What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? … to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

Soulmate Contract

Soulmate Tests: Are You Passing or Failing?

Is your soulmate failing all the soulmate tests the universe is presenting to you both individually and as a couple? Has your soulmate turned their back on you or denied your soulmate connection? Have they tested your strength and sanity with irrational or cruel behavior? Has your soulmate disappeared, refusing to see or speak to you? Has your soulmate run from your arms to someone else’s?


If your soulmate has done any of the above, they are seriously failing their soulmate tests. The universe does not bring soulmates into our lives for just romance and happy times. The true path of the soulmate connection is to change our perspective on the direction our life path is headed. Our soulmates are there to help us see the changes that we need to make in order to be more fulfilled and to live our best and most authentic lives.


Soulmate relationships always come with a series of soulmate tests. If we keep failing test after test, the lessons will just get harder and harder. If we keep failing our soulmate tests, the Universe can often resort to smashing our heads with a 2X4 or drop the equivalent of a 14 pound bowling ball on our heads, until we get the lesson. So before your soulmate relationship hits the breaking point, learn to pass the tests, instead of failing.

soulmate tests

Soulmate Tests: Passing or Failing?

Keep in mind that each of you may have tests both individually, and as a couple. Whatever test the universe is giving your soulmate, it is up to them to pass or fail. You can help them, but you can’t take the test for them. That’s cheating. You may be doing things with the best of intentions, but are setting your soulmate up to keep failing the test. Interfering in your soulmate’s lessons will only cause them to be tested again, until they can stand on their own two feet.


For example, if the Universe may want your soulmate to stop sabotaging the good things that come into their life. They may have a pattern of behavior in relationships, or other areas of their life, where acting out or being unreasonable sabotages their relationship with you. The Universe put you in this relationship to be a catalyst for change, not to enable them.


Perhaps the Universe, at the same time, wants you to learn to stand up for yourself. If you enable your soulmate by accepting and feeding into their bad behavior, you set them up to keep failing. You will keep failing your test as well, because you are not standing your ground. So what might seem to be the right thing, or easier thing, to do actually the wrong thing to do. You may say “Well, I am not a confrontational person”. And that may be exactly what the universe wants you to change.


Of course, they don’t want to you to become banshee confrontational, but they want you to confront things head on when needed. This may be a hard test for you to pass, but it was not meant to be easy. Otherwise you would not be getting this lesson at this point in your life. You contracted with your soulmate to have this life lesson with them for your own personal growth and development. Their soulmate contract with you was to stop sabotaging their relationships.


The Universe wants you to work on this because it benefit you at some point in the future. If you are tired of retaking the same tests over and over again, learn your lesson. It should be obvious that what you are presently doing to keep the peace isn’t working. So isn’t it time to really learn what the Universe is really telling you? If you want your life, and your soul mate relationship, to get better YOU need to do better. If something isn’t working, stop doing the same thing over and over again to try to fix it. Try something new. As they say, you can’t change anything until you change yourself. In changing yourself, you may have a much better chance of passing, not failing the test. Passing your soulmate tests can actually create a dynamic to help your soulmate pass their tests as well.


Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

Can you trust your soulmate? This depends on whether you soulmate has done anything to cause you to lose your trust. If not, it may be your own individual trust issues getting in the way of your relationship. Either way, the issue of trust needs to be addressed or this relationship won’t be able to grow.


A relationship without trust is a dysfunctional relationship. If there is a solid reason, backed by evidence, that you cannot trust your soulmate, you need to have a conversation about your lack of trust. Your soulmate may constantly fail to follow through on specific plans you make together. They may promise to spend time with you and then don’t make the time to be with you. Your soul mate may tell you they will never bring up certain subjects or be cruel the next time you fight. But lo and behold, they did it again and you find it hard to believe a single word they say anymore.


soulmate trust

Can You Trust Your Soulmate?

Promises mean nothing, and so does their word. Apologies seem empty because they can’t really be sorry if they keep doing it. If your soul mate has lied repeatedly, the same holds true, you can’t believe a word they say. If your soulmate has cheated on you, the trust went out the window. What can you do at this point? Can you ever get trust back into a soul mate relationship like this?


Yes you can. We have seen it happen. It doesn’t happen by magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Both parties have to be committed to working on the trust problem. Both soulmates have to agree to work on it long-term, and have an understanding of how fragile the relationship is right now. You must be realistic and realize it is going to take time to rebuild lost trust. One soulmate can’t do it alone, it will take both of you working together. 


A good idea would be to get together and talk about where the trust was broken. Don’t rehash and argue, just point out the areas that led to the destruction of the trust. Then take some time to listen to the person whose trust was violated. Don’t make promises right now. They have heard promises before and don’t believe them especially from someone who has broken them over and over again. After they have talked, the other soulmate needs to understand these are serious issues. If they do not address them and make changes, this relationship will go from dysfunctional to volatile (if it hasn’t already) and stands a good chance of ending.


The best thing to do is to write a contract, together. All behaviors that need to changes should be listed on this contract. Both parties have to agree and express what they each need. This needs to be about trust, leave all other issues out for now. The focus needs to remain on rebuilding the trust. Once the list is compiled, each should take a copy and read it over themselves. Then each of you should initial each item showing that you understand and agree. The time for questions or clarity would be now, not later. Each of you gets a copy and agree going forward this is a new start, and the past is gone, and forgotten. This can help the two of you start fresh and begin to trust one another again.


Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

It would be great if all soulmate relationships ended in happily ever after, but unfortunately, this can not be the case. Soulmate relationships do not mean you have the perfect relationship, with telepathic communication, great sex nor that you will ultimately be together at the end of the day. Of course, soulmate relationships do include a great, cosmic connection to another soul where things just fall together and flow together, for a time. Many people believe that soulmate relationships guarantee a happy ending but if we examine the true nature of soulmate relationships we will understand that they can’t. The number of soulmate relationships that actually do last are few and far between.

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last

Soulmate relationships are intended to teach lessons that evolve your soul and be a catalyst for change in your life. Many times when the lesson has been assimilated, the relationship can and will end. Through the course of soulmate relationships, our soulmate becomes our mirror reflecting back to us the issues and flaws within ourselves that we must address and work on. Sometimes this can happen quite easily and painlessly. At other times, what the soulmate reflects back to us can shatter our self-image and self-confidence as we must work to address those issues to become whole.


We must also remember that we are whole ourselves. We don’t need soulmate relationships to complete us, regardless of what Tom Cruise said in that movie. Soulmate relationships are not meant to complete us, but to compliment us, so that we can become the best that we can be. More than likely you may encounter more than soulmate relationship during your lifetime. If you have been in one soulmate relationship, learned the lessons from it and then moved on to other soulmate relationships, would it make sense to you that not all soulmate relationships are meant to last?


So what are some of the reasons soulmate relationships can’t last?

  • The soulmates have learned the life lessons and personal growth that was defined in the soulmate contract and it is time for the souls to move on.
  • One of the soulmates may find the connection too intense and actually be afraid of it. Please remember that just because the connection feels amazing to you, and they may say it feels amazing to them as well, deep down inside they may be terrified to be this close to another living soul on the planet.
  • One of the soulmates may have actually encountered another soulmate, or possibly even a twin flame, and would like to being a relationship with them. Yes that can happen especially since we live in a time where more and more soulmates, and twin flames, are incarnating on the planet at the same time.


Endings of soulmate relationships can be quite devastating. Although we talk in terms of ‘having learned the lesson and moving on’, it can be easier said than done. It is very important, if you have suffered the break with a soulmate, that you incorporate of lot of self-care into your life. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself and find the things in your life that make you happy. Spend time with your friends, take a short vacation and do the things that nourish your soul. When you are in the middle of it you may not be able to see the changes that have occurred within, but you will, in the right time and be able to look back and understand why this person was in your life and how you changed because of it.


Don’t cry because it’s over.. Smile because it happened.  ~~ Dr. Suess



A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street

soulmate reading soulmate connection

A Soulmate Connection is a Two Way Street

So many people are looking for a soulmate connection, and many actually believe they are in a soulmate relationship. This is all well and good but what if the romantic partner does not feel the same way? Believe it or not, this happens more often than you might realize.

A connection does not really work unless it is honored by both parties. Someone who is in a connection that is only one-sided often feels like they are left dangling with nothing to ‘plug into’. And this is true. And those of you who have had this experience know how it feels. In a true soulmate connection, both parties will at some point acknowledge the connection to one another. It may be in the beginning of the relationship or something that develops further along. But we must at some point acknowledge that not every person we may feel a connection with, even a soulmate connection, will feel one to us?

The Universe allows these connections to happen. They cause the soulmate paths to intersect or cross, but it is ultimately up to each individual within that relationship to do something with the soulmate connection. If one of the parties is not willing to accept the soulmate connection, even though higher powers have brought the two of you together, there is not much you can do as an individual to force that connection to work. Unfortunately, this is how soulmate energy works.

What are some reasons the person you believe you have a soulmate connection with, is not willing to honor relationship?

  • Someone may not honor the soulmate connection because they do not believe they are your soulmate. Just because you believe they are your soulmate does not guarantee that they think you are soulmates, nor does it mean the two of you actually are soulmates.
  • The person you believe you have a soulmate connection with may actually be aware the connection exists but are just not ready emotionally, spiritually or physically to take on the responsibilities that go hand in hand with such a deep connection. It may be too much for them, it may be overwhelming or they simply may fear the loss of control over their emotions in allowing someone to connect to them so intimately (and we don’t mean sexual).
  • They may have experienced a soulmate connection before, and ended up getting emotionally damaged by it, and as a result have walls and blockages up because they don’t want to allow themselves to go through  that kind of emotional upheaval again at this moment in their lives.
  • They may, in actuality, have a soulmate connection to someone else. They may believe they are involved in a soulmate contract with another person, even though you believe they are your soulmate. We have seen this happen on several occasions, where after a soulmate relationship break-up, one of you is waiting for the other to return. Perhaps though the soul contract between the two of you is complete and the soulmate connection is over for this lifetime. Meanwhile, the other party has moved on and formed a soulmate connection with a new soulmate partner.

Being in a one-sided soulmate connection is a very difficult place to be. Perhaps it is time to get insight and guidance for you soulmate connection from soulmate specialists, Sarah and Sophia. They are able to quickly delve into  your situation and see if the soulmate connection is still a two-way street or if it has become a one-sided connection. In speaking with them you will receive the guidance, and truth, you need to see the reality of your soulmate connection.



Not All Soulmates are Human

Soulmates comes in many different shapes and sizes. We have soulmate relationships with romantic partners, as well as friends, family, work mates and at times, even our enemies. Not all soulmates are human. Anyone who has ever truly loved a pet will confirm that these special animals are one of their soulmates.  When someone has that special intimate soulmate connection to their pet, they very often believe they have touched the hand of the Divine, personally within their lives.

The one thing that can be said about these special pets is that their love is constant.

Constant: not changing or varying; continuing without pause or letup; unceasing; faithful; unswerving in love, devotion; resolute – something that does not or cannot change or vary.

not all soulmates are human

Not All Soulmates are Human

There are countless stories about people who find the ultimate soulmate connection with the animals they love and nurture.  The pets they tend and care for love them without any condition attached to that love. They know that no matter what, Mommy or Daddy will feed them, soothe them, care for them, play with them and love them. Our pets look at us with a complete knowing that we are there for them. They love us and they trust us….even when we have failed them. They provide so much joy, laughter and pleasure in our lives and they do it simply because they love us. They make us happy because they love to see us happy. Pet soulmates bring us joy because they want us to be joyful. And when we are sad and out of tune with life, they know, and they try to heal us and lift us up back into the balance of contentment. When you suffer, they suffer with you, as they try to remove the suffering, or even illness, from your life and take it upon themselves.

There are many pets who get separated from their owners for one reason or another or who simply get lost. There are stories of cats and dogs who have found their way home, to their people. How do they do that? How can they find their way, at times, across hundreds or thousands of miles, to the place where they belong. The soulmate connection between people and their pets works the same way as it does with human connections. Animals find their way home through their etheric connection to their person, who may very well be calling out to them telepathically, or crying out to them in grief and despair at the thought of losing them.

not all soulmates are human

We still feel their presence..everyday!

There are some who may argue this because they say that animals don’t have souls. We disagree with that. There is no way you can look into the eyes of your dog or cat and not sense the infinite dimension of the soul that most assuredly resides behind those wise and loving eyes. In some ways they are all-seeing, in some ways they seem all-knowing. And no matter what you do, they forgive you time and time again when you may be irritated with them, forget to feed or water them or not have time to stroke and pet them. Even when we let them down, as we can get wrapped up in the demands of our physical world, they never seem to let us down when we call out to them for comfort. Furthermore, if Heaven is to be a place without pets, or any type of animal, we sure as hell would not want to be there!

When we lose a pet soulmate, it can be one of the most devastating experiences we have to endure, and truly one of the dark nights of the soul that we must experience on the earthly plane. When we love and cherish something so much, it reasons to say that we will be devastated when it is no longer in our lives. We very often have to make tough decisions for them, allowing them to be released from earthbound pain, disease and suffering they experience as they get older, and even when they are still young. When we do this for them it is part of our soulmate contract and agreement with them, that we will not allow them to hurt or suffer as long as they are in our care, and they very often communicate that to us through their eyes, which for them as well, is the window to their soul.

Nothing can replace a lost pet soulmate. We can run out and find other animals to bring home and form close bonds with, but the loss of a true pet soulmate, can be heart-breaking, even many years after they cross the rainbow bridge. You still see them out of the corner of your eye, sitting in their favorite spot, walking through the room or down the stairs. You still call out to them expecting them to come running when they hear your voice. You still miss them. You still yearn for them. You still love them. And when it is your turn to transition from this world to the next, they will be there, eagerly waiting for you, wagging tails or purring. And as they leap into your arms you feel joy and your heart again bursts with love.

Perhaps they are not the stars,
But rather openings in heaven
Where the love of our lost ones
Pours through and shines down
Upon us to let us know
They are happy.
  Inspired by an Eskimo legend


pet soulmates

In Memory of Sarah’s Bosley


not all soulmates are human

In Memory of Sophia’s Winnie the Wondercat


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