Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does your soulmate have potential? All soulmate connections have potential. They have the potential for growth as individuals and a deep meaningful long-term relationship. But not every soulmate will live up to their potential, and the relationship may not work out on a romantic level.

Soulmate relationships are all about life lessons (twin flames have already learned theirs) and it is the free will of each soulmate to decide when and if they are ready to learn those lessons. The universe doesn’t give out cheat sheets, and won’t give either of you a free pass to avoid those lessons. The lessons are hard and the change needed is often uncomfortable. There are a lot of things about us we would rather not change. It would be easier on us for our partner/soulmate to just adapt.

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

Does Your Soulmate Have Potential?

The universe connects soulmates to challenge them to stop ignoring faults and avoiding change. If your soulmate resists learning and changing, and you enable it, expect the relationship to have the potential for disaster. Ask anyone that has gone through soulmate hell, they will tell you it is the worst. The universe will not reward either of you when you won’t reach your potential as individuals. So if you have wondered why the universe has done this terrible thing to you by bringing you a soulmate that is driving you nuts, you are blaming the wrong party. If you enable, the potential for a healthy relationship goes down the drain.

Don’t think that just because you are soulmates that automatically ensures the potential for a great, long-term, healthy relationship. If you both rise to the challenges, yes. If you act out, enable, or resist, no. The Universe only creates the connection, it is up to both of you to do something with that connection.

Stop looking just at what your soulmate needs to do, change or learn. Leave that to them. Look at what they are doing wrong and how it is affecting YOU. Is it making you insecure or fearful, making you afraid to speak up or challenge your soulmate? If so, there is YOUR lesson right there. You want your soulmate to get it right? Then get yourself right FIRST.

We see it all too often. A soulmate contacts us hoping their relationship has potential but fearing it doesn’t. When we see what their soulmate is resisting or not learning, it is almost always revealed what the client is resisting as well. Why is it so hard to comprehend that you cannot expect your soulmate to do what they need to do if you don’t address what you need to do as well? It should be pretty easy to understand and should make perfect sense. 

Both of you are in charge of the potential your union has. Not the universe, or anyone else. You two have sole responsibility. So don’t feel helpless or hopeless. If you want to stay together always, then simply stick together and face your challenges together and support each other. You are not supporting your soulmate by assisting them in avoiding the issues and certainly not helping yourself. 


Your Job in a Soulmate Relationship

Your job in a soulmate relationship is not to simply sit back and enjoy the love and romance. Quite the contrary. Your job in a soulmate relationship will be a lot of hard work, and may even make you think of quitting. Soulmate relationships are rarely, if ever, easy ones. That is more for twin flames. Soulmates, on the other hand, are tested, and challenged. And if they don’t pass the tests and learn their lessons, they are repeated, over and over. The work, then becomes harder and harder. A soulmate’s job is to assist their partners growth, as well as their own. Note we said assist. Not try doing their work for them. Not enable them to do the exact opposite, as many soulmates do. If you try either of those tactics, you are not only keeping them from growing and evolving, you are preventing yourself from doing what you need to do. You would be surprised how many people in a soulmate relationship are not doing their job.

So what is exactly is your job in a soulmate relationship? Because each soulmate relationship and individuals involved is unique, there is no blanket answer that covers everyone. You must figure it out on your own, with the help of your soulmate. You both with bring up things in each other that must be changed or healed in order to grow and to take your relationship to the next level. If that is not accomplished, the soulmate relationship becomes a disaster.

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Your Job in a Soulmate Relationship

This is why many people have said they feel like soulmates are a curse, and not a blessing. Each soulmate needs to address what is causing crisis in their relationship. Let’s say one soulmate is afraid of the connection so they decide to sabotage the relationship by turning their back and dating other people. They refuse to make a commitment to their soulmate and if they do, often change their mind. One soulmate keeps begging for a commitment, allowing themselves to be in a dysfunctional relationship with a soulmate who is seeing someone else, or multiple people, because they fear their soulmate will forget all about them and wind up with someone else. Neither one of them are doing their job.

Soulmate #1 is supposed to work through releasing the fear of the connection, accept it, acknowledge it, and take a leap of faith. Soulmate #2  is supposed to overcome their fear by trusting in the connection and to do what is right for their own personal growth. Soulmate #2 is supposed to end it with their soulmate until they can give their relationship a real chance. They too are supposed to take a leap of faith, but surrendered to the fear Soulmate #1 created. This is actually keeping them from doing their job. See how it works?

Soulmates should have faith in their connection so they can do their job. When they don’t have faith fear and doubt creep in and they actually wind up doing things that sabotage their soulmate relationship. Many times they are so focused on what they think their soulmate is doing, rather than figuring out what they should be doing. So if you have found yourself in a dysfunctional soulmate relationship, chances are, at least one, if not both, of you isn’t doing their job.

Do Opposites Attract in Soulmate Relationships?

Everyone has heard that opposites attract, but could this possibly be true for soulmate relationships? When people encounter a soulmate for the first time, they are often surprised in many ways. The intensity of the connection is a new experience many would never believe unless it happens to them. There are many unique similarities and synchronicity within the confines of the soulmate bond that might even be a bit shocking. But the biggest surprise they may experience how their soulmate is opposite to them in many ways.

Many soulmates are so similar to each other they could be twins but there are also many who are exact opposites. As it is with soulmates of any kind, alike or opposite, they face a unique set of challenges which are the combined and individual lessons that must be learned. As you may have learned through reading some of our other posts, soul mates are all about the lessons and the evolution of the individual. It is interesting to observe how the opposite traits in soulmates can bring out the best in the couple, or the worst in a couple.

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Do Opposites Attract in Soulmate Relationships?

When daydreaming or envisioning what a soulmate will be like people tend to believe their soulmate will be a mirror of themselves. They assume they will like the same things, share the same beliefs and have similar quirks and traits. They could be very surprised when a soulmate shows up who is their opposite in so many ways. When opposites attract in a soulmate connection, they  can make up for each others’ shortcomings. Where one of them may be a whiz at finances and the other an impulse buyer, a happy medium can be reached. When one of them is outgoing, and the other shy, one can come out of their shell and learn to be more comfortable getting attention and dealing with people. Since soulmate relationships are all about lessons to be learned and bettering ourselves, when soulmates are opposites, there are lots of opportunities to learn, evolve and grow. It may take someone with a special connection, like a soulmate, to encourage that change and provide the lesson, especially if the solo journey is a difficult one.

Soulmate relationships can bring drama and challenges with them as well, and being opposites can bring a lot of opportunities for friction to arrive. If someone meets their soulmate when they have reached a point in their life where they prefer to stay home, they may be extremely challenged by a partner who feels like a caged animal when confined to the house. The constant battling over going out versus staying home may become tiresome. Perhaps the universe put them together for a reason. Could it be they need to get out more, for reasons they are not aware of? Perhaps this would open the door to meet great a business contact that could propel their career forward, or make a lifelong friendship. Whatever the case may be, the universe may be directing them to get outside their comfort zone for a good reason. On the flip side, maybe the universe wants their partying partner to stay home more for reasons that may not be readily apparent. Whatever their reasons, the universe is challenging each soulmate to go outside their comfort zone and provide the opportunity for growth.

Many soulmates get very upset when they find they are on opposite sides of major issues. They feel they should be with someone more like them and that the universe must be playing some sort of sick joke on them. Not true. The differences between two soulmates can bring about change and opportunities in a very positive way. They have to look past the bickering over differences and evaluate why the universe brought this person into their lives. This may not be easy to decipher but with time they will understand.

Are there any traits about you soulmate opposite you admire that could rub off on you? What concessions can you make for your soul mate that can benefit you down the road? Always remember, soulmate relationships are not just about romance, but about opportunities to be your best self. Since no one is perfect, there is something to be learned from being around your opposite. Opposites do attract when it comes to soulmates and they can rise above the friction into relationship bliss if they celebrate their differences instead of fighting about them.

Do You Believe in Soulmates?

There are so many people today on a quest to find their soulmate. There are even internet dating sites dedicated to helping people find their soulmates. For many people, no ordinary relationship will do, and they will not stop searching until they have found the soulmate partner. On the flip side, however, there are just as many people who don’t believe soulmates exist. Their perception is that soulmates are something written about in romance novels or the characters in romantic movies.

Do you believe in soulmates? Should you believe in soulmates?

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Do You Believe in Soulmates?

It really is up to the individual. Many people who never even considered finding a true soulmate became true believers once they experienced a soulmate connection. For someone who thinks soulmates are nothing more than New Age airy-fairy mumbo jumbo find themselves actually stunned when they have that first encounter with a true soulmate energy. The intensity of the connection can knock them off their feet. The emotional tidal wave is like nothing they have experienced before. The feeling of familiarity and comfort with someone they have just met makes no sense. The chemistry is so overwhelming it makes them feel weak at the knees and out of control. They finish each other sentences and are amazed at how it all just clicks.

Because the experience of meeting a soulmate was so unexpected, denial can set in. Instead of believing a soulmate is now in their lives, they try to deny the connection at all costs. They still refuse to believe in soulmates and completely deny the connection, even to themselves. Quite often when soulmates do encounter one another, only one of them can believe soulmates exist.

There is nothing wrong with believing you will meet your soulmate one day. Leaving yourself open to the arrival of your soulmate is the best approach. Just keep in mind the universe is not a fast-food restaurant where you can order your soulmate and have them delivered in minutes. It is on the universe’s timetable, not yours. When the universe feels the time is right they will orchestrate the meeting.

So many people get frustrated waiting for a soulmate partner to enter their lives. They lose patience and either decide every person they meet is a soulmate or stop believing in soulmates all together. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t confuse the emotional roller coaster of a dysfunctional relationship with a soulmate relationship. Both have intense emotions, out of control thoughts and fears, drama, and issues. Yes, soul mate relationships can be dysfunctional, but not every dysfunctional relationship is with a soulmate. A bad experience in a toxic relationship can make someone no longer believe soulmates are real or that they will never find theirs. A negative viewpoint of relationships in general or previous bad experiences can prevent someone from believing in soulmates and actually block a soulmate energy from entering their life.

Once you have met your  soulmate, you may find many of your friends and family members believe the concept of soulmates is a bunch of nonsense. They don’t understand any of the emotions or experiences you try to describe to them. They begin to you question your sanity, and after a while, you may question it yourself. Many people, who have become believers in soulmates have at one point questioned their beliefs because it seems no one understands what they are going through. The only way the will is to experience it themselves.

The bottom line? You don’t have to believe in soulmates to encounter one. But if and when you do, it will make a believer out of you.

Soulmate Relationships: Fated and Non-Fated

Soulmate relationships come with a certain amount of destiny and fate attached to them, but not all relationships are fated. When we speak of destiny and soulmates, it is indicated they come from that spiritual place of pre-destined meetings that you agreed to before birth. A fated relationship, such as a soulmate relationship, will shape your life by bringing experiences that you would not have had, if this person had not entered your life. In other words, if you did not have this fated meeting, your life path may very well have taken a different route.  When it is a fated relationship, the energy of it will be bigger than both of you, and it will unfold as the Universe wants it to.

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Soulmate Relationships: Fated and Non-Fated

When things are fated in your life, many people and beings conspire and are used to create that reality, and it is truly a cosmic experience. Soulmate relationships, and others you are meant to encounter in this lifetime, will enter your life no matter what you do. It is a concert being conducted by the Universe. When you have this experience you will see the flow of what seem like random events converge together to create the mystical experience that defines a fated relationship. When you are engaged with someone who is a fated relationship, whether that be a friendship or soulmate relationship, they will always make a big impact on your life and be part of your life for a long time.

We can also have relationships that are defined by non-fated meetings. These people come into our lives to teach us a lesson, for one particular reason or another, and then move on. As we have discussed in many other blogs, a soulmate relationship does not necessarily last a lifetime, as it could also only last for a season or a reason. And that reason is to teach you a life lesson about yourself that must be learned for your own personal growth, and then they move on. Even though we may have formed a strong emotional bond to that individual during the time the life lesson was in play, we must also realize that once that lesson has been assimilated into our psyche, it is time for us to let them go, thank them for the lesson and move on as best we can. And yes, we realize that moving on may be easier said than done, but that will also be part of the lesson.

So how exactly can you determine if a meeting is fated or non-fated? In a fated meeting, as mentioned above, the Universe is definitely moving things around to “force” a meeting and it will only happen through divine design. Here is an example: Lets say you have a trip planned but when you get to the airport, your flight is cancelled. Even though you had been looking forward to the trip for many months you wonder now if you will ever get there. Finally, two days later, you are on an outbound plane to your destination. Instead of having 12 days in your locale, you now only have 10, and so you must adjust your sight-seeing activities accordingly. It is very frustrating to you to redo your entire schedule because you still want to see everything. One day you end up being somewhere you were not supposed to be on that day. Actually you were supposed to be somewhere very far away from that spot, but because you adjusted your itinerary, you were there. And BOOM! you meet someone and it has a very mythical, mystical feel to it. You were not supposed to be there. That was not your plan. But the Universe, and greater powers that be, orchestrated that entire sequence of events so you would be there, at the right time and the right place. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Remember, non-fated relationships are just as important to our personal growth as fated ones. Also consider that the Universe brings into our lives the people and events we need at that moment to inspire us and cause us to change. If you have been in a non-fated relationship, be grateful for the experience and the lesson that came with it because in some way that person touched your life.

You don’t have to go out there and look for these types of connections. When they are supposed to come into your life they will and there is not one thing you can do to encourage it along. Go out. Live your life. When things start to appear chaotic, like the cancellation of plans, etc., take a step back and wonder what is happening and allow the Divine to work in your life.


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