Soulmate Contract

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

Do soulmate relationships end? Soulmate relationships do not really end but they can and will change and transform into a different type of relationship within both the current lifetime and lifetimes to come. When we are talking about soulmates, in the true sense of the word, the relationship is endless. A soulmate relationship is eternal, and soulmates will incarnate with each other over and over again in an effort to attain the life lessons they have with one another. But.. do they really.. do soulmate relationships end?

The true nature of a soulmate relationship is a karmic one and during a soulmate reading we can very quickly tune into the soulmate contract and karmic nature of your relationship. When we have karmic relationships, whether they be kindred spirit relationships, soulmate relationships or twin flame relationships, we are called to learn and grow from that relationship in an effort to produce a soul evolution. We revisit these same relationships lifetime after lifetime to ensure the growth is there. This is why, when you meet a soulmate, but more specifically a romantic soulmate, you have that feeling of instant attraction, love at first sight or the sense you have known this person before. Actually you have known them before just not in this lifetime. It is a past life recognition or soul level recognition that creates that feeling or connection when you meet a soulmate.

do soulmate reltionships end

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

Since you incarnate with these same souls who are really members from your soul family over and over again the soulmate relationship is truly endless. You may be in a romantic relationship with them in this lifetime but that does not indicate you will always manifest as romantic soulmates, life after life. You may be brother – sister soulmates in one lifetime, mother – son soulmates the next lifetime or teacher – student soulmates in another lifetime. Regardless of the nature of the relationship the soulmate relationship exists by its mere definition… soulmates.

Many people call us who are currently involved in soulmate relationships or who have recently ended soulmate relationships. They are seeking clarity for issues that present themselves during the course of the soulmate relationship. These problems, issues and crises you have with your soulmate, however, are by definition the very reason you are having the soulmate relationship. Sometimes it can cause a break in the soulmate relationship so each of you can go and learn what needs to be learned as stated in your soulmate agreement or soulmate contract. Being in a break period from your soulmate can be very difficult. You can feel a great deal of pain which you will more than likely define as suffering. Being separated from your soulmate can create a great deal of anxiety which we call Soulmate Separation Anxiety.

It is your job and challenge, if you are truly living from the perspective of your eternal soul, to work through that Soulmate Separation Anxiety and stay in your power. It could just be a period of time needs to pass so that you can each learn your respective life lessons individually before the soulmate relationship can continue. Separations from your soulmate, once you have found them, are the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth. Unfortunately we do not learn spiritual lessons when things are going great in our lives, well most of us don’t because we are not highly evolved enough. Sadly we learn through pain, like learning how to not touch the stove because it will burn. Pain brings growth, emotionally and spiritually. If you are in a break from your soulmate, learn the lesson you need to learn and you have a greater potential for the soulmate relationship to come back together.

And be patient! Sometimes it can take a long time for the soulmates to come back together, but it is all part of the process. I have seen many soulmate breakups reconnect 10, 15, 20 years later to produce wonderful long lasting relationships. The truth of the matter is that you have no control over it so you might as well be patient anyway. And more than likely, patience (which is one of the most difficult life lessons to learn) is the lesson you are currently experiencing.

do soulmate reltionships end

Do Soulmate Relationships End?

More of than not, soulmate breakups are permanent. So to answer my own question from a different perspective, there is not guarantee from God, the Angels, Goddess or soulmate fairies that a soulmate relationship is permanent. For the fortunate few however they can be. I have seen some soulmate relationships that continue for the remainder of their lives. I have some friends who were high school sweethearts, who married very young, and today, 30-years later they are still together. Their soulmate contract with each other indicated that their life lessons encompassed being in a relationship for their entire adult lives. For most of us though, that is simply not to be.

When your soulmate relationship comes to an end it can be a very disruptive experience psychologically, emotionally and even spiritually. It is truly a”Dark Night of the Soul” experience and it will take you some time to get through and work through all the feelings and emotions you have concerning the ending of the relationship. But remember we have to have these dark nights so we can fully embrace and experience the true light!

When you have learned what you contracted to learn with your soulmate and that soulmate agreement or soulmate contract is complete, there is no spiritual need for the relationship to continue. Now I understand you may want it to continue because you do truly feel a deep connection to that person but from the perspective of the evolution of your soul, it is time to move on and grow and evolve in another direction. Personally I have had several soulmate relationships in my lifetime and each one of them brought with it vast experience and insight that has put me in the place that I am today….and I don’t just mean sitting here writing articles about soulmates.  :-)  Without those soulmate relationships, and the ending of those soulmate relationship, I would be stuck in a life I did not want and did not like.

When soulmate relationships end, people can become very depressed and detached from life. They can stop doing all the things they are supposed to do such as paying bills, going to work, being around family, bathing and cleaning the house.  The challenge is to stay in your power and continue to be a productive living, breathing, bathing human. Try to stop this from sending you into a downward spiral of obsession and fantasy. Try to see what you learned from it, embrace it, heal from it and move on. This is a time where a soulmate reading with soulmate psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help. During a soulmate reading specifically focused on you, they will be able to see whether your soulmate relationship is on hiatus or truly finished. They will always be honest with you concerning your soulmate dilemmas and help you find the strength and grace to get through the break or break-up.

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Justice Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

Justice Tarot Card in a Soulmate Tarot Reading

The Justice tarot card has a strong significance in a soulmate reading. The Justice Tarot Card represents the astrological sign of Libra which supports balance, partnership and equality. Libra is the seventh house of the zodiac and the ruler of long term partnerships whether they be legal or business matters, romantic relationships and contractual obligations. Venus the planet of love and emotions rules the 7th House of Libra. In ancient Greek mythology Aphrodite is the name for the goddess of love and beauty, with Venus being her Roman counterpart. Venus describes how you love, what you love and who you love and will also define the soulmate relationships coming into  and out of  your life. When Libra appears in your soulmate reading it can indicate that the relationship will very well move to commitment or if you are already married, it can also symbolize divorce. In a soulmate reading, Libra can also indicate the timing of events, in that things will occur when the Sun is in Libra.

Justice Tarot Card in Soulmate Readings

Justice Tarot Card Soulmate Reading

Venus, and Libra, rule our love and emotional lives and we feel that influence in all relationships – business, personal and soulmate alike.  Venus guides our romantic lives since the sign and house position influences our tastes and attractions, which will lead to connecting with your soulmate especially if you Venus(in your own personal astrology chart) is in harmony with a potential soulmate. If this is the case, you have a higher probability of creating an enduring soulmate relationship and your soulmate reading will definitely show that as you combine the Justice cards with the other cards that are around it. Venus reveals how we experience, and share beauty. It also defines how we assimilate and absorb your life changes, character development, personal and spiritual growth and personal empowerment through the ever expanding role of your ever evolving relationships.

In some tarot decks, the Justice tarot card is often blind folded as many statues and illustrations of Justice can be. It is not an implication that love is blind, but it does show us how we will not judge a  person or potential soulmate by external looks alone. Soulmate relationships are not shallow and not founded on external beauty alone. This is not to indicate that your soulmate will be ugly, of course you will be deeply attracted to them. But it is not the shallowness of an immature relationship solely based on physical beauty or lust. A soulmate relationship is much deeper and connected on the inner beauty, qualities and soul characteristics of the soulmate personality. As a matter of fact you may find that your soulmate is just not your type but you are undoubtedly drawn to them in a way because of their inner qualities and characteristics. Simply put, they speak to your soul.

Justice Tarot Card in Soulmate Readings

Justice Tarot Card

When the Justice Tarot Card is present in a soulmate reading, it indicates the karmic nature of the relationship. In the mundane world, Justice can indicate legal contracts, binding agreements made between parties and a sense of law and order. Likewise, in the spiritual world we connect with during a psychic reading or soulmate reading, a soulmate psychic can see that with Justice present it is an indicator of a karmic relationship between the two parties being considered in the question for the reading. During a soulmate reading, Justice can indicate the binding soulmate contract or soulmate agreement between two souls to provide life lessons and experiences to each other during a life time. It will also indicate the Universal law (and order) which are required for that soulmate relationship to exist due to the nature of the binding soulmate contract.

The Justice Tarot Card also indicates karmic justice and karmic law within the physical world. It is heaven’s justice on Earth. It implies the karmic nature and karmic agreements of the soulmate relationship. It also shows us the karmic fallout that can potentially occur if the soulmate contract is violated or abandoned due to the free will of one of the soulmates in the relationship. Often I have seen the scales of justice tipped when there is karmic fallout from a soulmate relationship gone awry.

Universal karma is swift and thorough and often make the lessons much harder for the offending soulmate. Often this is carried forward into other lifetimes which is why at times these soulmate relationships can be so difficult to manage. When you meet your soulmate you may have a feeling of instant attraction or of feeling that you have known that soulmate before. You have. In another dimension or in another lifetime. It is the soul recognizing and acknowledging that other soul from past lives and past experiences coming together again to work through their soulmate karma.

During a soulmate reading, your soulmate psychic will explain the significance of the Justice tarot card as it relates to you, your relationship and your soulmate. The other cards that surround the Justice card will also further define the exact meaning during your soulmate reading. For example, if it is close to the 3 of Swords, it is more than likely an indication that the soulmate relationship, or marriage if there is one, is coming to an end. A combination of Justice and the 3 of Swords indicates divorce when reading at the  mundane level, but during a soulmate reading it can indicate that the soulmate relationshi and the soulmate contract is coming to an end. If that combination is present it can indicate that the karmic ties between the two of you are complete and you have each successfully worked through it.

At other times during a soulmate reading, the Justice tarot card can be combined with the 2 of cups or 4 or wands. These two cards are fairly indicative of relationship coming together and establishing itself for the long haul. More specifically the 4 of Wands can represent celebration in a soulmate reading, a celebration of hearth and home. A celebration of love. It is the card I use for marriage during a soulmate reading more specifically if the Justice tarot card is present.

There are many other tarot cards that are significant in soulmate readings. Keep coming back and checking to see what else we write about as it relates to soulmates, soulmate relationships and soulmate readings.

Psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are not only accurate soulmate relationship experts. Sarah and Sophia are also master tarot card readers. Do you want a tarot reading, or tarot card reading to gain answers for your soulmate relationship? Would a psychic soulmate reading help you better understand the dynamics of your soulmate relationship? Get accurate psychic predictions for your soulmate relationship from Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise.

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Soulmate BreakUps, Will You Always Get Back Together?

Soulmate BreakUps, Will You Always Get Back Together?

soulmate breakups will you always get back together

Soulmate Breakups Will You Always Get Back Together?

After soulmate breakups will you always get back together? The short answer to that is, that is an individually based answer, but the real answer is that it depends on what is written in your soulmate contract. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied from God, the Universe, the Angels, whomever … that a soulmate relationship is destined to be together for ever. Unfortunately due to Hollywood, cheap romance novels and the New Age movement, there has been a definite overt romantic association on soulmates and soulmate relationships without a full comprehension of what they really are. A relationship is for a season, a  reason or a lifetime, soulmate relationships included.

If you are contracted to be together for your lifetime, if this was something you and your soulmate agreed to in your soulmate agreement, you more than likely will be. So even after several soulmate breakups, you will still reunite to be together because that is part of your soulmate contract. But you could have also contracted to just be with your soulmate for an express reason, to learn a life lesson of great importance to you for future relationships that come into your life. Then again, you could have just made a contract with that soulmate to have them in your life for a season, a period of time, for a year or so and then move on.  Either way, the soulmate relationship will be one of great joy, great passion, great experiences and then great life lessons as you each fulfill with that other soul the reasons you wrote in your life blueprints and soulmate contracts to meet, spend time together and evolve.

For example, I know a lady who met a soulmate while she was married to a somewhat abusive, emotionally distant man. The soulmate was also married at the time. Their relationship was so connected they woke each other up in the middle of the night thinking about each other even though they were miles apart from each other. They knew it was destiny, fate and karma that had brought them together because he had just move from halfway around the world to work on a project at her company she was also involved in. They spent a lot of time together and although neither had an affair before, they had one. The connection was incredible and they fell in love. It was six months of pure bliss. And then it happened. He made a big mistake that cost him his job and was forced to move far away. They had to separate and it was very difficult for both of them. They devised a plan to allow them to be together, each deciding to leave their spouse. She went first and went through the process of telling her husband she was leaving. She moved out and got an apartment on her own. Her soulmate changed his mind and decided to stay with his wife and told her he could never ever speak with her again. Talk about devastation. It was hard on her for two years but she moved through it and today she looks back and realizes the purpose of the soulmate contract with this guy was to give her the strength she needed to move out of a miserable marriage. He did finally leave his wife but heard through the grapevine she was getting married to someone else, which was not true by the way, but that is the Universe intervening to support the soulmate contract agreement. He was in her life for a reason and he fulfilled it. Now he is married to someone else.

soulmate breakups will you always get back together

Soulmate Breakups Will You Always Get Back Together?

When you meet your soulmate, you really enjoy the bond, the connection, the closeness and the intimacy the two of you share.  Life is great! You are happier than you have ever been in your life. You are soaring on the wings of love, literally, well at least you think you are. And then without fail something happens. After the initial period of perpetual togetherness, bliss, harmony and wonderful romantic sex-filled nights, BOOM!! It happens. There is a break, a break-up or one of you puts on the brakes in your soulmate relationship. Either you or your soulmate have hit that Soulmate Crisis Point where one of you has to leave the relationship for a period of time, or permanently, to focus on something or someone else. It happens. It is life. It is a soulmate relationship. And without fail, after watching these relationships for over 25-years, one of you, will have to break the soulmate bond.

When a soulmate leavesyour life it can be very painful because you are so connected to them. But only through separation from your soulmate does the soul truly grow. Unfortunately we learn through pain. We never seem to learn valuable lessons when everything is going great in our lives, although I am sure there are some situations where this is so. Like a kid burning their hand on the stove to learn not to touch it, we will learn and grow spiritually through soulmate relationships when the soulmate leaves.

How do you navigate through the pain of the soulmate leaving? This is where you must learn to detach, let go and focus on yourself. We realize this is easier said than done, because it seems impossible to breathe when you no longer have that connection to the soulmate. We know and understand what you are going through. But get through it you must because that is the challenge and more than likely defined in your soulmate contract because it gives you the opportunity for the spiritual growth you need in your life. It is how you work through the soulmate separation anxiety that is true challenge and we agree it is very difficult.

You are probably filled with a great deal of despair, agony, countless hours of crying, talking endlessly with your friends to see if they think the soulmate is coming back into your life. More than likely your friends, because they care deeply for you and want you to be happy again, will tell you to let go and move on, that your soulmate is not coming back or getting back together with you. Remember when they do this it is because they truly have your best interest at heart. Your friends are connected to you and want the best for you. If you really want to know what is going on with your soulmate relationship and whether or not your soulmate break-up is permanent, your best course of action is to have a private soulmate reading with a love psychic, relationship psychic, or soulmate psychic. During your soulmate reading, a soulmate psychic will be able to see if the split from your soulmate is forever. If so, they will need to give you guidance on how to move through this very difficult time in your life. Allowing yourself to dwell on the loss of your soulmate and spend months, and sometimes years, wondering and hoping if you will get back together, Sarah and Sophia, who are also Certified Life Coaches, will be able to help you move on, let go and work through the soulmate separation anxiety you are most certainly experiencing.

If you have received a psychic reading from someone on one of the many readily available psychic networks out there and they told you that you would be together no matter what, please consider a second opinion from Lad Sarah and Sophia Elise. They are highly accurate 5-star master psychics with an emphasis on love, relationship and soulmate situations, specifically soulmate breakups and reunions. They will be able to see the details concerning your soulmate relationship. Soulmate relationships are very near and dear to your heart and when you are in one, and find you have reached the Soulmate Crisis Point, you will need someone to help you navigate through that crisis.

Soulmates split, there are soulmate breakups, then reunite and come back together at times, but not always. What is the outcome for you and your soulmate? Find out today so you can decide what course of action you need to take to get your life back on track while you wait for the return of you soulmate or make preparations to allow a new soulmate to enter your life. Either way, you will win, you may not see it now, but with the help of Sarah and Sophia, YOU WILL WIN.



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