect you to believe every word they say. However, you have to show them proof that what you said is true. Even if you are a mechanic and they are not, they will not take you at your word when you tell them what is wrong with their car. You’re going to have to explain it, even though they won’t understand it, and show them proof that you are right.

3. Your soulmate could be a control freak if they act as though they know what is best for you, even better than you do. A true control freak believes they know what is best for just about everyone.

4. If your soulmate wants to know where you were, for how long, and you feel like you are being questioned by the police at time, they may be a control freak. A control freak feels entitled to know every detail of your life and you better tell them or they will get pissed off. When they call you, you better answer. When they email you, you better read it and write back quickly. When they want your attention, you better drop everything and give it to them.

5. If your soulmate has to have everything planned out and micro managed, even a trip to Disneyland, they might be a control freak. Control freaks hate spontaneity. If you try to deviate from their master plan they will completely freak out and you will probably have ruined Disneyland for them.

6. A soulmate who is a control freak will get mad at you if you don’t consult with them when making decisions. They will feel hurt and angry that you didn’t seek out their genius-level wisdom and made up your mind all by yourself. They can make decisions without consulting you of course, but you can’t.

7. If your soulmate offers you more constructive criticism, or outright criticism, than they do compliments, they might just be a control freak. Control freaks want perfection, and they will feel the urge to constantly complain when you are not perfect. If you make the mistake of criticizing them you will regret it.

8. If your soulmate is a control freak they always have to have the last word on EVERYTHING. If your soulmate is a control freak one of their favorite activities is saying “I told you so”, and they expect you to acknowledge that they did indeed tell you so, and that you should have listened to them.

9. A control freak won’t acknowledge your emotions. They will act as though you don’t have the right to feel your own emotions. Yes, they stood you up for a concert you bought expensive tickets to, but you are not allowed to be angry that they had to work. You must be understanding, not angry. If your soulmate can’t see your side of things, or empathize with how you feel, they may be a control freak.

10. A control freak will see you doing something and either stand over you and watch or join in and take over. When you tell them that is not how you want it done, or try to regain control, they will storm off threatening never to help you again. You will think to yourself “I didn’t ask for your help”. You rarely, if ever, would have to. The control freak will be angry that you didn’t appreciate their kind offer of help and believe that whatever you are doing will not be done right or well because you didn’t let them help. When you are finished and they see what you have accomplished they will find a way to criticize it, for it would have been so much better if only you let them help.

If many of the above list sound like your soulmate, then it stands to reason they are a control freak, and something has to change soon. We also invite you to check out our other article: Is Controlling Behavior Ruining Your Relationship?


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