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Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

Stop trying to make the wrong person your soulmate. Not everyone you have strong feelings for is a soulmate. Not everyone you have a crazy relationship with is a soul mate. Not everyone you have great chemistry is a soulmate. Not everyone you have a dream about is a soulmate.

Too many people try to make the wrong person a soulmate connection. The intensity levels in soulmate relationships can feel very similar to toxic, dysfunctional ones. The emotions and drama run very high. For someone who has not yet met their soulmate, they can confuse the wrong person as a soul mate.

Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

Stop Trying to Make the Wrong Person Your Soulmate

No matter how hard you try, you cannot make the wrong person your soul mate. It’s not up to you to create your soulmate, that is for the universe to do. Too many people confuse the wrong person with a soulmate, and the results can be disastrous. Someone can spend too much wasted time with the wrong person because they believe they are a soulmates when in realty they are not. They could actually be keeping themselves from finding a true soulmate partner because they stay with the wrong person.

Try looking at the relationship from a neutral position. It can be very hard to tell when you are actually in the relationship but you have to try to keep an emotional distance. Just because you have a hard time imaging being without someone doesn’t make them a soulmate. Even some people in a toxic relationship have a hard time imagining themselves with out them. If you think about someone all the time, it does not indicate you are in a soulmate relationships. People in highly dysfunctional relationships think about each other all the time.

You may have some similarities to your romantic partner but this doesn’t mean you truly are soulmates. It is not in your best interest, for you romantic success and happiness, to insist  the wrong person your soulmate. So many people have contacted us to tell us they know their current partner is their soulmate. Yet we read it differently because we are able to look at it from the deeper connection of the soul. Many times we have to tell them the person they called about is not their soulmate, and very often the wrong person for them. Unfortunately they don’t want to hear it as they have already decided it is a soulmate connection and can get very angry when we disagree.

Sometimes we hold on to the wrong people and need a reason to justify it. Telling yourself the wrong person is a soulmate can give you a reason for staying. If you believe all soulmate relationships work out you may erroneously believe your current situation is destined to be sunshine and roses one day. Don’t kid yourself. It’s not going to happen. You need to stop trying to make the wrong person your soulmate. Are you hanging in there with the wrong person hoping it will get better because you believe you are soulmates? That is a waste of your precious time. There is nothing wrong with searching for your soulmate, just don’t think every person you meet and like is one.

The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool tarot card can represent many different things in a soulmate tarot reading. When soulmates first meet The Fool tarot card can appear in a tarot reading. The Fool symbolizes the beginning of a journey or life path. When soulmates first encounter one another, new paths and new choices present themselves. Do you take a leap of faith or stay stagnant where you feel safe? Because of the strong connection and extreme emotions that are representative of soulmate relationships, many people feel an element of danger. The fear of allowing ones emotions to guide them instead of their intellect can be hard to overcome for many who encounter this magical connection. Where logic dictates they should not feel so strongly for someone relatively new in their lives, emotions say otherwise. So what will they choose? Will they take the leap of faith? Well this truly depends on the rest of the soulmate tarot reading and which other tarot cards are present.


The leap of faith which The Fool tarot card symbolizes is the same leap of faith others must face who are going through trials and tribulations in their lives. Will you have faith in the soulmate connection and do what needs to be done? Or will your lack of faith cause you to make the wrong choices? When you have faith in the soulmate connection, you find the strength to do what is needed to be done. When you do not, you allow yourself to be guided by fear, which is not a smart choice. We have to remember that fear and love and can’t coexist in the same plane although you may find yourself fearing you could lose this wonderful connection.


The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Fool Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Soulmate relationships are not just for romance, they are the opportunity for self-awareness and growth. Will your, or your soulmates, lack of faith or fear cause you to bring out the worst (instead of the best) in one another? It is this fear that causes many soulmates to run and hide because they refuse to deal with or accept the connection. Those who have faith in their soulmate connection fully embrace and welcome it. The Fool tarot card and those that are present in the rest of your spread should reveal which choice you or your soulmate will make when you find yourselves at the crossroads.


The Fool tarot card can also represent having to make an important decision. Do one of you need to pack up and move to sustain the soulmate relationship? Do one of you have to change jobs or a career to make the soulmate relationship work? Does one or both of you need to end a relationship that is not working to be free to pursue the soulmate relationship? The Fool tarot card can represent one or both soulmates facing a decision which could greatly affect the future path of their soulmate relationship. The Fool tarot card is in the reverse position can represent a faulty choice that could affect the soulmate relationship in a negative way. It could also indicate that one of the soulmates is unsure of where or how to proceed and is left feeling confused. They may make a rash, or foolish, decision without thinking things through and end up making a big mistake.


If you and your soulmate have broken up or separated, The Fool tarot card could be a very welcome one. Your soulmate tarot reading could indicate that there will be a new beginning for your relationship. A reconciliation could take place or a fresh start, new outlook and attitude towards the connection which gives you the opportunity to try your relationship again. It is often very difficult for soulmates to remain apart from one another as something always pulls them to the direction of their soulmate. The Fool tarot card can indicate the return of a soulmate from a recent past or many years ago. The Fool represents the conditions are open for the two of you to try again. Since you have both been through so much personal growth while apart, you have much better ability to sustain your soulmate connection.


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Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

soulmates and predestined relationships

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

Many people believe in predestined relationships. But what exactly is a predestined relationship? Well we don’t believe predestined relationships exist. However, we do believe that destiny brings two people together through chance encounters, the crossing of paths or the aligning of the stars. While these may feel like chance encounters, serendipity or synchronicity, it is more so the karmic agreement you have with another soul. Before you were born, you and that soulmate decided that you would meet at a certain place and time because you had some things to work through together. So when we think of predestined relationship, it makes more sense to refer to agreements made with a soulmate for completion of a karmic task. That is the predestined part. There is never any guarantee it will turn into a relationship.

Some people believe soulmate relationships are predestined relationships that come with a guarantee for romantic success. And while this can be true in some cases, they don’t have the ability to see the full destiny of a relationship or its final outcome. Destiny most certainly plays a role when meeting someone who you might have never met under normal circumstances, for example. But destiny does not participate in how this relationship ultimately unfolds. Destiny has played its role by putting you both in the same place at the same time, but this does not indicate it is a predestined relationship. The chance encounter was predestined, but for the destiny to unfold, you much each make choices in your lives to support it. The Universe produces the connections, the free will we are all given determines where the relationship ultimately goes.

People who believe in predestined relationships might also believe the relationship will be full of roses and moonlight walks on the beach. Since destiny brought them together, that most certainly fate will kick in to make their predestined relationship the perfect romantic adventure. Destiny can only do so much; it won’t do all the work for you nor will it guarantee the quality of a relationship. So again while the opportunity to meet a romantic partner may be predestined by fates greater than yourselves, you much each individually do the work within the relationship. The two people involved in the relationship and their willingness to work together to build a happy healthy life produces a long-lasting partnership. If you believe in a set outcome for a predestined relationship, then what is the point of the actual dating process? Interesting food for thought.

If we consider that predestined relationships are defined before we are born, we must also agree that they will come with life lessons. As we have discussed in other blogs, many life lessons come through painful experiences, what has this predestined relationship come to teach you? Some of them can actually create wonderful relationships but unfortunately they can’t all be positive experiences. Destiny does not always bring us joyful events. Quite often destiny’s intervention is to learn a hard lesson. What happens when the going gets tough? The outcome of predestined relationships really relies on the partners and their willingness to work for a healthy happy relationship. Too often people drop the ball expecting fate and destiny to sustain their relationship when the need to do the work themselves to fulfill a life lesson.

If you believe that a relationship can be destined to work out, you also then must accept that some relationships may be destined to fail. You can’t have one without the other. Some predestined relationships, if the lesson is learned and is allowed to fail, leads the person to the right relationship for them. There have been countless people who have shared these experiences with us. For example, someone we will call “Mary” had what she believed was a predestined relationship turn into a complete disaster. No matter how hard she tried to make it work she hit obstacles and barriers that could not overcome. Their meeting was predestined and she believed that alone indicated the relationship would last. In truth, the relationship made her so miserable. She refused to throw in the towel, because she believed so strongly in the predestined relationship that just had to work out in the end. She was wrong. This relationship was predestined, but not for the reason Mary thought. Once she learned the lesson this predestined relationship provided, and let that relationship go, a better relationship entered her life. Looking back, she could see how the experience of the predestined relationship led her to the happy fulfilling relationship she is enjoying today. So in truth, this predestined relationship, although it failed, ultimately led her to a successful romantic partnership.

Destiny is not cupid. Destiny does not surround your relationship in a protective bubble to keep your relationship together forever. Predestined relationships allow us to take the opportunities we are given and make the best of them, regardless of the final outcome. The beginning of a relationship can be predestined, but you must all take responsibility for how the relationship unfolds.

What is your predestined relationship destined to be? What are you supposed to be learning, changing or doing in your current relationship to ensue the most positive outcome for you? Sarah and Sophia can provide clarity and insight into the specific purposes of predestined relationships in your lives.

Top 10 Reasons Soul Mates Separate

Soul mates separate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the soul mates reunite, at other times the separation is permanent. Every soul mate relationship is different but the common ground they share is that they all posses a certain intense connection. It is quite common with soul mate relationships for there to be a period of separation between the two. There are misconceptions when it comes to soul mates, and these separations tend to come with shock and surprise. So why do soul mates separate when there is such a deep connection between the two? Why is it so common for soul mates to separate?

Top 10 Reasons Soul Mates Separate

Top 10 Reasons Soul Mates Separate

We have compiled a list of the top reasons soul mates separate based on our experience with thousands of clients over the years:

1.  One commonplace reason soul mates separate is that they came together at an inopportune time. For instance, one or both partners may be in marriages or relationships at the time they meet. There may be a need for a separation to end those current relationships so they can be free to pursue the soul mate relationship.

2.  The intensity of the connection may prove to be too overwhelming for some people. A soul mate connection, and the intense chemistry that comes with it, is not something you understand until you have experienced it. This intensity may cause soul mates to separate for a time until they are ready to accept and deal with a deep spiritual connection.

3.  The lessons that some soul mates need to learn must be learned apart, not while together in the soul mate relationship. Some soul mates separate they need to have life lessons and experiences required for their personal growth which can’t be accomplished within the confines of the soul mate relationship. They are too consumed with the relationship instead of focusing where the need to for personal and spiritual growth.

4.  Another reason soul mates separate is because soul mate relationships can bring out the best, or the worst, in couples. Soul mates serve as a mirror and they reflect back to us the things within our lives, character or psyche that we must work on in order to evolve and grow. This can be quite difficult as most of us to don’t like to see what is reflected back at us that we must address. Sometimes the damage inflicted as well as the drama created is so overwhelming that a break or separation is necessary.

5.   Not everyone on the planet believes in the concept of soul mates nor are they searching for a soul mate. When faced with a soul mate connection, and the fear of losing control of their guarded emotions, they bolt.  They refuse to acknowledge soul mates exist and do everything they can to disprove it, although they are well aware they experience the connection. They know there is a connection, they just don’t know or understand what it is. Better be safe by running, than be sorry they gave in to their emotions and embrace the soul mate connection. These people find themselves turning their back on the soul mate relationship and seek out something more “safe”. They find it more comfortable to be in a relationship where they risk very little.

6.  Soul mates separate because some soul mates over analyze every little fight or spat. In doing so they can create mountains out of mole hills. Many soul mates experience very high highs, and very low lows, which may make them appear to be bipolar. When the connection is flowing well and all is groovy, they are on top of their game. When there are problems in the relationship, they sink to the depths of despair and totally disconnect from their daily lives. A little argument can easily end up being an epic battle that becomes completely out of control. Soul mates can have a hard time finding middle ground, and may very well separate during these lows.

7.  Unrealistic expectations can come with soul mate relationships. It is extremely rare to find a perfectly blissful soul mate relationship. On the contrary, soul mate relationships can often be more volatile than mundane relationships.  We often see unrealistic expectations materialize the minute someone believes they have found their soul mate. After just one date they are very often planning a wedding, looking forward to a life of eternal bliss in soul mate heaven. They are completely devastated at the first sign of trouble because their expectation is soul mate relationships are perfect. This may lead them to believe this is not a soul mate connection and decide to separate.

8.  Soul mates separate because their karmic journey together has been completed. You have done what you need to do together and now it is time to move on. Soul mates come together for a reason or a season but very rarely a life time. Soul mate relationships challenge us, force us to grow, serve as a catalyst to create change or put us on the path of spirituality. Very often when that lesson has been achieved it is time to end the soul mate relationship. Perhaps you feel the lesson has not been completed. If so it is very possible the lesson involves how you handle separating from your soul mate.

9.  Sometimes separating from your soul mate is the best thing you can do. If your soul mate has been abusing your connection and your love for them, taking a break will restore your self-respect. Quite often soul mates need to separate just to give the relationship a chance to succeed. Separation will give you distance and space from each other. Many soul mates feel the need to hang on, or insist they cannot let go, because of the intense connection. In truth it is crucial for soul mates to take a break before more damage is done.

10. The Universe may separate soul mates to provide required space for personal growth or to reveal issues that must be addressed. For instance, if you have trust issues, your soul mate may get a six month temporary job assignment in another country. You are being shown by the Universe now is the time to deal with your trust issues. This is very important for your own personal development and growth. It is up to you to create a change within yourself instead of letting this issue cause problems in your soul mate relationship.

If you are currently facing a soul mate separation, please contact soul mate psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, for clarity and guidance at this trying time.

Psychic Reading by Chat

Many times we have been limited to being able to speak with some of you who want a psychic reading from us because the services we use, Ether and Click4Advisor, have a limited reach. Click4Advisor now offers a psychic reading by chat feature to anyone, anywhere in the world. So if you have not been able to reach us using either the Click or Ether services, because of your location limitations, we are now wide open for the entire world.

Soulmate psychic reading by chat

Psychic Reading by Chat

To reach us for a psychic reading by chat (or phone) you can use the pull down menu at the top of the screen, or click on our individual photos on the right hand columns to get to our individual pages where our call and chat buttons are. Here you have the option to for a psychic reading by phone using either the Click4Advisor or Ether technologies OR you can use the Click4Advisor Chat button for a psychic reading by chat. For all chat readings, the first minute is FREE. You will need a Click4Advisor account to access this feature and receive a psychic reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise.

We hope this allows those of you who have wanted to have a psychic reading with us to be able to reach us and hope you take advantage of this feature. If you don’t see us online for the Chat feature, or if it says Arrange a Chat, don’t worry. When you set up your chat with us, Click4Advisor will call us and tell us that you are waiting and usually we can log on to the chat for you psychic reading right away.



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